How My Channeling Work Began

Dr. Bella Karish

(Note: Bella Karish made the transition on November 3, 2007)

There is something special that I want to tell you. Until I was fifty years old, I was a very normal, materialistic musician and typist, and I worked in the Los Angeles County Superior Court in the legal offices. I was married and had two children. I was a very busy, very normal, “square” person.

I want to show you how Spirit works. At the age of forty-nine, my husband left me, my legal job at the Superior Court was done, and I faced a major operation. I was very tense and heavily impacted by everything.

A friend of mine said, “Let’s go and see a very fine hypnotist I know, who takes you back into past lives—regresses you—and he can take you back to find out what is happening to you.” That was Greek to me. Anyway, I said, “Fine, I’ll try anything that may help.”

So we went to a private home where I met the hypnotist.

In the act of regressing me through hypnosis, he sent me to a cave which I refused to enter, and he said to one of the people there who was also going to be regressed, “This woman has a psychological problem which I’m not able to handle, but when she goes home she’ll have a dream and know why she didn’t enter the cave.”

In a dream that night, I saw my ex-husband clothed in a bear skin, hiding in the cave, and holding a huge spiked club, intending to beat me. I wasn’t going to go into that cave to be beaten— again!

When I came out of that dream, I had lost my voice and had developed what is medically called a “strangulated voice” due to emotion and stress. Many people have developed such a voice after experiencing extreme stress. This voice impairment was a horrible thing to me because I was trying to get a job to support my children and myself, and now I could barely speak.

I began to look for someone to help me, and in doing so, I went to a group party where there was a man who, after hearing me speak, said, “I want you to come to my place, because you are someone that I recognize from my work with Edgar Cayce.”

In meeting this man, I realized that I lost my old voice to find this new voice! Even though my “new” voice was not very good, I was able to do counseling and therapy with it. (This was before I knew anything about the Three Selves work.)

And through this man, who was a very fine teacher, I became involved with the Spirit of Edgar Cayce. Edgar Cayce’s Spirit, which spoke through me, said, “You cannot use my name, but I will be part of your channeling, and you can call me Eternal Cosmos, or E.C.”

So even though I had no training, I didn’t have to go to school or to any kind of group action to learn how to be a Channel. I sat down and there was my Teacher.

With help from my friend and Mentor Wayne Guthrie, who became a part of my life after I had started to channel E.C., Wayne and I began to move toward the Three Selves work that we now do. In that work, we tune into the memory bank of the Subconscious Minds of people to see why they chose to enter this lifetime, why they are here, and why they have chosen certain parents, siblings, mates, and actions within their karmic contract.

Now, many people, not knowing or accepting the reality of karma, cry, moan, and groan about how bad their life is, or ask what’s wrong with their life , without recognizing that their experiences are based on the karma they chose to come in with and to handle during this lifetime.

Through the Three Selves work, we are able to place this kind of information before people, to help them understand their lives as an “adventure,” with challenges that are not bad, but good in the long run. Because when you finish the karmic challenges in this lifetime, you don’t have to come back to repeat them again.

I just wanted you to know that Spirit chooses us, we do not choose Spirit. Spirit knows us and is with us. In my life, they waited for the point in time when I became fifty years old before I was opened as an instrument for Spirit. So you can see how I really had an adventure!

Q: What happens when you are channeling and you close your eyes and the Teacher is there?

Bella: I’ve never seen what my teacher looks like, because he sits in me—I’m an instrument. He enters me, he protects me, and if there is any kind of disturbance, that is, if a bell rings, something drops, or something that’s not good threatens me, he immediately brings me back to my conscious state.

I never have seen him. Other people have, but I haven’t. From my point of view, it is similar to having a tape recorder, where you press a button and a voice comes out, but you don’t see the person speaking, you only hear the voice from the instrument.

Q: Often, people ask me, “You mean I really chose that situation before I came into life?” Their question really is: Is it the personality, the Spirit, or the Subconscious Minds [Basic Selves] that make that choice? What part of the personality chooses us and the situations we face, Bella?

Bella: The High Self chooses the Subconscious Minds, which are present at conception. The Subconscious Minds contain a memory bank which holds all the memories of everything you’ve been or that you are and that you’re going to be, and the High Self shows the contract to the Subconscious Minds for them to accept or reject.

Within the contract, the parents are chosen for their strengths and their weaknesses, which the Subconscious Minds and the Conscious Mind work with—to use the strengths and to overcome the weaknesses. Many people blame their parents for whatever happens to them. No way! You chose them to do exactly what they’ve done—even if it’s beating, even if it’s cruelty, because somewhere in your past-life pattern you have been that cruel person, and this lifetime you have chosen to learn what it feels like.

I don’t view situations like that as being negative. If you would take a person who has harmed someone and instead of putting them into jail, make them experience what they’ve done to the other person, they won’t be likely to do it to anyone else. So from my point of view, you have to learn through experience in the past or the present, in order to be able to move into the future.

Hypnotherapy—not hypnotism, but hypnotherapy—can do that. It’s very wonderful, because the violator experiences the crime being done to them. It is not the hypnotist that gives the violator the answers. It is the actual violator that does so. Many times, it helps the person to know why things are happening to them.

Let me give you a personal example, about a mother who pinched her child when he did something wrong. I remember that in my childhood, a little boy—the child of a friend—kept pinching me to the point that I was black and blue. My mother told his mother to pinch him when he pinched me. Now, if a doctor were to hear that, the doctor might say, “That’s horrible,” but that boy stopped pinching me because he’d been pinched, and he too was black and blue! But, you see, many psychiatrists don’t accept that approach, however I have experienced it and I know it works! When you feel for yourself a negative action that you did to someone else, you’re not as apt to do it again. That seems to me to help people who do these negative things to stop doing them.

This essay originally appeared in the Fellowship’s publication “Uniguidance” (4th quarter 1992).