Warnings from Atlantis

An Atlantean Priest

I speak to you with regard to what is occurring upon planet Earth that you need to be aware of, though there is nought that you can do to change the direction of your course of action, except to minimize the effects through your desires and prayers.

Each time a civilization reaches a certain level of understanding or point in evolution upon the Earth, there is information brought forward by the Hierarchy and placed within reach of those who secretly govern the planet, as well as those, of course, who work silently to protect the planet. The pattern has been the same from virtually the beginning of Earth, in which those keen minds position themselves — either through the birth process or through sheer manifestation of Spirit into flesh — for the purpose of bringing about the great testing that each civilization must go through. I come forward in this time from Atlantis, that period being the most recent experience from which you can draw similarities. The evil energies are present that were present in my time. Those powerful warlord types of leaders of my time have re-embodied. The cycle is completing itself in which they have been in and out of embodiments several times and have come forward in this time, the past hundred years to the present and on into the future, to bring about those actions that will ultimately test you all.

Likewise, it is true that those of Light who wish to transform and change this repetitive pattern of civilizations past are in readiness also. The High Priests of old and the Priestesses are in position. There are those who are anchored within the caves and the caverns, not known to humankind, who hold vast energies. Likewise, there are those who attempt to guide and direct the activities of the positive leaders of the world. The reverse is true also, where negative/evil
leaders receive input from negative/evil spirit.

The change of events, that are occurring upon the planet to bring this about, will occur almost immediately. You will see the impact of change. First, are the seven plagues. Some have come to Earth already, others are in the process of descending and manifesting upon your planet. Diseases, such as AIDS, flu, and others, that you need to be aware of are present and have removed many people.

Many may be ill and confused, longing for relief and release from the Earth planet and this civilization. There are many others who have similar strong desires who come forward to serve, to remain as long as is necessary to hold and to maintain the balance of Earth. We of Spirit are disturbed when we hear individuals think or say, “I can be of greater service in Spirit. I can be useful in other forms. I would just as soon shed this earthly body and move into Spirit and into service from that level.” In some instances, that is an incorrect course of action and it’s wrong to set into motion because thoughts are energy and energy begets energy. This then thwarts the plan of the Hierarchy, who feel that it has placed into position those on Earth who can hold the Light and continue with the mission.

Your planet is a most important source of instruction for the entire solar system. It is a school beyond compare. It is that which has brought forward millions of spirit energies to learn and to mature and to move outward, embellishing the need to assist. If you, any one of you, cut short by desire or thought that which is your own plan and purpose, then you have indeed interfered with the Master Plan.

Your plea, your purpose, and prayers should always be directed to be simply of service, as the Masters of Light, the Hierarchy, desire that you be used. Indeed, if you fail to hold your Light intact, if you fail to maintain your bodies, all of your bodies — those of the physical and the mental, emotional, and spiritual — and to maintain them in a proper state of balance, then you become vulnerable and weak and can and will be compromised.

You have moved through great periods of intensity, which are increasing, and you’ve experienced much in your lives, but as I view the pattern that is drawing to a close, you will find that your life expressions will be most interesting and challenging. Keep alert the desire and the intent within — to be of service as a worker of Light to spread and promote that energy until we all achieve success. You have come forward in this time and place within a plan and a purpose. If you surrender to the plan and purpose, you will not only assist your own pattern of growth, but you will greatly assist the Hierarchy as it brings all into manifestation to maintain the stability that this planet deserves and requires.

Remember that you are not alone, that you are part of a solar system that is evolving as well. If you fall short in your responsibility, it affects every other planet within your system and beyond. So remember then to hold your purpose clearly in mind, to allow nothing to interfere with that which is to bring your Earth into balance, for your Earth planet need not be destroyed and the civilizations upon your Earth need not perish, the choice is yours.

Channel: Dr. Wayne Guthrie
Co-founder, Fellowship of Universal Guidance
Los Angeles, CA