Life Patterns and Transition
Eternal Cosmos


Life upon Earth is quite intricate and concerned with many actions, and there are many schools of
thought that develop methods of explaining and exploring life and, then, the transition of that life.
There is no death, as we have said over and over again; there is only movement out of one life into
another. Human beings do not totally understand this and yet, as they approach their point of
transition, find themselves motivated to become aware of the next dimension. They understand that
they are moving on into the next adventure.

Humans must expect change. In an overwhelming cataclysm, no one understands why some people
die and others live. Yet each one knows deep within themselves the time, the place and the pattern
of their own leaving. It would be easier for humans if they accepted that their life on Earth is
carefully planned and totally fulfilled. It is exactly as they have contracted it within their
Subconscious and High Self Awareness. The ancient Adepts knew this. Humans cannot stop their
lives, leave them or abandon them unless the timing is correct. And so life stops at the perfect
time—and then continues on to a new life.

Today, many of you are returning to the truth of this teaching, yet some cannot and will not be
comfortable with it, though it matters little for the time of your leaving is certain. But, once you
know this, you live your life to the fullest each day and your memories may be filled with joy and
good, rather than pain and suffering—and this is a better way of looking forward to the new
dimension, the new life.

Although this transition will bestow upon you new sensations and understanding, some aspects of
this dimension will seem familiar, and you will recognize that work, activity and areas of expression
you had known before now have a higher purpose. In Jesus’ work, He said, “In my Father’s House
there are many mansions.” Indeed this is so. Each mansion is a different pattern to live, love and

Many of you may have felt that you have been someplace else upon awaking from a dream.
This is not surprising. There are areas in the dream state which are becoming your next life before
you enter it—your new one on the other side of the River of Life.

Think of this and make it your own. So be it and I bless you.

Channel: Bella Karish, DD
Los Angeles, CA