Female Role in History
Part 1

Eternal Cosmos

EC:  Woman has always been involved from the very beginning of time as the source of the living energy that comes from her form of Creativity. In the beginning of time you called your Earth, “the Earth Mother,” because symbolically in Genesis, man was molded from earth by a “Creative Force.” However, many in this time will not agree, for they believe the words of the Bible literally and not in its code which is far different than in your translations.

In the beginning, Earth, the Mother, brought forth the child which was man from the womb of her body. Within the act, the Creative Force, God as you would call it, placed the seed within the body of the woman, the Earth Mother, and then drew forth that which was the living form of man. In other words, the creation of man occurred in the same way that you procreate, the male planted the seed in the female who carries the child until it comes forth fully formed as a baby from her womb.

From this source then, man in his own need to feel superior could not consider within his mind that at any time his efforts and actions were helpless, weak, and without his will, began to translate whatever words that had been given to him as man coming forth as a fully formed man in God’s image, and then from his body, woman came forth.

Because cloning or artificial insemination was part of ancient knowledge, as well as your own present-day knowledge, the wisdom, which was the truth of the Tree of Life that involves the spinal column and the various fruits upon the tree, became involved with that which man could not accept. Therefore, within the secret of the knowledge that he came from the body of woman, he in turn was given the right to say that woman tempted him to become involved with the wisdom of the Tree of Life.

If you cannot accept this, we simply place it before you, for if you read the original scrolls, it is very carefully placed there in code. This knowledge is not in the books you read or even the scrolls that are held by men today but in ancient scrolls hidden deep within ancient areas and held until such a time as man can understand. It really matters little who begat whom!

Staying within the pattern then, the act of repetition of what had occurred was pronounced by God to woman that she would have to “begat” children from her body, as in the beginning, in pain and travail. However, even though this was part of what was supposedly meant to punish her, she had already been involved with the act of bearing fruit, and so she simply accepted it and became involved with that which was her continuance of life from her body.

The act of the snake, symbolizing Satan, is something that is part of the ancient Christ and Anti-Christ energy which consistently causes man to believe that if he is tempted by something that he finds negative-evil, it must be something that is in error. So, Satan, as the snake, was born within minds and writings. But let me point out, that the snake is one of the symbols of renewal of life. It is the Kundalini. It is the power of the energy of your spinal column, and it is what in the body holds the life force that is located within the spine.

So, over the years, the snake symbol becomes the trunk of the tree, and from the tree the fruit was plucked and wisdom given to woman to give to man since the first Genesis pattern. Remember, this is not the first beginning, it is only one of the many beginnings upon the planet. The action of the woman has consistently been that she must suffer, to bear fruit in pain and travail. And over and over again woman becomes involved with a desire to move away from what has condemned her, one could say even cursed her, into thinking she was less than man, into thinking she was the sinner and could not and must not become involved with her own image except as it was in relationship to the reflection in man.

However, because polarity is absolutely necessary, for without the male involved with the female, the seed could not be planted and thus the child, or the life, cannot be born. So that man in his own way becomes the predominant figure who chooses his woman at will and forces his woman to become service to him because of what is called “original sin.” We have said over and over again that “there is no sin.” The action was a normal, natural pattern of life, and its need to exist, from the wisdom and knowledge of the Tree of Life.

Within time, over and over again, as woman has reached a point in which she refused to be subjugated or to become subservient, she has moved into what she has called “man’s place,” trying to become man in his power and dominance. And over and over again, because woman is not in the same image as man, many women have become more masculine in their drives to the point that they have neglected their feminine side and the act of childbearing or of becoming part of the home and the hearth. Thus, the acts of supply and working for it have been reversed. In that reversal, it has sometimes been good for men and women, within their own ability to combine forces, to polarize and perform as partners acts so great that they can overcome weaknesses in one or the other. But once there is challenge and competition between woman and man, it becomes the same battle as two men fighting on the field of honor, or two women fighting within the area of protection of their home and their own energies in their environment.

And in each instance, the fighting is the fighting within themselves, the male against his feminine side and the female against her male side, which instead of blending or polarizing and becoming life within, becomes the battle against that balance and, therefore, becomes disruptive and destructive. It is an eternal pattern, over and over again, stemming from the first involvement of woman bearing fruit and man not being able to admit that he has come from the body of a woman.


EC: Women aren’t the only ones who have been Oracles, there have been many male Oracles over time and space. In the very beginning, women were not allowed to be Oracles, prophetesses, or women of valor. They were totally never allowed to be part of those energies. So that man in the beginning was the Oracle, man was the Priest, the Prophet, man was that which brought knowledge and wisdom, keeping accounts, writing the future, and providing for that which was his particular home or nation or country with what he brought from his sources, whether from learning patterns or from the source beyond the planet.

Eventually man found that within his abilities, he was better able to monitor, question, and bring forth knowledge through what he felt was the passive, permissive area that women demonstrated. And so, women began to be trained ― because of their sensitivity or because they were born with a special veil (caul) or special gifts ― to be monitored by the male. The male, in turn, placed his thoughts and his knowledge and wisdom into the mind and the intuitive patterns of woman. The Oracles, then, were not involved with their own source:  it was the male/female polarity that was brought forth. And this became very evident to those who came forth to seek from the Oracles the knowledge they wished. The answers, many times, came forth from the Oracle who was prompted and promoted by the mentor or those who promoted and believed they knew what the answer should be.

Many times, the female Oracle became angered that their words were being mistranslated by the male energy and were not their own. So they separated from the male aspect and moved towards having temples of their own, in which they became self-involved. For instance, in the Temple of Diana, the energies of the sexual activity within the female’s polarity was to bring about ecstasy and certain wisdoms. When the ecstasy and wisdoms were fulfilled, the female was then eliminated by placing her heart in a crucible of fire within what was then called an act of love. The male, therefore, had to promote the action in the female of ecstasy, or love and knowledge through the act of the sexual energies.

The energies then, over and over again, moved into different places in which many of those who believed that these particular facets within the human form, which are based within and starting in the lower Kundalini, became involved with wisdom, reaching up to the Crown Chakra. It is then taken from there by other forces for the energies to become the true exploitation of these wisdoms through the balancing of male/female polarity.

In other words, without the polarity on some level, most of those who were involved with the acts of being Oracles or being prophetesses or being those who are leaders, become involved with what is necessary within them to polarize, if not with a human, then with a Spirit. Many of the ancient Saints were involved with ecstasies because their energies were heightened by the Christ Beingness and, therefore, polarized by it, whether in vision, in actuality, or simply in that which the woman believed with true faith.

So you see that no matter how you begin to look into the acts of the greatness of these Prophets and Prophetesses, the polarization between the male/female energies is absolutely necessary, whether it is real or a vision. And therefore, this has happened over and over again in which the Force of Light entering the body of woman becomes a life source, which in turn becomes that which is the force of the energy of Light.

Channel: Bella Karish, DD
Glendale, CA