The Soul, The Akashic Record, and The Book of Life

Eternal Cosmos

Question: The Soul is the Spark of Divinity, the Spark of Life. Is that Spark of Divinity where we are one with God?

Eternal Cosmos: Yes, although there are many different ways of understanding the Soul. The Soul is your Life and Light. The Soul heightens itself within the act of life, living, and experiencing the human life-plan. The Soul never enters the lower realms. It never takes on any evil. It heightens and rises within the human as the Spark of Divinity, and that Spark is the Christed Energy of the Soul.

Q: Does the Soul carry the Akashic Records?

E.C.: It does carry the Akashic Records, those which apply to you, but only through that which is in the memory bank of the Subconscious. If the Subconscious has not read, or does not wish to read, the Akashic Records which apply to you, it does not get the knowledge of them. For example: if you don’t read a book, you don’t know what’s in it.

Q: Does an individual’s personality die when the individual dies, or does it continue on to the next life?

E.C.: The personality does not continue on to the next life. It becomes a memory. When a person is gone, you remember only the human being, what they were like, what they did, and what they accomplished as a human being. Therefore, any remembrance of the personality is like looking at a painting or a picture on the wall; it is a picture of the person, but not the actual Soul or Spirit. It is simply the picture.

Q: Is the whole reason for human life to enlighten the Soul?

E.C.: Absolutely. The Soul keeps you, not in darkness, but alive and in Light, which is a heightened awareness. However, many people are not involved with anything except basic living and existing, and they are not interested in being heightened or enlightened.

Q: Is one purpose of life and the Subconscious and all the different bodies to have communication with God?

E.C.: Correct! That is exactly right, but not everyone communicates with God. Humans have little idea what God is, and explaining it to them is very difficult. God is all-encompassing, not a single format at all, but contains a multiple manifestation of everything in the Universe, which is beyond most of mankind’s acceptance. Humans, their Souls, and the entire format of knowledge and wisdom in their minds have been created by a Source beyond that which we, even in Spirit, understand.

Q: In addition to communicating with God, are there not also other purposes to life?

E.C. Definitely. There are various purposes, including, as explained in your Three Selves work, that you come into life to work off unfinished past-life karmic patterns. And when you have completed them, you are in Dharma [Service] to help others finish their Karma, others who have been part of past lifetimes with you. The entire script of your karmic contract is shown to your Subconscious at conception. That script then must be activated and worked out.

Q: Is it correct that the Basic Selves and the High Self have a purpose?

E.C.: Everything on this planet has a purpose—everything. Even the most minute microorganism. Very sadly, most people don’t recognize their own deeper purpose. They feel that only their Conscious Minds are in charge of their lives, and they do not recognize the importance of their Subconscious as well as their High Self, Spirit, and Soul to their spiritual direction and growth to live a life in which they heighten the Soul by increasing its Light.

Comment: It is mentioned in the Fellowship’s book Pathways to Your Three Selves that the Basic Selves eventually become High Selves.

E.C.: Yes, however, that is not accomplished within a single lifetime, but occurs only after completing many, many lifetimes.

Q: Does the High Self become a Super-Consciousness?

E.C.: After progressing through various levels of heightened awareness, the High Self will eventually attain Super-Consciousness.

Q: What is the difference between The Book of Life and The Akashic Record?

E.C.: Each Book of Life is a chapter in The Akashic Record and contains an account of one particular lifetime. The Akashic Record contains a collective account of the lifetimes of each individual. The Akashic Record is like the Super-Consciousness—multiple—but more than multiple. It is overwhelmingly multiple. And its contents are not just from your planet. The Akashic Record includes every area of the Universe of Time and Space. It contains records of many individual lifetimes and multiple actions—which, under rightful circumstances and conditions, can be accessed and read.