A Discourse by St. Teresa of the Roses

I place into your hands a beautiful rose. It is creation, it is beauty, it is love, and it is fragrant. I give it to you in love.

My role in the spirit world is assisting many humans along their karmic pathways.

We of spirit feel that too little is known of what occurs within the world of spirit as it relates to the human being treading the path of enlightenment. We are in contact with that which is the spiritual body of each of you, for it is within the spiritual body that all that occurs on the physical level is recorded. Therefore, we monitor not the physical body but the effect it has upon the spiritual body.

The spiritual body is attuned to a system that is so vast and complex—and yet simple—that I hesitate to even begin to describe it to you. Each of you, within your finer bodies, is attuned to various levels of the Spiritual Hierarchy. There are many levels within the inner planes to which you are connected. You indeed would be surprised if you knew what it requires by way of a “work force” to handle your affairs within your relationship to the hierarchy. There is a continual flow of Earth beings who become spirit and, in turn, assist within this process until such a time as they have again earned the right to return to earthly embodiment.

We realize, having been part of the human community, that it is most difficult for the human consciousness to grasp in any way what occurs in the inner planes. First of all, you are each part of a brotherhood. This brotherhood extends throughout the entirety of Creation, and it exists within the framework of other, similar brotherhoods, and could be likened to an individual form within a group soul. The group soul is at all times in instant communication with each of its parts. The brotherhood is, in turn, part of a greater force of Light, which could be likened unto a more refined brotherhood. And thus the process continues until there is a direct line of communication from the planetary Logos to every mortal on Earth.

The Logos—the God Force overlighting the planet—in addition to being responsible for the evolution of the planet, functions much like an oversoul or a group soul, with many parts. The Logos is responsible for each of you, and until such a time as all of those who have been attached karmically to Earth have progressed beyond that which is on Earth, the Logos is tied to the Earth. Thus, the Logos cannot become pure Light until all of the souls within its charge have become Light.

One of your Masters has said, “In my Father’s house are many mansions.” If you would consider this statement in light of the relationship of the many and varied brotherhoods that function upon Earth, and understand how they, in turn, relate to greater levels of brotherhood awareness, perhaps you would gain more understanding of what was meant by, “In my Father’s house are many mansions.”

The pattern of life’s progression is comparable to that which exists within mystery schools. The initiate begins with an individual plan of evolvement, then there are always those who monitor and, in turn, are monitored, and thus the plan of evolvement continues throughout all of creation. Always those of greater awareness are responsible for those of lesser awareness.

As each of you experiences your patterns of unfoldment, you become, within the higher bodies, more and more responsible for the actions of your conscious self. If human beings could understand what occurs within the world of spirit, within the network of brotherhoods, when even a single outburst of anger is felt, or a thought of hate or envy is allowed, they would understand that such emotions register throughout the entire planet, and, inasmuch as each one of you is aligned in a way so that your every act and deed is recorded in the Akashic records, there are ultimately widespread expressions of joy or sadness as individual chelas [students] succeed or fail to master their emotions.

It has often been said by those of us of spirit who work ever so closely with each of you that if the veil could be removed from your eyes and you could see beyond your limitations, you would be witness to what occurs within single patterns of emotion, whether they be love or hate. Think in terms of your Akashic records being similar to information in a giant computer, and in this computer have been stored all of your experiences as a soulic entity. In one section are the records of your successes, in another are the records of your failures—each being recorded instantaneously as thought is created or entered into upon the human level.

It is important at this point to understand the soulic counterparts. Every soul is a twin soul, and has two aspects, or counterparts—a male and a female. Each counterpart is, in its own way, responsible for its own evolution. Perhaps you are unaware that your own evolvement has a direct bearing upon the consciousness of your twin-soul counterpart.

Little is known of the effect that the action of one or the other of the counterparts of the soul has upon either the counterpart in spirit or the counterpart within the earthly body. However my children, oftentimes you are influenced by that which occurs to your counterpart, whether that counterpart be embodied upon Earth, which is usually not the case, or embodied within the world of spirit, which most generally is the situation. That influence is felt through a cord which connects the two counterparts—a cord so fine that it would not be understood or discerned by any form of consciousness existing upon your planet—for it is completely outside of the realm of your science, beyond the real understanding of most all who exist upon the dimensional world of Earth. The influence could be likened unto that which is recorded by, in your terminology, a seismograph, which is so sensitized that it can record earth-movements regardless of how far away they are. And yet that which is your personal “seismograph” is vastly more sensitive than any scientific instrument you have upon Earth. You have little or no consciousness or awareness of that which is taking place within your twin soul—your spiritual counterpart—which travels a separate path parallel to and yet separated from your own earthly path, even as both counterparts move toward unity with each other and, upon reaching that unity, will be freed from Earth forever.

Many such as myself have been given honors by those who were left behind. Some of us have been canonized. We have been made saints. By the nature of our spiritual mission, we are tied for all time to the single responsibility of assisting all those who reach to us in devotion, prayer, love, and light.

There is so much we wish to bring you that will assist you in your journeys. It is, of course, difficult to relay much to you, for the human consciousness has many limitations and is bound by that which is the total of all your experiences within a given lifetime. We realize how difficult it is for you to comprehend what we say. It is only as we are able to lift you out of the confinement of your physical consciousness that you are able to receive even a glimpse of the magnificence of the universe. And yet there is within each of you a part that has the ability to reach toward and tap into whatever is desired throughout the all of creation, though many humans have difficulty in translating it into a recognizable form that human consciousness, within its limitations, can accept or understand.

Earth is preparing for a major initiation. This, of course, affects everyone who is embodied upon Earth or will be embodied upon Earth at that time. There is great interest and excitement within the spirit world in regard to this coming event. If I could take you with me and travel and let you see the great preparations that are being made, it would delight me, for always within an event as magnificent as a planetary initiation, there are those who reach beyond and add even greater beauty to their soul.

But just as important as all of this is, care is needed for those who falter and fail to pass through the portals, so they are guided to a way-station to be nurtured, to wait until the time is right for another descent into matter within a new plan and format. Those of us in spirit have great compassion for those who falter. We do not rejoice, but we place our arms about those who must try harder.

When you reach the point where you understand yourself as being a creator in all you do, say, and think, it is then that your eyes are opened, and the doors are as well, that will lead you to greater truths and make it possible for speedier evolution, as indeed that is the key to salvation and deliverance.

You must understand, my beloved children, that you are never alone. You have about you at all times those whose love, compassion, and understanding are indeed great. The more you ask, the more will be given to you. But we cannot give anything that you have not asked for, since we of spirit, particularly those of us who function in a teaching capacity, are bound by a law which is paramount within creation, and that is the law of non-interference. Each of you has a soul, which, for one reason or another, has been separated from the central core, from that which gives us each sustenance, from that which gives us each energy, and when we each seek to return and become united once again with the central core, we begin to understand what soulic evolution is all about.

There are many here who would wish to speak to you. St. Francis stands by my side, as well as his counterpart, St. Clare. St. George is especially close to this focus of Light. Perhaps you feel the radiance and the warmth of his Light. We all greet you. We bless you. We love you. We must now, for this time, move back away from the human world, returning to that which is our own brotherhood, to await your call.

Channel: Dr. Wayne Guthrie
Co-founder, Fellowship of Universal Guidance
Los Angeles, CA