Wayne A. Guthrie, D.D. (Co-founder of the Fellowship)
Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Fellowship, April 29, 1972

People often ask us how they can be of service to the Light and how they can foster the plan of Enlightenment and Brotherhood for humankind and peace on earth. We here at the Fellowship feel that our focus, like that of many Light groups, is an important one in the unfolding of the Divine Plan.

The Fellowship of Universal Guidance was created by Divine instruction just as surely as any religious structure on the face of this Earth was created. We came into beingness as a result of guidance from above, brought together in a very strange way, and yet perhaps not so strange, because all things must have a beginning.

We have been learning as we have been in training. And as we have been trained, we have taught. In the beginning days we received guidance from the Great Being, a Being whose Light is far greater than any of us can truly conceive. We referred to him simply as the Great Being from Jupiter.

In the beginning days, when we were all busy with our own work patterns, we would meet for hours each week, oftentimes into the wee hours of the morning, carrying on what we understood at that time to be our responsibility to assist in the salvaging of those who reached to us for help and assistance.

At that time, those forces who were guiding us—and still do—began to put us through the paces, to give us, though we were a small group of only twelve people, all of the experience that we would be needing in order to handle a work that would be placed before us at a later time. Today that work is known as the Three Selves Approach to the Field of Consciousness—unique to us—this method not having been used elsewhere in the same manner by humanity since the time of Atlantis.

Why this small group of twelve? Why were we chosen to bring forth this important work? In those days it had no meaning to us, for we had nothing to compare it with. We were all neophytes, all beginning, and our past—though we probably all had been part of mystery schools—was veiled, so we knew not from whence we had come or why.

And yet we were told that the day would come, as the work progressed, that we not only would be working full time in this work, but that people would be camping upon our doorstep for help and assistance. And now, years later, we have reached that point where the promise that was made to us by Spirit has indeed been fulfilled.

I bring this reminder to you in this way because I want to emphasize the fact that the Fellowship, and all that we represent, follows Spiritual Guidance. We try to follow this guidance as completely as possible. We have our own concepts and sometimes misinterpret what is given to us, but not intentionally, of course. But this again is part of training, as we are taught to carefully understand and to analyze the knowledge that is given to us, which most of you know, is sometimes presented in parable.

Now there is a reason for this. This is a mystery school, and you are all part of that mystery school. It is necessary for your own evolvement to be able to move in behind the spoken word and understand it. For the day will come when we will not even have the spoken word—we will be communicating telepathically and we will need to understand what is occurring.

The purpose of the Fellowship, perhaps, could best be described in these words from our publication “A Treatise on the Metaphysical Approach to the Field of Consciousness”—

The Fellowship of Universal Guidance is a duly incorporated body. It is an organization based upon high spiritual, ethical, and moral principles, the aim being to bring into focus for the individuals being directed to us the New Age Dimension of Consciousness.

The period of emotional evolution in which the world is now functioning is moving at a tremendous speed. This evolution, both individual and planetary, is of course correlated with a spiritual evolution to bring the spiritual facets of man’s conscious being into coordination with other areas of his being.

And this is our special concern.

Our work is many-faceted, and you are all part of that work because we could not function without your help and assistance, and your Light. We would not be here today—we probably would not even be in the body—without the Light and the Prayer work that those of you who are members bring forth for us and to the world. We are active. We are potent—as potent as any school or any philosophy.

Counseling has been a prime activity of the Fellowship. Some of you have been through the counseling in one form or another, in person or “in absentia,” and so can understand and have a feeling for what I am saying.

I cannot begin to relate how important the work is or how many lives have been reached—how many thousands of lives have been affected and bettered. These are individuals, for the most part, who are part of the Spiritual Hierarchy, though many of them are not aware of this in their conscious form—nor of who they are and where they have come from. Yet each is a leader in his or her own way, and is to become an effective leader within the New Age.

The Fellowship is very closely tied to the changing affairs of the world, for through the work that is brought in, the changes are coming about. Each one of you is tied—though you may not be aware of it—tied to a part of the Avatar focus. This, of course, is to be unfolded as time progresses. The work that we do is important to the New Age.

We have a Prayer Group that meets in Glendale [California] and other areas each Wednesday, week in, week out, year in, year out, tied through the Circle of Light to many more across the country. Nothing interferes with these prayer circles.

In this school, we have been taught to recognize the positive and the negative polarities and to understand that we could not exist upon this Planet without them. We have been taught and carefully trained to understand how to work with both the positive and the negative—not to deny the negativity and evil its existence, for to deny it is to deny a part of God, for it is part of that which was created for life upon this Planet—necessary for balance!

We do not advocate that it is necessary to subscribe to it, to become part of it, or to take it unto ourselves, but, indeed, to recognize it. Failure to recognize negativity means that one would then be challenged by that very force field—and it is a force field that is denied. This is tragic, and yet this is part of the plan that is being worked out upon the Earth.

We are told that the United States is the New Jerusalem. It, indeed, it is the “melting pot” of the world. No other country has what we have in this nation. No other country has been created in the manner in which we have, or has the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, as we have. No other country has opened its doors to the many people of the world as we have. So we have become a blending, a “melting pot”—perhaps that is eventually to lead to the Golden Race.

It is for this reason, then, that in our country we are experiencing so much turmoil, and yet few understand that reasoning. If we are not able to rise above the problems that divide us—neither can the world. For these problems are no different than those that divide us as individuals and as groups. The pattern is the same.

We are “gods in the making.” We are the planets, if you will, already in existence, and orbiting!

The prayer groups add much to the cause. We are told that each time a group commits itself to service, there are those of the inner planes who come forth to assist in the carrying out of our prayers and our petitions. We, then, as “co-creators,” need but to draw forth the Light, and the forces of Light who assist us do just that. As we petition them, they are in turn able to assist us, to help us in accordance with that which we have decreed, always, of course, within God's will and for the highest good.

One of the most important facets of the work of the Fellowship is our membership. We are interested in the increasing number who join as members. We are interested in those who are guided to the Light that this Center has generated in order to provide a proper base upon which to build. And each one of you is an integral part of that membership.

We are entering into a period in which it is absolutely necessary for us to understand the laws with which we are working. We must begin to understand ourselves, to clear and cleanse ourselves in order that we may become more effective instruments in the New Age.

We are involved in other forms of research—through the wisdoms in our archives—at this time. These wisdoms are important and potent. They were brought to us years ago and have been held dormant until the right combination of people, as guided in by Spirit, could be assembled in order to carry out the research.

Now, when an organization—though we are very much behind the scenes—enters into the Guidance, the counseling necessary to bring something of this caliber forward, it automatically draws to it the most powerful negative energies that would seek to compromise this work. That is where each one of you comes into the picture. I cannot place it before you fully, but I am attempting to convey something very important to you. As you handle your own prayerful activity, keep in mind that the structure to which you belong, the Fellowship, is playing a very important part within the ushering in of the New Age. As the old structure is to crumble, so a new structure is to be built.

Before this comes about, there will be much turmoil in the world, more than we have yet experienced. And yet, in the past years, we have experienced things that years ago we could not have conceived of. They have all come to pass, and as the battle of Armageddon continues, it will touch, in one way or another, the lives of every person, your families, and friends. You will need to draw upon not only your inner strength, but the faith you have in your Creator, and to draw upon the teachings that have been placed before you.

The Fellowship has been given a Mantra Prayer of Protection. Many accept it: some people do not understand it, some do not like it, but that is all right. It has been brought forth in this time and place as a necessary additive to the prayers that we all use, because it does something in this cycle of time that is needed that other prayers do not do. I would urge you each to become familiar with it—as it is important!

Recently in a Workshop session, a question was brought out that has to do with the New Age. That question was: “How does one lucidly and convincingly explain the metaphysics of the New Age God-Consciousness to the oppressed masses of this country and the other oppressed countries?”

Eternal Cosmos places it thus:

We bless you each one. We have chosen you as you have chosen us. Without your help we could not exist within the pattern of those through whom we speak.

We need your “backup,” as you call it, for without that which is the membership and the affiliation in the Fellowship itself, you could not have this group action, and these two instruments [Dr. Bella Karish and Dr. Wayne Guthrie] would be unable to continue to do their work without your guidance and your help. They cannot fulfill the path of prayer and assistance within the world area without you.

We ask you to remember this when you feel you cannot participate. And so we ask each one of you to understand that we cannot demand, but we plead with you to continue to be part of the Fellowship of Universal Guidance, as we bless you each one.

We hope you will continue your interest in the focus of the Fellowship, and we thank you indeed for your past support.


Wayne A. Guthrie, D.D., was (with Bella Karish, D.D.)
co-founder of the Fellowship of Universal Guidance