Your Destiny According to the Akashic Records (Book of Life)

Eternal Cosmos

It may be of interest to you to know how the Akashic Records are prepared and readied for each one, and how every single being upon the planet becomes involved with his or her fate, destiny, and karmic plan.

The library of Akashic Records covers an entire planet, a planet which is involved in the same kind of system as your own but is involved also with a counterpart action. Within them, there are thousands of spirits watching and carrying these great records, each record is an individual plan within a lifetime but also all the  lifetimes that each soul has been involved with from the beginning of time.

In these records, the entry of the human within the Earth plan must be first qualified by not only the High Self but also those that are connected to other periods of time. Therefore, as you have entered into this time that you live, you carry many different credentials that are part of your own from other times and places.

It is important you understand that you contain vast and multiple karmic patterns and roles. Many of you have been involved with other dimensions in which your records disclose your thoughts, words, and actions, either as a plus or a minus, for all of you have not always been of high quality, even in the higher dimensions.

Some have been forced to come down to Earth to attend a refresher course in order to be able to move upward to the higher role that they once had been a part of. These so-called fallen masters are difficult to handle, for when they enter a human they become what is called outer spacial in their particular facility to relate to others and do not always find it easy or desirable to enter into the elemental or animal creature that you represent.

In that case, the fallen masters come in fighting. They are placed on Earth within their own free will because they wish to rise again, but sometimes they become totally involved with one single human dimension, without realizing that they must take on other dimensions of the human as well. Sometimes they fail miserably, causing the human to live a life that is very involved with harassments, angers, and frustrations. This human is unable to understand why or what to do to avoid these negative feelings, for he or she has no compassion or understanding from this master form within  them, which insists that it knows more, can do more, and accomplish it all much more quickly, in order to finish its pattern and escape Earth as soon as possible. Therefore many times this attitude and resulting actions of the master form cause the body to suffer in a way that makes it difficult for the human to live on Earth in a healthy body.

To the fallen masters, the body is simply a shell that they wish to peel off like a snake does, which sheds its skin and becomes renewed. They cannot understand that the body, made up of different kinds of materials and minerals than they may be used to, cannot be handled in that fashion, for they have lived in other dimensions without bodies — only with that which is the mind, and thought patterns that can accomplish anything, even changing form and matter instantly. Because the fallen master cannot do that within the human body it finds itself in, it often discovers that in attempting to change its human body, it has ruptured or destroyed and harmed that which is its instrument, and then it must live and remain until the end of its period on Earth in this damaged body that is not of good quality.

Also, within these Akashic Records are many areas which have other different kinds of involvements. Some of these are in periods of time in which there are those who have been chosen to become leaders when a change in consciousness within human beings is involved.

In the area of choosing a leader of men within this kind of Akashic Record, many times the action of choice combines factors which deal with the higher dimensions as well as factors involving experience on Earth or in earth forms in other solar systems within this kind of leadership action.

Within this, then, all of the soul’s credentials must be carefully analyzed. When the High Self is given the right to place the life plan before the Subconscious Mind within the incoming child, there are many errors that must be cancelled out or changed in order for the Subconscious to accept this continuing action of leadership. This is  because the child or infant in its beginning is not able to accomplish a leadership role until it is able to truly understand exactly what the karmic challenges are. Some children that enter, then, in a mood of retreat and do not wish to become part of the world or of fulfilling that particular leadership pattern, find themselves involved with retreat into temples and lamaseries and areas in which the leadership is only of themselves without leading others, living a whole lifetime completely isolated in an action which they believe is rightful. But they have misinterpreted that which was written for them and shown to them.

They believe they are leaders for they have accomplished the discipline of their body. They have made themselves believe that they are doing the right thing by becoming completely involved with the symbols of their retreat, without realizing that their leadership was meant to be part of a different kind of involvement.

In other Akashic Records with different involvements, those who have ordinary or normal patterns become involved with what is a rest period or a period in which the life must be carefully handled in a normal fashion or in matters of conduct, in which they become part of service to others. In these Akashic Records, the service patterns are quite regulated and in order. They show that over long periods of time certain servers come in, knowing that they will be part of the balanced area of serving others, not themselves, and in this, they do not move out of the pathway and are completely involved with what they have come to accomplish in this particular way.

We ask you at this point to understand that the Akashic Records of each human are written in a way that is strange or unusual to the human. They are so fine in their pattern that very few can read them except those who have been involved with them and read them from the beginning of time. These servers do not age. They are simply there for eternity, and as each of the areas in the Akashic Records fills up and become more and more intricate, the servers become more and more able to handle more of these assignments. They become quite involved with being able to pick that which is good for a certain time or place, in finding someone who will come onto the Earth with particular gifts or particular actions for the betterment of a period of time or for the use of many in healing and helping and serving. This ability is not known to any but those who are in charge of the Akashic Records. They do not lose their jobs; they are always there and will always be there as part of their plan.

Channel: Bella Karish, D.D.
Los Angeles, California