Escaping into Higher Dimensions

(Excerpt from a Counseling Session)

Eternal Cosmos

We have always spoken in the tone and voice of that which is the ancient High Priest — that which, like the original scrolls of the Bible, is very difficult to read or understand for many humans because it is in code. Sometimes we (EC), forgetting that human beings are not always able to understand when we speak in that code, forget to bring to you what we wish to share with you in the language that you can understand. What we bring to you is always brought to you with knowledge and wisdom that makes you think, not so you simply accept it and then put it away.

Every human being, in any dimension, is both positive and negative, like Light, which is formed through the action of positive and negative wires. Many times, however, there may be shorts in the wiring which could be misused, bringing darkness instead of Light. This particular teaching pattern in the Fellowship has great value for those who have the ancient memories in their Subconscious that are part of such advanced teaching as happens here. But to those who are neophytes, or those who come to the Fellowship teachings out of curiosity, they often do not understand the teachings and could very definitely be disturbed by them.

Yet, few seem to see this like my Channel (Bella) does, who speaks through us and knows what we bring forward could very easily become a challenge to those who bring many people of different abilities here to hear what we have to say. What we say can open the vaults of time — and sometimes that which comes from the vaults should not be brought out into the general public.

Q: Are you speaking about higher dimensions? Do you mean that those from the human world, by not going into the higher dimensions fully prepared through previous training held in their subconscious, could go into limbo?

EC: Yes, if that were the case, they would likely not return. If they did return, they could be empty and could go mad. There is a very great danger that could happen, and we know what has happened before.

Q: Are you also saying, EC, that it could be an escape to somewhere else?

EC: Absolutely! For those people who want to leave the planet when it is in trouble, isn’t that an attempt to escape?

Comment: Yes, they do not want to be part of the crucifixion of the planet.

EC: They will not be part of the crucifixion because they will be lifted up, as has been said, and they will be placed into some form of an outer spacial area where they will stay forever.

Q: Could that be a kind of Hell instead of Heaven?

EC: Well, that is what you could call it, but that is what they have done to themselves.

Q: Are you counseling me not to proceed with the breathing and the exercises that I have received to go to the higher dimensions?

EC: Yes, I am saying is it may be wise not to. I am saying that you have a very great ability to be involved with higher dimensions, but that you would not return fully to this one because you would be preparing to be part of another dimension. You are readying yourself for it, but that is not truly the way for you to escape into higher dimensions. If you want to experiment, we are saying that you have a perfect right to do so. We are not going to tell you not to. However, we are simply telling you that there are others who you may influence who truly could be very badly harmed when they are not able to return fully.

This, of course, is something that no one is going to interfere with, this pursuit of the higher dimensions you are seeking. You, personally, could go into the higher dimensions without too much harm physically, mentally, or emotionally, because you are not totally of this dimension. However, in doing so you would find it so attractive in the other dimensions that you would not want to come back. Your body would come back like those in the Philadelphia Experiment, and other experiments, but it would move back and forth between dimensions, constantly disappearing in front of your family’s eyes. You would find it very difficult to remain grounded. That is something no one has thought about, isn’t it? You would not die, but you would not bring all your bodies back, no matter what you think.

Q: Could I bring back the memories from the higher dimensions to be able to teach people here what it is like?

EC: You would not find it necessary to do so. You would find that it is not rightful for most people to be involved with the higher dimensions. For the pursuit of those, you should be in a monastery or a convent. You should be in an area of hermitage when you decide to be involved with the higher dimensions, not part of the world around you. We would suggest that you see how far you can go without losing yourself. You might find it very interesting.

Q: Would my inner Guides be able to protect me?

EC: They give you protection, but they will also be intrigued with the other dimension. It is up to you. We are simply thankful to you for bringing this forward so we can discuss it with you and others. For there are many who want to be in that position, and you will find that there will be more and more people anxious to escape the planet Earth. If you are karmically here, then there is truly no escape — you may move into another dimension, but that does not mean that you will escape the Earth.

Q: Are you saying that without protection at this end, that by going into the higher dimensions, you are not protected?

EC: The higher dimensions have their own protection and, when you are human, your protection does not include their protection. Your Teachers and Guides come to you to be part of this dimension, not those dimensions.

Q: What would feed on those in the higher dimensions who come from this dimension?

EC: It is something very serious to talk about. That which would feed would be like a bird, like a vulture who feeds on carrion —  on something that no longer has life — that would simply take whatever was in the other dimension that they could use. This would mean the energy there would not be as whole as it is here.

EC: You are the seeding of that which I represent and what John Sargent represents — the great Spirit Teachers. And, as you have been told, Wayne Guthrie [the channel’s associate] in his human role was not totally what he was in other dimensions. He was a Master Ray in other dimensions and simply came down into your dimension to be involved with gathering those who would be interested in our teachings.

Q: Did the Fellowship members come from Atlantis and were the Fellowship teachings part of that period?

EC: Quite true. Absolutley! But the point is that the Fellowship teaching does not take you out of the body, it puts you back into the body.

Comment: EC, you told me so many times that when one gets involved with these altered states, one has to be very careful because it can be very dangerous.

EC: Quite right. Another great teacher who was part of the Fellowship’s knowledge went into an altered state and never came back. The pattern that is so important is to know what can happen, and to know that when you are experimenting with something like this, you must not remain in another dimension when you are part of the human world. The world may change radically, but the changes may not be as drastic as everyone is prophesying.

Q: In fact, is it more dangerous to do this experimenting now, especially the way the world conditions are?

EC: No, that is not true for those who have permission to do so. There are so many variations here — variations is the word — that we can only touch on this subject.

Channel: Bella Karish, D.D.
Los Angeles, California