EC: You ask what the purpose is upon this planet and the reason for entering and becoming involved with life. First of all, each one of you has chosen to enter, to move through various expressions and cycles and timing. Some come to serve others and in it become embroiled and involved with other personalities and their lives and their needs. They have simply dedicated themselves to a period in which they serve whatever the action may mean to their own general patterns. Within the others who come to be part of whatever they have failed to accomplish or whatever they seem to feel they can accomplish within helping, serving themselves and also others within the pattern of life become their own contract with their High Self, with their greater goals to become part of the soulic fulfillment.

Man chooses to suffer, chooses to become freed from suffering, chooses to become fulfilled within his errors and overcome them and transmute them and to bring upon the Earth some form of understanding not only to himself but to those who come in contact with him. If one comes to love the world as himself, he becomes fulfilled through others as he is fulfilled. If he comes to serve others and to spend a lifetime fully prepared and dedicated to others, he spends his life doing exactly what he has chosen.

Man does not realize this and many times rebels, feeling he has not chosen to come in and does not wish to remain, and some simply take themselves out. If they do this then, when they reach the other side, or Spirit side, sometimes they see where they have failed to complete the contract and are quite willing to return to fulfill it within another time and place. Sometimes it is heavier karmically. Sometimes, because they have failed before, they find many other forms of rebellion within themselves again and again and again, but man's own contract he writes himself and he fulfills it himself. He needs help from others, he needs love and understanding and assistance, but within his own subconscious memory pattern he has already programmed exactly what he wants to do upon the planet.

Some come as experiments to show others how to live within a future time or place. Some come to be an example for others to look to and change their ways. Some come with errors in body that must be served for all their lifetime to cause others to be humble, to be careful and to persevere in their dedication. Whatever it may be, you as humans choose to enter. You choose your path, you choose your way, you choose your joys and your happiness and your sorrows and your stresses, but as you move through your stresses and sorrows you grow, you evolve, you become bettered for the next time around.

The Earth is built upon cause and effect, upon that which one sows so shall he reap, Within it, each lifetime becomes exactly what is the plan, either yours or groups or tribes you have lived with and wish to live with again, or in some form of your own single star that brings you into its own fulfillment.

Q: It would appear then, that the unannounced goal of the psychotherapist and the confrontationist is to achieve communication with the subconscious that you have spoken of and to put the finger on the pulse of one's karma.

EC: Karma is exactly what you make it. It can be the best things in your life or the worst. It can be the action that you yourself understand or, no matter how many try to make you understand, you refuse to understand. Karma can be good, it can be evil, it can be just an action of daily tasks fulfilled and accomplished. Whatever it is, it is an experiment. It is an excitement and a fulfillment. Man does not look at life as an excitement and fulfillment, he looks at it as a chore, which changes the whole cause and effect.

Channel: Bella Karish

Wisdom Workshop: Los Angeles, CA