What is Your Purpose for Being on Planet Earth?

An Ancient Priest

I am an ancient Priest, ancient only in the sense that I have been part of many civilizations throughout the history of the world, of which you are a part. I was present in Atlantis, before that I was present in Lemuria, and I have a brief message for you.

I have been considering just what to place before you. Knowing that it is characteristic of the human being, no matter what civilization that being may be from, to always wish to look for the positive and to feel that certain situations brought forward from time to time just couldn’t possibly be true.

We realize that it’s very difficult for you, as a human being who has a limited Consciousness, to see the whole picture— and I do not mean that in a derogatory sense. But what I mean is that the very nature of being embodied within a human form means that many aspects of creation or of inner and outer worlds are, by necessity, diminished or cut off from the Consciousness of each person. This is so that each one might in turn concentrate upon those lessons that bring them forward, over and over again, and that they might in turn learn and consequently master as much as possible while in the embodied state.

But it is important for those who have been carefully brought along the path of a Mystery School, as you have, to see more of the picture. The teachings you have learned there ultimately lead to the possibility that the outer world is only but a fraction of the totality that exists — information of which you may be somewhat aware so the impact is lessened.

To many outer spacial entities, you, as human beings, are no different than the insect world might be viewed to be by you: that your lives are not important, that many of you are simply instruments upon which those powerful force-fields carry out their experiments.

But there is one aspect of all this that you as human beings must always remember, and that is you are Divine Beings. That as Divine Beings you have within you a Soul tied to a Light Source, which provides for and energizes you constantly. And as such that Source is most powerful, always more powerful than the malevolent forces. And it requires on your part a knowledge, an understanding, and a sincere belief that this is true.

Now, you might say, “Well, I don’t want to be involved. I’m only upon the Earth for a short journey. I’m here to do whatever it is that I came to do, and I don’t really want to get involved in all that is taking place.”

Can you understand that each of you are upon the Earth, not as a single entity, but that all of you are representatives of one or more planetary sources who have a vested interest in the Earth planet and that you are their breathing instruments here?  And that they have no intention of losing you or allowing you to be caught up within what is less than creative, constructive, positive and of the Light Source?

Thus, the difficulty lies in the human beings’ realization that they are Divine! And as such, they have tremendous power and importance within the scenario that is working out upon the Earth. Just recognizing that you are Divine Souls sends throughout not only your own planet, your solar system, your galaxy but many galaxies in and throughout the universe, impulses that are more powerful than you have reason to believe.

Therefore, your role is to carry the Light! To hold the Light and most of all to be constantly alert to the fact THAT is your role. Once you have understood that, then all else, if it be of the Light, will be attracted to you. If it is of the darkness, it must by law be repelled―but YOU hold the key to whatever experience it is that you wish to have.

You have been through this trial many times before, and if you are able to key into it, you will be able to draw forth, to tap the reservoir of knowledge and experience that you had before. And that cannot be unless you realize who you are!

You must take what is placed before you and always process it — take it, analyze it, and understand what it is all about. You are living as an instrument in a most important time! Perhaps there has never been a situation quite like what exists upon the Earth at this time because of the importance that it holds within the revealing of the Ultimate Revelation. This Revelation  pertains to your planet but affects all planets within and beyond your solar system.

I come forth from the past into this present time to tell you that your mission is great! Do not allow anything to interfere with your understanding and acceptance of the truth. Continue to hold steadfast, and nothing, nothing can disturb you.

I bless you each one and return to my Source.

Channel: Dr. Wayne Guthrie
Co-founder, Fellowship of Universal Guidance
Glendale, CA