Rebellion of Youth Toward Parents and Elders

Eternal Cosmos

           Have you not noticed within your civilized patterns that many children have rejected, placed aside, and placed into limbo parents who have trained and taught them or who have catalyzed them into life cycles that have helped them to grow? Too many of the young within your modern civilization refuse to accept that parents are important and have placed them aside into complete rejection and retreat. They often place them into institutions rather than to care for them.

            In the future, there will be no place for these elderly. They will be forced by law to be held and cared for by their children who, in turn, will become part of communal living as in ancient times. Respect and love were given to the elders much more then than it has been for quite some time upon your planet or within your Earth.

            Too many of you reject the pattern of your parents, placing them aside as those who are no longer needed or necessary within the plan that you have built. This does not necessarily mean that all parents should live or be involved with their children, but we would say that there must be much more awareness of the knowledge that the parents have given whatever was needed to the child to build that child into whatever he or she has become. Sometimes that which you feel is a negative action on the part of parents has taught you, trained you, disciplined you, and has changed you into whatever you are, forcing you to become something else than what you would have been if it had not been for their particular pattern against you or for you.

            Within this pattern, whatever it may have been, the ancients respected their parents as their teachers as long as they lived. Too many in your modern civilization reject this teaching, placing it aside, forgetting its useful purpose. In your time this is to change, for there will be no public institutions for these parents to be placed into. You will find that the children will have to relate and take care of their parents, for there will be no place else to put them.

            Many parents do not live with their children or grandchildren, or interact in close proximity, as they approach transition. The benefit for the children of living in close proximity to their parents is that it can force, or allow, or draw the younger ones into an experience that causes them to question their attitude toward life here and hereafter.

            There is often great love within parents and grandparents for their children and grandchildren. Indeed the love can be so great that it is seldom accepted or understood by the children. When there are jealousies within those who are part of a family pattern, often the jealousies can become anger and resentment which, in turn, can create loss and destruction. Many of the young in your time have little relationship with their parents, nor do they feel loved by them. Look about you and you will see this is true.
        There will be a need to change this within the time which is coming, for you will find that the preparations for the time ahead will prove that within the elderly is a knowledge which none of the young has understood or learned. The elderly within your time still remember hardships and how to live and exist within a time of stress. Many children are living within stresses and strain which are quite seriously affecting their future plans, by magnifying lacks that truly are to become part of learning processes. The elderly can teach them much.

Channel: Bella Karish, D.D.
Los Angeles, California