My Transition Into Spirit
A Voice from the Other Side*


My transition was most beautiful, for I fell asleep and slipped into a kind of coma pattern which
grew more and more intense until I found myself on a path with several forks, each one leading to
a different area. I chose the high path and moved straight toward a very great, bright Light, for I
wished to reach the other side without being blocked or stopped.

When I reached a tunnel, I entered. The Light shining through from the other side gave me courage
and I moved through the tunnel carefully, watching the Light grow brighter and brighter. When I
emerged, it was very much like being reborn, for I took a deep breath of “air”—not the kind of air
in my life on Earth—but a breath that was filled with an essence of rejuvenation and recovery that
was most unusual to me.

I became young and vital as I breathed this essence. I looked around; it was quite wonderful to be
in a new area and yet recognize people that I had known in life, and to see them not dead, but very
much alive.

The first one that greeted me and amazed me was my ex-husband. He came toward me and took my
hands, saying simply: “ I hope you will be happier here than you were with me on Earth for I have
changed. I am no longer what I was, any more than you are what you were. Together we can do
much to be of use to those on Earth as well as here within this dimension. This dimension is totally
different from anything humans think or expect it to be.”

As I moved forward, my mother’s Spirit came to me and, surprisingly, she walked firmly and
carefully with a smile on her face, young and vital as I knew her when I was a child. She put her arm
around my shoulder—I do have a body but it is a very strange one, for it is a mixture of many
different kinds of memories and is covered with a thin veil like a cloud or piece of clothing
emanating Light. I became a Light Body. My dear mother and my ex-mate from Earth took my
hands and we walked into an area where there were many Beings. They welcomed me. I recognized
some of them from my childhood; some were familiar from the area where I lived; and some I knew
from the Fellowship meetings I attended. I greeted them all, realizing that the word “people” no
longer applied: I am part of another kind of Beingness.

As I was being led forward, a group of Beings moved aside and I walked carefully ahead into an
area where there was a very large floating building. As I moved toward it I seemed to be floating

I reached a broad walk. I followed it and found myself in a large room. At one end of that room
was a great Light Being. From my understanding on Earth, I would have said it was the Christ or

Jesus, but this Light Being was a composite of many who have been on Earth and this allowed me
to truly understand the multiple patterns of the Christed Beingness.

The Light that emanated from this Being is Light in its purity, an expression of love so vast that it
is beyond my ability to describe or explain. As I moved forward, many of those humans I knew on
Earth, as well as others I had not known, moved with me to an area directly in front of the Great
Light Being. We were enveloped by the Light and became something else, something other than we
had been. I suddenly found that I was emanating more Light, and anything negative, false or evil in
any part of the lives I had lived seemed to dissolve and I became pure Light in this great, vast Light
Beingness. Within this Great Light, I was shown an area where I will be taught how to use my
energy here to help those on Earth and I am thankful for this opportunity.

We are in a separate area because we are new Soulic patterns and Spirits here. Spirit and Soul blend
in this place. That which activated us as Spirit on the Planet suddenly becomes part of the Soulic
cause from beyond the Planet. It becomes at-one-ment: a single action of beauty and fulfillment.
What you have learned from your Spiritual sources has validity, and I am pleased for having been
a part of it on Earth. But this experience of transition is greater than any other of life in the human
world. In sharing this with you I have used words you understand, but there is no need for words
here. Here there is music, but it is a sound truly beyond any music from Earth. This music uplifts,
fulfills, heals and brings about a whole new source of energy to all of us.

I was then placed in a room with others, and we were shown different lifetimes we have lived on
Earth. In each case we were shown our full lives: those in which we accomplished much, and
those in which we failed or were anything but good.

For the lives in which we failed, there is a series of teaching patterns to show us how to return in a
different form with a different Spirit and different activities: a Soulic pattern to fulfill and make right
that failure. So there is nothing lost but much to be gained in moving past life on Earth.
I am blessed to be here. I suffered very little in comparison with others still going through the
pattern of rejuvenation or hospitalization, but I know that the good one does on the Planet is
rewarded, no matter what one accepts or believes.

Life on Earth is a stepping stone to the Greater Light of the Christ.
I bless and thank you for your help on Earth and I leave.
* A channeled message from a deceased Fellowship member

Channel: Dr. Wayne Guthrie
Co-founder, Fellowship of Universal Guidance
Los Angeles, CA