What Are We Here For?

In human beings’ particular approach to their upliftment and evolvement, they often seem to feel they must reach all of the heights that are part of their desires ― including those in the areas of wealth, material things, and other goals ― while also wishing to reach further within the spiritual areas of their particular plans. This often makes it impossible for them to understand that they have come to learn lessons within the Earth schoolhouse. Indeed, many of their acts cause them to become involved with threats or traumas in which they always seek to overcome their patterns. Thus, humans lose equilibrium — their balance upon the planet and within the Earth body that they live on — in order to reach the heightened consciousness, which seems to be the goal of many.

Too many humans fail to live and enjoy and become part of life’s sweetness — truly great involvement and fulfillment with other humans within groups and communities and within communal living, which is part of what the Earth has given them as tribal law. Humans thus turn away from joy, laughter, and singing and placing themselves into the area of communities —becoming involved together.

We have found it difficult as Spirit also, for we too have returned to be among you, only to find that over and over again when we ground ourselves into the human form, we are again forced to become stressed, harassed, and always motivated to change our lives and not to enjoy the sweetness. As humans, we must seek to find something — a goal, whether it is spiritual or physical — to drive ourselves into the action, often against the normal pattern of the human body: the human need to be balanced, secure and satisfied.

Not one of the human beings on Earth has true happiness. If you retreat from life into a monastery or a convent, many of you who have been there before find that you relate to the areas of trials, tribulations, and crucifixions, as part of the plan in which you have chosen to punish yourself. Your desire is to rise out of the normal life to become part of the God Self, which in turn you never reach until after you have left the body.

We find it difficult to see within you the joy, pleasure, happiness, the song and the elements of balance and harmony which should be yours. Do you live each day within a pattern that is a part of work, but also is a pleasant and unusual approach to happiness? No one in your time is truly happy! You are seeking, looking always for something other than what you have. No one looks and truly experiences the feeling of security, of a fullness within whatever you have gained or worked for or secured.

Your government, your land, your people, and the areas of your nations are constantly seeking to push you, to force you to make war with each other and to make you compete and challenge for everything you wish to have. Thus, all of you become stressed and ill and filled with traumas, which you do not need karmically. And of course, there is that which has drawn you back into lifetimes to relive certain periods in your past lives when you have been harassed, so that in this life you can overcome the harassment.

You look at your lives in various ways to see why you are stressed in this lifetime, but you do not find the answers. You only find more and more reasons to strive to fight, to demand, to compete, to challenge, none of which truly will make you happy. You become “ squirrels in a cage,” constantly treading the same wheel, never getting anyplace and trying to find peace by retreating and running away from life. You never truly find it because peace is always ahead — sometimes above you, beyond you, but never within you!

We ask you to look carefully at all that you have gained within your lifetime. Have you gained love, understanding, and security? Have you received, in every way, from the areas in which you work, play, and live, what you need from them, or are you always hoping and sometimes striving to change your life so that you become richer — demanding more and more? Are you more insecure and more involved with what someone else has than what you have? Are you more vitally concerned with how much you make and how hard you can work to gain something, which in the end, you lose because you cannot hold onto what no longer means that much to you?

We find it strange to watch you, to see you crawl, scrambling and climbing up, and then falling from the mountain peak once you have reached it because you find that you cannot stand to look up or around. For when you reach the highest peak, you no longer wish to be on that peak because you have something else you wish to do. Then you try to fly and find that you have no wings.

It is imperative that all humans on Earth take a good look at what they are seeking, what they are looking for. Some are looking to become angels, to fly out of their bodies to become immersed in what they have been before when they have been spirit deciding to come down to be part of Earth and to live in a body. Then when they are in the body, they try to escape from it to become something that “flies” once more. You are always trying to be something else other than what and who you are, or what you receive, or what you gain, or what you truly need from life.

Life has many joys…many! But humans are always seeking something else from it. They wish to fast, to starve themselves, to become ethereal, to lose their values as a human being so that they can become a spiritual being. And when they reach that spirituality, they find it is empty, for they are always striving to reach beyond it into something farther and farther ahead — always ahead — but never within themselves and very seldom behind them.

We ask you to look carefully at your world — your world, not the world around you — and see how much you have gained from the time you were born into this life and the body you live in. What have you accomplished other than stress, trauma, distress, and sickness, and in many cases, anxiety, anger, and frustration. Or the realization that someone has more than you have, or that what you have is not good enough, or that what you wish to have cannot be gotten.

We ask you to analyze carefully what you truly have come to Earth to be, to gain, to develop. What is your goal? Is it to leave the body to become an angel, to become a spiritually heightened being that no longer needs to live in the Earth body? That is easy — all you have to do is close your eyes and stop your breath, and you no longer need to have a body. You will be free, but you will have left your tasks behind — and also your karmic debts. You then have to return to begin all over again. We ask you to consider carefully what we are saying, for up ahead everything that you have worked for, everything that you have motivated to be in your own life and what you desire from it, may be completely changed.

You may find that what you think is important, and what you believe is absolutely necessary for you to succeed or to fulfill the pattern that you have chosen, will suddenly be reversed. It will be taken away, eliminated by the elements of nature and by humans’ own foolishness in trying to gain power. It will be taken away by their greed to overcome others and take what others have for themselves — only to have it taken away by someone else who has the same ideas.

We ask you to look and see what you have accomplished within your lifetime. How much have you learned, how much have you done to become joyous, happy, fulfilled, and satisfied with your life? Even the beggar, many times, is quite satisfied with his lot and with what he is doing, but he is not giving anyone anything of himself. He is taking. He is sitting by the side of the road waiting to be fed, waiting to be helped, and not doing anything to bring that about. Yet, in many countries, especially in the Far East, a beggar is a holy man — a man whom they believe has earned the right to sit and wait to be fed. Like the infant who remains totally incapacitated until it asks for a spoon to feed itself. Then, even though it must depend upon parents and friends to provide food for it, it performs the act of eating with its own hands. If it learns that to be fed is much easier than fighting for its own right, it becomes a beggar by the side of the road.

If you will look at a segment of life within your own cities and towns, you will see that everyone is rushing to find a spot that will bring security to themselves. You will see that they make themselves ill by watching and contemplating what they have, or must have, or will have that someone else has, rather than seeing that they already have all they need as long as they have food and job satisfaction. If they are involved not with their job as a pattern of work only but to see it as a challenge, they can see that everything that humans can accomplish is through their own efforts and their ability to get along with their neighbors, “to love others as themselves.”

It is most important you understand that what we are saying is that humans have gotten into a rut in which they see nothing of their environment any more, nothing of their friendships nor their family, nor any of the joys that come from being part of a community or a group or a plan, but only the driving force to have more than, or be greater than, someone else.

Humans are their own drivers and do not take the time to see life as beautiful and enjoyable. Human beings no longer find joy in what they are doing. It becomes boring and destructive rather than constructive.

So I would say that humans, themselves, can be the act of destruction of self, of the human form, as well as of the world. AND IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE SO!

Channel: Bella Karish, D.D.
Los Angeles, California