Sexuality and Spirituality

Wayne Guthrie: Would you please give a short description of how and when humanity first engaged in sexual activity, and whether humans ever reach high spirituality if they remain unseparated from their own sensuality and sexuality?

Eternal Cosmos: Let us refer to the first entry of gods into those who would later become humans, and their attempt to raise the elemental or animal force within those beings into the higher levels of consciousness. Those creature-beings, upon becoming human, in most instances in that time and place were primarily concerned with the animal need to satisfy their body—and the animal energy within them did not have a desire to raise itself out of its body consciousness. Humans have always retained their free will to choose to be a god and/or to express the elemental or animal nature.

Some of the gods entered humans feeling a need to experience through a physical body. In the god-energy was a thought-pattern that could bring forth whatever the gods wished in their re-creation of their own image. Human needed to utilize the polarity of the male-female within themselves to draw forth human life. So gods, entering into humans, found that to experience this polarity, it was necessary to leave behind their own thought-desires in order to propagate and bring forth life. Also, as in ancient folk tales, the gods brought things into manifestation by simply calling forth life, and by being locked into the elemental or animal bodies, the gods found that within humans the intuition or the instinctual action was quite useful. They found that becoming part of human desire brought forth within them, into life, the breath and the symbol of love through the planting of the seed of male into female.

In the beginning, after the male human was created, there was no desire in him to experience the pains of childbirth—which is needed to bear, to bring forth, to feed, and to place life within the child. So that within the ancient symbol, God placed breath into the clay and demonstrated through the symbol of birth that which brought forth Eve. But actually, there was no action of birth as humans know it, for God simply created, as a thought-form, that which came forth from humans.

It is easily understood that man, in his pride, could not allow himself to be blamed for not wanting to bear children, so the record of that fact was placed into many different connotations and symbols, known to ancient cultures in different ways. Therefore, the woman, at that point within man’s desire, became the receptacle for the child and love was still present—or the thought or the breath which is the God-source of love. Therefore that which to man is called sex is fertility in the ancient form, the bringing forth of the seed in the spring, in the summer, and harvesting it in the fall.

The first entry of life, therefore, which was borne by woman, came forth in the period following the entry of many gods (the Elohim) into the elemental form of humans.

Question: Would it have not been better if the gods had never entered the elementals? Were they ever supposed to have come down into the elementals?

EC: They came because they had curiosity that eventually caged them in humans. Some enjoyed what they saw, felt, and experienced—and never returned to their own temples, their own planet—becoming fully indoctrinated and locked into human patterns. They also came to learn, and soon, because they encumbered themselves with the karmic patterns of humans, eventually found themselves locked into eons of time, returning in embodiment after embodiment. Some entirely forgot their god-self and some, in time, because they had truly understood why they must experience life within humanity, raised themselves, raising the elemental as well, combining and blending into androgynous beings who eventually returned to a higher level of consciousness. These are the Great Ones, the Masters, and Teachers who have come to Earth, residing for a period, then returning to their own temples in other parts of the universe.

WG: It would appear that many of the highly spiritual people we know have drawn forth, from their past life memories, this aspect of gods having descended into matter.

EC: Quite so. The present time is a time of change, a time of rearrangement of your planet into strange and new concepts of a different form. Energies which have not been known for long periods of time, perhaps millions of years in your counting, are returning with knowledge that is part of ancient traditions and ancient values not known on your planet at all. Your era has brought it forth—your visions, your prophecies, which have started in your own time and are manifestations of great power, come into and through such mastery and spiritual designation as the Christ Consciousness. In your time and place, a demonstration of the Christ Consciousness came through Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha, Abraham, and Moses—any of these Great Ones who salvaged their people, who drew them up and out of their own deceits into the Promised Land of spiritual acceptance. Therefore, the god that is the creator of all on the Earth plane and each of the children sent down upon the planet becomes a memory of the greatness of the original Creative Source in heritage and acceptance of that heritage.

Los Angeles, CA