The Road of Life

Eternal Cosmos

Among many questions are those things that are as old as time but also part of the new world as it enters. If you were alive in the time of the Romans, you would find that there were too many chariots present on the roads. If you were alive in the time of the ancient Chinese, you would find that the people crowded the streets and kept the high man in the rickshaw from using the pathway. It is always the same when people overcrowd the cities.

In your time, of course, it is the same, and soon your skyways will be as crowded as your highways. It is ever so.

Humans must transport themselves from place to place in conscious fashion, placing one foot before the other, to reach their destination. Or they must place themselves in carts or motor vehicles or in any type of motivation that is run by something other than their own energies. As they do this, they find that the roadways are crowded with people who are not willing to allow each other the right of way.

The road you travel is similar to your patterns of life, and each of you on that path has found that you become someone else when you are in charge of a vehicle, whether it be the cart within which you ride or your own self.  But something happens to people when they are in charge of their own personality. They become a boss, a ruler, an emperor as they sit behind the wheel that in their own mind is in their command. It is, therefore, that which causes people upon the highway to suddenly become isolated in their own ego that says the road is theirs, that they are in command of their vehicle, and therefore no one must cross the path before them.

If you will stop and think about it from a psychological point of view, you will say that this is quite true, for humans become power-driven and filled with energy to reach their destination. It is the same in their life course as on a highway or road. If they push others out of the way to reach a point of destination, they have simply overcrowded their own pathway. They may insist and blow the horn to make themselves heard, and swear in language which is not of the gods so that others will move out of their way. Many times, the other people in their way cannot even hear them as they shout in their closed vehicle, but they feel greater, stronger, and filled with power when they are able to shout their commands to those about them, whether those others can hear them or not.

People have not yet understood the true power of the protective coating or capsule of the Love of the Christ Consciousness. If humans in their vehicle place their car in such a capsule of Light and Love, they are not involved in wishing to push others out of their way because they know that the Light which surrounds them automatically puts them in the right place as they move down the highway.

The same is quite true in their daily life. If they start out within this Light, they become immediately surrounded by an aura of such great love and beauty that those about them automatically move out of the way so that they may pass. It seems humans cannot accept this. They still do not understand the true meaning of such protection, for it is not to protect the person inside, it protects others outside from forcing their way into that which is against their Highest Good, as well as the Highest Good of the driver or the personality who moves down a path.

Humans, therefore, can use this process to involve themselves not only for their greater good but for the good of others, and this, then, is the action which is most important — that they not think of their own means to reach a destination but how they can do this in the most progressive manner, without in any way causing others to be disconcerted, angered, or filled with demands.

Just recently, someone was told that time would be encapsulated for them to travel from one place to another. It was done in such a simple fashion that they marveled at what had occurred. They had placed themselves into the true meaning of the power of Spirit — placing themselves into the Light, the acceptance of faith, and the love of the Christ Consciousness — they floated or, so it seemed, through the path chosen in a quickened time element. If humans would understand this, it is possible in any area that they wish. But humans have not yet the faith to accept this for they see only that they must reach a destination within a time period — which is not truly time as we know it but a symbol of a cycle of time.

If then, you look into your life and see that within certain periods of time, you age, and year by year your body, your mind and your abilities change and deteriorate. But there are some who go through life with love and happiness and joy who seek not to hate or defy or to defile their neighbors, their friends, or their families. In love, they find that instead of time collapsing and causing them to be squeezed into deterioration, their faces because they have joy in them, become heightened and young, and their eyes become sparkling with the joy of living, and they awake each morning waiting for what is to come with expectation. Each day becomes an adventure, and each one better than the last. And those who live in this fashion, when transition finally comes, seem to merely step from one plane of existence to another in a state of sleep. We would tell you that these personalities have found the secret of life. They have found it through love of life, faith, and joy in living.

The same is true on any path you choose. If then, within an experience upon the highway, you find that you are not reaching your destination at the time specified, we say to you that in Spirit, they laugh at you. What you have not noted or seen is that the highway is new with beauty on each side, and you have been halted to see from the bridge, from the highway, from the road, something which you have not seen before. Perhaps it is a view of the hills with the sun shining upon them, perhaps a row of trees with wind fluttering the leaves, perhaps a river or brook, perhaps people walking below on the street or their houses that surround the highway.

The pattern then would be changed if you would look to your right and left, even if you are forced to creep along the highway, and as you reach your destination something that you have seen would add to your day, if you are not angered or disconcerted because you have not reached your place of business or your home within specified time limits. If someone on the highway has halted in front of you, you may not know that each pattern has a destiny meant for you or for the person upon the highway and you have been stopped for some reason.

If perhaps you have failed to get home on time, perhaps dinner is not yet prepared and your wife or your partner welcomes the fact that they have time to complete it. Perhaps in the household there is an error, which you would just as soon not be part of, and you were held on the highway until it is cared for by those who have reason to care for it. Perhaps in your office someone has come who, in your own estimation, you would just as soon not speak to. That person waits and leaves and, because you are late, you have added an hour of enjoyment to your day instead of being harassed by someone who would cause you distress. But if you do see that person, even if you are late, and that person, because they have waited, has changed their mind about what they wished to talk to you about and you find them friendly instead of angered, it is worthwhile to be halted on the road — especially if you have placed Light around the situation so that when you enter your office it is a place of joy and Light instead of frustration and anger.

There is no one who is too late within the plan of Spirit, for Spirit has no timing and places many upon the path in order to learn patience, in order to see within themselves the resentments and to place them aside, to think, to see, and to contemplate. Perhaps you have left home without the opportunity to reach into prayer, and being held up upon the pathway, you have time to pray. You will find it does much for you and changes you from one who is filled with angers and frustrations to a peaceful one who enters into the day’s tasks with a new insight as to what is ahead.

Transportation is only a means to give many a way to get from one place to another, but in that way many occurrences can come into your life which can change it and make it better, or can change another person’s life. Perhaps someone held upon the highway has a problem with their vehicle and finds a Good Samaritan who stops and helps them. If within an accident or some ailment to a person you, send prayer and Light, you in your own way have become a healer through God’s Will that you were upon that highway when this error occurred.

We say to you that humans see only that which causes distress, but each act is an act of destiny, and all persons are where they should be at the time chosen for them. Even in what you call a traffic jam, there are many actions of humor which occur. There are spiritual activities which, when you are alert, you will see and know and understand.


Channel: Bella Karish, D.D.
Los Angeles, California