Origin and Knowledge of the Tibetans

Q: What is the origin of the Tibetan people?

EC: They are an ancient, heightened people—God beings—who have come from other dimensions and worlds beyond your Earth to live on Earth and within it. Notice that they are much like the Oriental, who came from the sun, but they originally moved into two forms: the little people and the giants. The giants went into the mountains to teach, and  to write the great scrolls for the continuance of knowledge: the history of the Earth planet from its beginning to its ending.

Those who lived within the Earth, and those who lived within the mountains, have since blended, retaining their knowledge within ancient patterns and areas in the mountain regions where they presently live. Many  have in their particular ability all of the powers of god-beings. There are those who can transmute anything and anyone not vital to humanity if it is within the Spiritual Law. These beings are not allowed to enter into the human environment because humans would not believe, accept, or allow them to use or show their powers to anyone. So they remain hidden, waiting for that time when the human’s intelligence and intellect will be open to, and involved with, their wisdoms.

This type of knowledge does not only come from the Tibetans; it also comes from ancient forms of the Mayans or Incas who will eventually return to restore a totally new kind of knowledge upon Earth. But this knowledge must be acceptable to other humans. At this point, even those who are performing or producing what most humans call extraordinary phenomena cannot truly accept it. Eventually this wisdom and knowledge will be known to be true and vital.

Q: E.C., will you comment on the Dalai Lama’s statement that he is going to return to his country as its god-king?

EC: It is quite vital that he does, for when he does the world will be a totally changed place. Already his message has been sent to the various areas of hidden cities, which will place themselves as a shield around him so that he may return to the heights of his knowledge to bring peace and balance to an Earth gone mad. And this time is not too far away.

You see actions occurring all around you that make no sense within normal intelligence. The acts of the elemental or animal creatures are already being placed into the minds of humans by thought processes. Such elemental or animal energies must be exorcized or eliminated, not by your methods but by methods so great and powerful that they would change your Earth. These methods can be carefully handled by the very special  mastery of the Dalai Lama and the knowledge of his people.

Q: What knowledge does he have?

EC: What he will know will not be totally given to him until he returns to his country.

Q: He needs to be at that power point?

EC: Yes, you are exactly right.

Q: Is it true that the Hindus and Yogis of India were originally from another planet and yoga comes from a planet similar to ours?

EC: Yes, many of the different forms of the use of body energy, which in turn bring about peace and balance, or bring heightened consciousness, come from a similar planet to Earth. The heightened awareness of the Hindus and Yogis is part of the same kind of knowledge which comes from other dimensions. It is given to certain gurus or teachers who are vitally involved with a future when these forms of energy—through their sitting and quietly thinking—can change the minds of men into a heightened consciousness from the lower elemental or demoniacal energies being used now to control human minds. This again is the battle of Light and Darkness.

Q: E.C., you mentioned in previous session the fact that the Tibetans are inner Earth people and that they have written a very well-known book: “The Tibetan Book of the Dead.” When you said “the Dead,” the first thought that came to mind was about corpses, and corpses should be interred. Is there a correlation in their whole philosophy in regard to that?

EC: In their particular philosophy, there are no dead. The body of the human may appear to die but the body lives long after its so-called death. Eventually there will be a revival of a body long after its death, or what you call death, by using electromagnetic fields that revive and restore the nervous system and the areas of the chakras to bring about the renewal of the cells in the body. The body does not need to die. It can live again, but it must have a period of rest in which the balance of the body is restored. You, in your particular way of embalming the body, have not understood that you have taken out the vital force which could revive the human—once the human has re-learned the secret of how to do this.

In some ancient religions, the body was interred with a form of communication. If, within three days in the Earth, the action occurred where the body was imbued with a light force from Earth itself—becoming charged with an energy which enlivened the body—the person, now alive, could communicate with those who interred the body and be “resurrected” by them. From this you have the symbol of Jesus going into the tomb for three days. But you have forgotten how to do this. Your Earth can restore life if properly understood. In ancient times many of the bodies were placed into bogs, swamps, or even quicksand where they would lie for three days. The energy, the electrical charges, and the magnetic fields within Earth would restore those bodies to life. The body of Lazarus was in the tomb and had been there for a period of time, yet Jesus, within his knowledge of this, could restore life.

Channel: Bella Karish, D.D.
                 Los Angeles, CA