One Truth

Joseph Smith, A Prophet of God

Humanity has not yet understood why there are so many religious beliefs. There are as many different concepts and ideologies as it is possible to conceive — and yet there is but one truth of which we are all part.

The Earth has been so structured and created by the Supreme Being to be useful as a schoolhouse in which to train all spirits who would be allowed to embody in the physical world of your Earth, either of their own volition or by assignment. For life upon other planets, particularly within your solar system, though intelligent and in most cases superior to your own understanding, is without physical bodies.

Indeed, there is considerable attention paid to your Earth by spirit. It is so designed that, when one descends into matter and takes up the mantle of the physical, fleshly body, one’s consciousness is limited. Thus, most humans who are upon the Earth have little or no understanding or knowledge of having been present beyond their current life experience. This is indeed difficult for us as spirit to understand, just as it would be difficult for you if you were void of your dense physical bodies.

What right does one have to assume that one has been put here upon the Earth for a short sojourn, only to terminate upon the death knell? It is not so. One is eternal. Humans live over and over and over again and must, before being freed from the Earth and this pattern of multiple lives, have experienced all things that were to be part of their plans, which were created before their initial entries.

If each of you could understand that there is indeed a purpose and a plan for each one, then perhaps you could begin to place aside those things that divide one from another.

In my time, I experienced and received a vision of great magnificence in which, as some of you would understand, I experienced a total opening of the heavens. This opening of the heavens revealed to me that the world I was a part of as a fleshly being was indeed minute compared to the vastness of worlds within worlds within worlds that exist. Though I did not understand at the time, I know now that I was privileged to receive cosmic enlightenment, and this only after I had prayed to my Creator for some insight that would enable me to grapple with the problems life had presented to me.

I searched for a belief, for an ideology, for a truth that I could identify with. Even though no matter where I turned, I found discord, disturbance, a lack of feeling and belief among the people, yet each person was struggling in the same way as I was to reach an identity. It was at that time that I determined to begin anew, to place all that I had learned away, and to allow myself to be used as an instrument of God to bring about what I felt to be great truths and revelations.

My life was filled with one revelation after another, beyond what the average person could conceive. More than once I was visited by angels and, it seemed to me, counseled 24 hours a day to enable me to bring forth the beliefs and the doctrines upon which the structure of Mormonism was built — not unlike many from the beginning who did not accept the teachings of the temple and moved outside in quest of freedom of expression and thought. This, I am convinced, is what God has put us on the Earth for — whether we be of spirit or of the fleshly body — that we might learn and experience and express, exchange and interrelate with each other in order that we might somehow come upon the truth that will set us free from bondage.

I have been privileged to reach within my finer bodies and back into time, before my time, to study the great movements of religions to attempt to ascertain why and where they went wrong. Since my transition as Joseph Smith, I likewise have been privileged to continue my search to bring forth a greater insight as spirit to the religious movements that are present upon the Earth today. I am indeed saddened at the turn that my own structure — it is not my own now, of course, for I long since have released it — has taken. It was never our intention to engage as deeply in commercial endeavors as is now the case. We should have remained a simple people, not one that has fallen into the trap of building great edifices, as we have done. Although we have little or no poverty in the movement, yet throughout the world there are millions who are in want.

Within the time to come, some of the doctrines of Mormonism will prove that our teaching has been well grounded. Upon the Earth in the days ahead, humanity will face great famine, a lack of water, and, most of all, a lack of hope — for most people have failed to adhere to the symbol of placing aside from the years of plenty for those years, as the cycles change, that will be lean.

As a prophet, a vision of the future was given to me during my tenure upon Earth.  It was then through Revelation that we began to understand the laws of the Creator, though we, too, have faltered in many ways and have become, as others before us and since, rigid in our beliefs. This, as spirit, I am trying to change. There are many prophets within the movement, not only within Mormonism but also in every religious structure upon the face of the Earth today, and there are many not connected or identified with an organized body. It is part of a vast plan that was set into motion when this Earth in its present civilization was envisioned, created, and reformed.

It is time that humankind has the ability to be sensitized in one way or another to utilize the gifts of spirit to bring about a greater understanding of universal laws.

I come to you to tell you this: that the future holds days of trial and tribulation. Many prophets have spoken of what one needs to know in order to remain safe, if that be one’s lot, within the days to come. We are beginning to bring forth through prophets of our church and others changes in the laws of food and harvesting and preservation. In the future, if your world remains intact, food as you understand it today will be changed so vastly that you will not recognize what has occurred. It will be necessary to utilize Nature’s laws in order to salvage your lives.

I wish to ask you to pray for the church structure that I founded, for indeed within these days they are a mighty and necessary bulwark against starvation.

Channel: Wayne Guthrie, D.D.
Los Angeles, California

[Editor’s Note: It is necessary to always remember that prayer can transmit all things.]