Oracles of Delphi

Eternal Cosmos

Although there have been many male oracles over time and space, only women served as oracles in Delphi. In the very beginning, women were not allowed to be oracles, prophetesses, or women of valor. They were never consulted; they were never allowed to be part of those energies. So man, in the beginning, was the oracle; man was the prophet; man brought knowledge and wisdom, kept accounts, wrote about the future, and provided his particular home, nation, or country with what he brought from his sources, whether from learning patterns or from a source beyond the planet.

Eventually, man found that within his abilities he was far more able to monitor, question, and bring the knowledge forward through what he felt was the passive, permissive quality that women demonstrated. And so women began to be trained. Because of their sensitivity, or because they were born with a special veil—a caul—or special gifts, they were trained to be monitored by the male. The male, in turn, placed his thoughts, knowledge, and wisdom into the mind and into the intuitive patterns of the female. So the oracles were not totally involved with their own source; it was the male/female polarity that brought forth the answers. And this became very evident to those who came forth to seek knowledge from the oracles. The answers, many times, came forth from the oracle who was prompted and encouraged by the mentor, or by those who promoted a certain answer, or believed they knew what the answer should be.

Many times the oracles became angered that their words were being mistranslated by the male energy and were not their own. Eventually they separated from that male aspect and moved towards temples of their own in which they became self-involved, with the male having a diminished  role. For instance, in the Temple of Diana, the energies of the sexual activity within the female’s polarity was to bring about ecstasy and certain wisdoms. When the ecstasy and wisdoms were fulfilled, the female was then eliminated by placing her heart in a crucible of fire within what was called an act of love. The male’s role was to promote ecstasy or love and knowledge in the female through the act of the sexual energies.

In many different places, it was often believed that the particular facets within the human form which start in the lower Kundalini and become involved with wisdom, reach up to the Crown Chakra. They are then taken from there by other higher levels of consciousness  to fully exploit  these wisdoms through the balancing of the male/female polarity.

In other words, without the male/female polarity on some level, most of those who were involved with the acts of being oracles or prophetesses—or leaders—became involved with what was necessary within themselves to be polarized. Perhaps not with a human but with a spirit. Many of the ancient female saints were involved with ecstasies because their energies were heightened by the Christed Beingness and, therefore, polarized by it—whether in vision, whether in actuality, or simply in that which the woman believed with true faith.

When you begin to look into the acts of greatness by these prophets and prophetesses, you see that the  polarization between the male/female energies is absolutely necessary—whether it is real or a vision. And so this has happened over and over again, where the Force of Light entering into the body of the human becomes a life source, which in turn becomes that which is the force of the energy of Light and wisdom from the Creative Essence.

Channel: Bella Karish, D.D.
Los Angeles, CA