The Female Role in History, Part 2

Eternal Cosmos

Amazon Women

Wayne Guthrie: We often find references to Amazon women in many of the Fellowship’s past life readings that we have done for those we have counseled. Please explain why it is important to know this.

EC: As quoted before, the female in her desire to prove that she has as much drive as the male, eventually becomes involved with the battle within her of the Amazon, the female who is only involved with the power of the male within the female — not her love or balance but only the masculine power. Many times the Amazonian destroys the male, not only in herself, but also in the male she is involved with. That is because her power has assumed the “power of subjugation” of the male within her and outside of her. Therefore, in the time of the Amazons, they believed that they could exist without the male, then found it was impossible, for there could be no procreation without the seeding from the male to the female.

WG: What ultimately brought the Amazonian era to an end?

EC: The Amazon women did not realize that they were cutting off their life force when they arranged for the male to be killed off, destroyed, or castrated. Eventually due to this, the Amazon women disappeared from the planet, except in memory.

WG:  So, in other words, they ultimately just destroyed themselves because there were no males to propagate the species.

EC: There cannot be a single species that can exist with only males or only females. However, they can live as long as their life span, but there is no continuance of life. That is the law of the planet, it is positive/negative, good/evil. It is involved with positive/negative, in each instance, as the sperm and the ovum are positive and negative and come together to make life. Man seems to feel that he can do it alone — he cannot. Nor can woman do it alone — she cannot.

WG: What about the role of woman down through history taking up positions of power? I’m thinking, for instance, of the female Pharaoh Hatshepsut and also Queen Elizabeth.

EC: There are many women who have become powerful and always with the frustrations and anxieties that they will not be acceptable to the male world. Therefore, they have always chosen to become involved with service from males, who have given them fuller and much more satisfying energy, even though it was not based on emotional love.

In other words, one can be involved with a polarity pattern, male and female, simply within a service action as the ancient priests did. When they wished to provide children or become involved with a son and heir, which was their preference to the priest, as the Amazon wished in the female, they would choose women carefully primed for just that, only that, to provide the receptacle for the male seed.

Those that served them within their body needs were part of a different kind of temple and were not allowed to have children, even though they may have wished it, yet because they had come in with the full impact of service to the male without being allowed satisfaction for self, they were forced to become in that respect part of that kind of symbol.

WG:  In recent history, we have known only a few females who have risen to the heights of power.

EC:  But that is an error, for there are and were a number of females who have risen to the heights of power, not only in areas of your English queens but in the areas in which Israel and other countries have been led by a woman. These are beginnings from ancient times or repeats. And in many of the African, oriental, and Indian nations, and in ancient Kahuna concepts, the Mother, the grandmother, the female is the Matriarch and powerful, even though she is not given that which names her chief or queen or head of the nation. Women have been powerful, much more so than the male.

WG: Yes, I referred to the contemporary period, for instance, Golda Meir who was head of Israel and Indira Gandhi who was Prime Minister of India.

EC: And in the future, you will also have a female President of the United States!

Question: What is the origin of the Amazon women?

EC: They were part of the early Lemurian/Atlantean cultures and some pre-historic patterns in ancient history, before your known history. There have been many civilizations preceding your own which began according to your patterns with the reconstruction and the revival of paradise on Earth in your Genesis. That is only one of many, many thousands of civilizations that have begun in the same way, and many times woman has not been subjugated or had the ego of man say she has sinned, as in the time of Adam. It is indeed only a pattern of your particular history that this is so at this time and place!

Q: How could the Amazonian been so unaware that they needed the male to pro-create?

EC: Can you not see that the male, in the beginning Adamic pattern of the male/female, did not believe he needed the female? According to him, the female came from him, and not the male from woman, as I have said. Therefore, Adam and Eve lived in paradise without the question being brought up and sex was not necessary until wisdom within the act of procreation was brought forward by Eve.

The same is true within these pre-historic women who believed that they were the Mothers, a form of mothering of human life. They were seeded without that which you call sexual relationships. They used artificial insemination. They used a different form much like the bees do in which they take the honey and then form the queen bee. This is the way life began in those periods of time.

There was no act of love or association of a love force between the male and female. The male was less than useful except in providing the seed which was artificially inseminated into the woman — the woman did not need the man except for his seed. When the Amazonian needed to bear a child she simply went to a sperm bank which held the seed that had been carefully preserved and ready for her.

Q: Well, if this is the case with these many patterns that male and female have experienced, where are we headed now in today’s society? What is the role of the female now? Is it more dominating Amazonian Priestess or something else?

EC: If you will note all of the actions discontinuing the life pattern involve the male/male and the female/female patterns which are becoming more prevalent. The areas of fear that you will overpopulate the Earth, which is not true although many believe it is so, become involved with what is in the future. And we can assure you that eventually these actions will reverse and you will go back to the old way of thinking in which man and woman coming together will bring children into the world — not necessarily because they wish to care for them, or be part of their particular life, but because Earth needs life. It will be much more like the Mormon symbol in which it was necessary to bring a child into beingness or Catholicism in its early periods in which they did not allow abortions and children were born, no matter how many, because of male and female coming together to do that, exactly that and nothing more.

Outer Spacial Seeding

Q: Won’t the time come, or is it now, that children will be seeded by Outer Space beings?

EC: They already are! And too many do not accept or believe this. Many are already becoming involved with actions from other dimensions exactly as in the beginning. The seeding began with the gods, the Titans, the ancient Space Beings, and not from any native form on the planet. It has begun again because there is a need to have god-beings born into and onto the planet.

WG: Please explain how a god-being can simply think the creation of an offspring, which then occurs.

EC: That is exactly what you have in your Genesis. The Creative Force, what you call the god, or the father – thought life into the female through an action which formed the seed and placed it into her mind and then it became part of her body. Within this action, then, there is that which is not totally possible in your time for there is no such thing as yet.

There have been times when an act of Spirit can move in, and through their particular energies, become part of the seeding of a human being without human males being involved. It has been done, but rarely. This could become part of the future if within the act of body karma, children become less useful or discordant or “without full impact of correct life.” You have too many children coming in that are imperfect and eventually imperfect actions and imperfect seed brings forth imperfect seed. When this in time becomes too evident, there will be that which will formulate a plan to perfect the seed in the human, to place the god energy in it so it comes forth as god and man once more. It is a very unusual situation and it will reoccur, but quite some time in the future.

WG: We had several situations where we personally dealt with women who had been impregnated by outer spacial sources and had no physical contact with males, so we know from first-hand experience what you have said to be true.

EC: Then they accepted the child, or rejected it, from their own free will.

That is sufficient. We bless you, each one.

Channel: Bella Karish, D.D.
                Glendale, CA