Spirit Guide to Wayne Guthrie


In your world, in all the facets of your life, you, as human beings, are being fed information and disinformation at the same time. We see that the human being who is not aware of anything beyond his own Consciousness is becoming more and more confused as to what is right: what to believe and what not to believe.

Many simply can’t cope and don’t understand what is occurring. But those who are Seekers of Truth, those who have reached beyond the confines of what has been built into the psyche by the conditioning, realize that it is necessary to move beyond accepting the status quo and seek answers to all things.

Those who fall into this category are finding that they too are being fed a continuous concoction of information and disinformation. So the ultimate result for the Seekers of Truth is merely confusion at a higher level. That is what concerns us as Beings of Light in the world of Spirit, responsible for educating the human being.

This confusion need not be, for the relevant law is very simple. It hasn’t changed much from that which you were given in the early days of your emergence into Truth and Light. And that law is to challenge all things; to test the water, so to speak, before stepping in. And realize, in spite of all the disinformation: You are Divine Beings and in the image of the Divine Creator.

Therefore,  you need to be particularly careful about handling each day of your life as a single facet. Begin your day with prayer and end your day with prayer, making sure at the end of the day that you are in balance with all those you have interacted with throughout the course of the day.

If this procedure is not followed, the residue from the lack of balance begins to build and becomes murky, thick, entrapping. Then you find, if you are able to study the results of what is occurring to you carefully, that you have moved into an altered state; you are no longer truly aware of what has occurred to you, what is occurring to you, and, therefore, you are unable to prevent what is bound to occur as a result of the conditions that you yourself have allowed to develop. Thus you have set into motion conditions that make it possible for those of  your opposite force field—and all of you have an opposing force field—to compromise you and defeat you. That is their purpose! 

If you violate this law of balance—this Law of Spirit—those who guide and direct you, even your own teachers who are very close to you, will, by their own choice  and volition, stand by and allow you to step—or fall—into the abyss. This is not wrong; it is part of the teaching process.

What are we saying, then? We are saying this: If you are Divine Beings, as well as human beings, and you seek to achieve and ascend to a higher level of understanding and a higher vibratory frequency, then you must be responsible for that which you create. If you create a condition that will lead to your compromising yourselves, then compromised you will become. This is a most important law! It does not need to be this way, but until you as a human being awaken to the mystery of it all and seek to cooperate with the Creative Law—rather than oppose it or forfeit it—then the result will not always be as you would have it. And when you are challenged, you may find yourself asking: “Why did I get this traffic ticket?” “How did I get into this situation?”  “Why am I not in control of that which is in my life?”

Each day is a totality. Each day must be balanced out from the moment you awaken until the moment you retire. Even then, it is up to you to set into motion what will or will not, or what can or cannot, occur to you while you are recharging your physical body in sleep, when your Conscious Mind is no longer in control. 

We urge you to remember this, my friends, and take this lesson to heart, for there is nothing that has ever been placed before you that is more important than this which has just been given to you. For it is the key that will open the door to success and your own future in an ever widening manner.

Take it to heart. Work at it and master it. You will be surprised at what will occur to you. I bless you and I thank you for allowing me to place this message before you.

Channel: Wayne Guthrie, D.D.
                 Glendale, CA