Why You Cannot Be Someone from the Past

Excerpt from a Counseling
Eternal Cosmos

We want to explain our theory of reincarnation or re-embodiment. When a human being incarnates, the human brings memories of the past through the Subconscious Mind (or, as we call it, the Basic Self) into the present lifetime for the opportunity of transmuting errors from past lives and/or working to help transmute karmic patterns with others.

Although you, as a human being in this lifetime, could not be your ancestors, you could have received their genes and cellular structures through your family lineage. Using the symbol of the tree that is grown from a single seed in the beginning, that tree when in full growth bears many seeds, each being the beginning of another tree, until there are no more seeds to bear fruit. However, unlike the tree, humans who have lived and died have invested into the Subconscious memory bank all of the memories of the original seed, as well as the memories of the many combinations of relationships throughout the course of succession since the original family tree.

In your case, your male Basic Self carries the memories of the personality, strengths, and weaknesses of Lorenzo the Magnificent. Your Subconscious was brought in to learn from those strengths and weaknesses.

Incest was a common action in those days. The woman you spoke of is involved with similar personality traits as Catherine de Medici. She has been brought forward into your life to be in relationship with you, though not as Catherine.

Too many people when they are hypnotically regressed in past life readings find themselves with feelings of being someone from the past. But if the one regressed actually were Queen Elizabeth or Henry VIII from the past, that person would be invoking all of the karma that either Queen Elizabeth or Henry VIII experienced in their lifetimes. That person would not be invoking the karma as a method of transmuting it but of living within the heavy karmic patterns of whichever human being they were. That is why no one can actually be the human of the past but only have the characteristics of that human in order to learn to overcome them and to move through or transcend those memories.

Your Basic Self, symbolized by Lorenzo, was a great patron of the arts and of science. In researching his life, you have found within you certain areas that have similar greatness, but you have also found through your research that Lorenzo had many difficulties with his children and with people who did not conform to his demands or to his beliefs.

The purpose is for you to understand why Lorenzo has returned, not as a great being but as your Subconscious Mind to overcome those very errors of character — and how, through you, to use only the best of Lorenzo and not the worst.

The woman you mentioned was not your daughter in that lifetime but has come back into this lifetime as your daughter to become involved with the characteristics of Catherine de Medici, not only to teach her, but also to teach you.

When you think of the many seeds from a single tree that then become trees in their own right with seeds of their own, you can see how our cellular structure with all of its millions of parts, and our genes that come from all of the ancestral combinations of the blending of different children’s children, on and on, can make the possibility of a huge memory bank in our Subconscious. The past memories come in to help us overcome that past and to rebuild dharma (gifts and talents) rather than karma in our life plan.

I hope that this explains to some extent that you are not nor could you be a human who has lived in the past. Past life memories are only the method by which one transmutes and transcends the errors of the past. In the contract the High Self places before each of us at conception, there are many cycles which can either be accepted or rejected within our free will.

Bless you in Light, Love, and Peace.

Channel: Bella Karish, D.D.
Los Angeles, California