Are Machines Taking Over Our Minds?
(Computers, Internet, etc.)

Eternal Cosmos

Look at what is happening with your world!  Look at the internet and all the machines, computers, and cell phones that people are talking to instead of talking to people. Machines are causing all kinds of troubles because when a person uses a machine, it takes over.

If you stop and think that when the machines that are now ruling people’ s lives cannot do that any longer, the control will be cut. People will have to depend on each other. People would have to depend on speaking to each other.  There would be public patterns in which machines would not be the method by which people would learn.  Do you realize how terrifying it is that if your machines stop, the whole country can go bankrupt overnight?!

We are trying through Spirit in every way to make you understand that the machines have to be stopped somehow, perhaps not in the way you expect it or want it to happen, but unless they are stopped, you will continue to be automatons. You will become part of something in which only machines will be used to give you advice and to teach you. They may be manipulated to do that which is negative evil, far more than people would do, because they will be used by negative evil energies to control everyone —  mind, body, and Spirit.

No one listens to the fact that they have become mechanically controlled. Do you recognize that you presently do not have minds that are totally your own? Children are mostly  learning  from machines and not from human beings. They’re not learning how to be part of an action with others which is causing schools to stop being involved with teachers and rather be invaded by computers.

Just as the Mayans came begging people to listen, and they did not do so, and many of them eventually were destroyed. This is the same kind of action only about mechanical means. If your cars do not have gasoline, they cannot run. They are making computers to run cars. If the computers do not run, neither will your car. There will be a cleansing, a change that causes people to become totally involved working with each other and not machines. There will be barter and trade and people will work with people, or you will have a complete breakdown of society on your planet.

At this point, everything is being done with a computer, even medicine, even the food that you eat. And you have machines that tell you how much it costs. If you do not stop this kind of action, you will become mechanical beings and you will not be able to exist without machines, and that is WRONG! Depending on machines is an insidious monster!

We cannot at this time say much more about it because most people will not believe this and will feel when the computers go down, the world goes down for them. Quite true! But it means a new revival of self, of human beings using their minds and their method of working without machines, like they did in the beginning. You may have to go back to the old way of self involvement, not mechanical involvement, and that is the purpose of this entire situation.

Please forgive us for warning you but we feel you are going to become just machines like they are. It is not what the gods and the Creative Source and the angels want from the world that you live in. The planet could be void and renewed again with new beginnings, but something has to be done so people will be involved with that which will use their minds for the best of everyone concerned without machines. We are quite concerned about this.

Remember that when machines stop, the human being begins again! Please listen to that and pray that within the action, you will be prepared. Everything you eat and everything you use in your homes is mechanically developed at this point. If you do not have it done mechanically, you will do without it and find new ways to be living in a world that can again be a paradise. At this point, there is no way that can happen. We do not wish to talk about these actions because we know that most people do not want to hear this, but we can only tell you that it is a right action to move away from machines, not a wrong one.

In educational use, teachers are beginning to use only machines. Many teachers are not personally helping or guiding children like they used to. A computer then becomes the only method by which a child can learn and that is not the right way to learn totally. I am not saying it is wrong or right. I am saying that it cannot be used totally.

There must be personal involvement by teachers, which is why certain types of schooling have a better approach for the child, where these schools give them something more than just learning how to use a machine.

There is something happening with the minds of humans that is sad to us. The mind is the most beautiful part of the human because it is totally involved with Spirit and with that which the Subconscious uses, not from the outside but from within. The omen is use your mind! Use your self! Become part of the spiritual understanding that you’re not here to listen to a machine but to listen to yourself and to those who teach the right words, not that which a machine teaches.

It is not bad to have a machine, that is not what we are saying. Only when it becomes so controlling that humans cannot do without them.

At this point, you are being completely involved with technology of an ancient type that uses the mind and programs it, which is what is happening through the machines. This happened in Atlantis. It happened in Lemuria. And if you wish to return to that, we cannot in any way tell you different than what we have said.

We do not wish to antagonize you. We wish to truly tell you to have faith in yourselves because no matter what you do or think at this point, if the machines stop, everything else will have to return to a different kind of approach. And that means a whole new renewal, regeneration of a different kind. That is all we saying. We ask you to believe that we are only trying to help humanity, not harm it. But we see the monster gobbling up everything, so listen and pray at this point, that it will not occur. That is all a person can do.

Remember, it is the dependency on the computer or machine that is so bad. These young people today are being taught in school to use a machine and not their minds. Without the machine, these young people have no knowledge. Think of it! So be it! Bless you, indeed!

Channel: Bella Karish, DD
Glendale, CA