White Eagle

I am White Eagle, and I am a universal spirit.

Of all those who have lived upon the land, none has ever been closer to the land and what it represents than the Indians. We were brought forth to this land, this continent — for it extends far beyond your own nation — from a source of supply beyond Earth and were placed upon the Earth and have retained to this day a hold upon the land. It is not that the Indian feels that the land is theirs alone, but it is true that the Indian does feel and recognize their role as protector of the land and, as such, is in touch with the elements of Earth.

Your Earth has become contaminated. My people have had to stand by and watch as this has occurred in a very methodical fashion, and they know that in many respects Earth is beyond help by those whose role it is to protect it without the aid or intervention from outer spacial sources or Nature. But we as Indians have a role yet to play, and this is to protect those who understand the spiritual law and are not part of that which contaminates the Earth, the water, and the atmosphere.

Each of you has at your command the assistance and protection of a guide of Indian heritage. Even the ones who were not born in this land have this right. In the days that lie ahead, it will be necessary for each of you to become acquainted with that one that is closest to you and to the Earth, not in any way to assume the responsibility of other teachers and guides. The Indian spirit has a special role that has been given to them, to us, for I am one also, to protect those who petition our help.

You have been aware in recent years of incidents that have occurred that have been quite dangerous, and it is events such as these — and there will be many more to come as the final days fulfill  themselves — in which it will be necessary for you to call upon your Indian spirit for personal protection.

If you quiet yourself and open your eyes just a trifle you may see standing in front of you your own Indian guide in full regalia. Ask that his or her name be given to you. The  impression you receive will be correct. Include him or her in your family of guides and teachers. Ask for protection at all times for you and your comings and goings.

There is much that is to be accomplished to bring this great nation and the world back into balance, and we will assist you. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to speak to you. All of those who are with me thank you also. They are willing to assist you if you ask them for assistance. I leave you in the hands of the Great White Spirit and return to my Source.


Channel: Wayne Guthrie, D.D.
Glendale, CA