An Easter Message (2010)

A Discourse by a Prophet from the House of David

I am a prophet from the House of David, bringing to you what is part of the past, placing before you the blueprint for mastery over your own lives. I am pleased to have the opportunity upon this holy occasion to bring to you the framework for the mastery of the spirit.

So it was that the Son of God came forth to be born and to live as a man among mankind, to be challenged, to be tempted, to be criticized, to be ridiculed, yet to be strengthened in character.

It makes little difference whether this story of the one called Jesus is accepted literally or symbolically, for the message is old and has been heard by humanity in one form or another in all ages. Yet the story is new and vital and a challenge to each one treading the path into the greater Light.

Within each one of you is great wisdom, a depth of knowingness that many among you know not of. You are just as I am, a child of God, a child in whom that Being of Light—in whatever form that Being exists or is pictured—has great faith and the hope of a promise fulfilled.

You come forward in this time and place in keeping with a spiritual law, the law that dictates impartiality to all Sons of God. Though you all be of different strengths, your goal is similar if not identical, and therein lies the message of the One who trod the lonely path to the Cross. Can you not feel the pain and the suffering of this Son of God as He attuned himself to what was before Him, knowing that among those in His ministry were those who defiled His name, who ridiculed Him, who condemned Him, who placed Him on the pedestal on which He desired not to be positioned? He knew, as He trod over hill and through the valley preaching the simplest of truths, that He was setting into motion the law, placing before those of that time the Kingdom of Light and blessings. And as He preached the Word—as had many before Him in time and space, both upon your planet and upon many others throughout this vast intelligent universe—there were those who could understand and who clung to His every word, knowing that therein was a grain of wisdom, which, if nurtured, would blossom forth and provide a ladder to the throne of God.

This was a Man who many worship in one form or another and who the least among you would credit as being a Teacher of teachers within whom was a spark of Light, a Holy Light, which was brought forth for all to see. He was placed upon the Cross and placed between two who represented the past and the future—for one condemned, ridiculed, and questioned His true beingness, while the other had mercy and asked for mercy, and unto him was granted the blessing of entering the Kingdom of Paradise.

You have within you both that which is good and that which is evil. Each fights to have supremacy over the other, but the victor in the battle of the spirit will be victorious as light conquers the darkness. This prophet, Jesus, came to pave the way and shine the Light that each one could follow who desired to do so, telling you that the way would not be easy, and it would not be simple, for it would be filled with many stones, the crown that each must wear filled with many thorns. So this way is as it has always been, for as one turns toward the force of good, the path becomes not easier but more difficult, for it is upon this ladder to the Creator that each one must prove one’s strength, allowing nothing to deviate one’s cause or tempt one from the pathway to God.

So this Master among men came in the form of flesh and blood to prove that there was no death—that death is only a stage each one must go through between the journeys of life, so one might be rejuvenated in a greater form to accomplish that which is greater than the time before, to prove that to live is to die to be reborn again. It is like the bulb that one places in the ground. Though it seems dormant and lacks life, within the seed it is very alive and under the proper conditions again streams forth, reaching up to the light, again to bring forth life in a greater form, bringing beauty and peace to those who seek them.

The Resurrection is the lesson that within each one of you is the seed that, if allowed to be resurrected, can stream forth and propel you to the heights, giving you the satisfaction of learning, of mastery over that which you desire not to be mastered by.

And so He said to the Father as one of His last words, “Father, it is time. I commend my spirit into your hands.” And yes, it is that which each of you must do—commend your spirit into the hands of God, and you shall be resurrected in Glory and Light.

Bless you.

Channel: Dr. Wayne Guthrie