Is the World Falling Apart?
Have Faith — Not Fear

Eternal Cosmos

Bless you each one for being part of the beauty of prayer and Light. We remind you that prophecy is not prophecy until it happens.

You are being told that all these earth changes that are happening, not only in California but all over the planet, are part of what has been brought forth through recent prophets and also through Nostradamus. Many other prophets also have this knowledge and can see into the future and know that these are activities that must be completed, fulfilled, and then placed aside.

Remember, you must have faith not fear. Activities that are coming will change many of your lives in a way that you have not remembered within your conscious self. But within your Subconscious, much of what has occurred in the past is happening again. It is a repeat!

We ask you to recognize that your Subconscious carries memories of the past. Many of you are aware of the work of Edgar Cayce, and many have been part of Nostradamus’ great understanding of the future, the present, and the past. The memories are part of the drama and comedy of the human world and it must be understood they are working out what is necessary to fulfill the plans, not only of the past but the present as well as the future.

You will find that many things that are going to happen and that already are happening have been destined. Each of you must learn from these what is best for you to activate your purpose within areas that you do not consciously remember, although you do remember through your Subconscious awareness. Since each one of you has come in within a definite plan, you need to accept that your plan is rightful for you.

Some of you are trying not to accept. Some of you do not want to accept and block your own good by trying to use only your conscious mind — without allowing your Subconscious to motivate you into fulfillment to restore balance and security to the world with your prayers and help. You must have faith in all that is occurring and going to occur that it is part of your own life plan much more than you know and brings you forth in this time and place to help you move through it, to be challenged by it, but not to allow it to overcome, stop, or block you.

Think of what is happening in your cities and states [Texas, California, Florida, and Puerto
 Rico, for example], the hurricanes, the fires, the earthquakes, the floods. Power and necessities you depend on are suddenly not present or not handled correctly, making it necessary to have alternate power and emergency provisions. You need to understand that these actions are not to cause fear but to give you the faith that within your own abilities you are able to handle whatever occurs correctly.

Do understand IF these events happen, you know to be prepared for them. IF you have any kind of disruption, you have to know it is rightful for you to remove whatever is not good anymore and renew and regenerate a better plan.

For example, everybody becomes threatened when their homes shake and they lose what they have collected — things are broken and scattered over the floor rather than remain on shelves where they had been. Some people collect and collect and want more and sometimes a cleansing is necessary, yet they do not find that easy to accept.

Please know that you are always in the right place at the right time.  Whatever is going to happen in your area needs to be understood and accepted as a challenge — not for you to have fear, but faith that it is rightful and will be handled correctly, within God’s Will and for your Highest Good.

We ask you to know this, and to expect changes — and to not become fearful. Do not fear! Fear is only a threat if it is not handled correctly. When you have faith it will be all right, it becomes all right. You must make it so through your absolute understanding and acceptance that whatever occurs are repeats of other times and places and are happening for a reason.

Remember, prayer will help, so pray and have faith, which will change all things for the better for everyone all over the world.

Question:  Why do things repeat themselves? Is it because we misuse our power from the past?

EC: No, it is because the world reaches a point in which it has many different wrong actions occurring. It is a cleansing in every case — a cleansing! Think about how much evil there is on your planet. How much hate? How many wars? Terrorist threats? There is so much that is happening now that is not balanced or secure.

The cleansing comes from the Source of All Creation, not from humankind’s mind, but from a Heightened Awareness beyond your particular understanding. When you clean house, you start from one corner and continue until every corner is covered. You do everything to cleanse it. You remove things you don’t need and you put them out so somebody else can take them away. In other words, this is a cleansing of that which is causing grave danger to the minds and to the power of each human’s own free will.

Your United States’ Constitution is threatened, and the world that you believe in is being threatened. It is so pervasive and has so many wrong actions involved with it, the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Light Bearers, say it is time to do a house cleaning. A house cleaning means your own planet, your homes, and the areas where you live will be cleansed. The cleansing removes many of the evil energies and returns peace and good will, and people will work together to build and rebuild, regenerate and renew. That is the purpose!

Q: So a cleansing is really part of the organic process of everything?

EC: Everything! In other words, the world continuously needs to cleanse and clear out what is no longer rightful, what is harmful and has to be removed.

Many of your children today are your enemies rather than your friends. They are killing each other. They are destroying the balance and security in their homes and families. This has to change, to stop. Sometimes the human beings can’t do it, but those in the Higher kingdoms can and will!

Q:  With regard to power, although most people don’t know this, you can purchase cold fusion power plants. What is the future of cold fusion?

EC:  At this point, there is knowledge about many different types of power that are not yet placed before the public because they have not yet been proven to their full extent, and most of those who have this power do not want to share it until they get paid for it. These types of power will be placed before the people when there is an extreme need, which, of course, is what is going to change many things.

Remember, you can pray for anything that you desire or think is right because your God Self within you knows what is right for you and that everything is happening for a purpose and a reason — so don’t fear, but have faith that it is rightful. God’s Will be done!

Each one of you has an energy power of your own. You can demonstrate it at anytime, simply by knowing it is there for you to use. But too many people have not been forced to use it, so it has been put on the back shelf. Every human has the power to generate whatever is necessary for themselves and their families, once they understand how to use that power.

Many people have rights in your country which they are not allowed to use. There is going to be a different kind of acceptance of human rights in the future. Look back again to when you were given your rights in your Constitution, which for that time and place was rightful. There are many changes that could be made, and today’s Constitution could be rewritten for the time in which you live now, not the past — to be changed into right action for the public’s power, not their lack of it.

Have faith — not fear! Prayer works and you may find that all these terrible threats which are from prophecy — and not just from this source but from everyone who is capable of seeing certain actions — could cause a complete change in which your government becomes helpful in supporting changes. And they will begin to know that they have to do something, not only for the people but for themselves to exist and will begin to bring about a whole new kind of technique and technology that will help the entire situation.

That could happen — if you pray and make it happen! For this will happen when those in the government experience threat. Because they will be threatened, they will have to do something to help the public as well as themselves. That is the true prophecy.

Now, realize that many of the things that are being brought forward as alternatives are part of these areas that could bring about a complete change. Everything you do will have to be brought into a new perspective. Know that, and accept that it will happen correctly, if you allow the challenge not to frighten you but to bring you into a true understanding that is rightful.

So be it.

Channel: Bella Karish, D.D.
Los Angeles, CA