A Discourse on Lack and Limitation

Archangel Michael

Most human beings do not realize that there is no need to experience lack and limitation within their expression. That might well include the health of the physical body, material possessions, mental attitude, or a reverence for the Creator.

In regard to physical health, each individual has been created whole, with all that implies. There is within everyone that which will restore the physical body to its proper state of balance, unless the imbalance is of karmic origin, in which case the lesson, the karmic objective, must first be learned. Each of you must be responsible for your own illness and for any physical imbalance that is due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of the temple you dwell in.

If you are ill, you have set in motion whatever has produced that effect. The cause is somehow linked to your mental attitude, your thought processes, and your emotional state. Each person should learn to maintain a perfect temple, to expect it to work toward complete balance, and to do what is necessary to maintain that balance after it is present. But most human beings do not have proper checks and balances upon their attitudes, thoughts, and emotions, which then run out of control.

The organs of the body were created to produce specific results! When you create an imbalance (the improper use of the mind) by not facing emotional or physical difficulties, the organs of the body have the responsibility to reflect that imbalance. But there is no limit, my friends, to what one can accomplish by proper use of the mind. The human being could grow limbs, restore hearing, eyesight, and voice, by attuning to the vibratory frequency necessary to do so. There is not one of you that is not capable of restoring your body to perfect health once any karmic objective has been achieved—which is accomplished always with the help of the Subconscious Mind!

You are working toward Mastership! That means being Master of all you survey, including the physical body. You have achieved it in other times and other places, and can do so in this life expression.

There is abundant energy flowing in the Universe. What you eat, what you clothe yourselves with, what you use for exchange of goods and services is but that energy. Once you tap into its flow and understand where it comes from and your relationship to it, its limitless supply can manifest for you.

So we would urge that you reflect upon this. Question your motives and why you find yourselves in whatever your condition may be—and then begin to bring balance. Within each one of you is the inherent knowingness of how to tap the secrets of the Universe.

Godspeed in your attempt.

Channel: Dr. Wayne Guthrie
Los Angeles, CA