Man and Woman as God Instruments

Eternal Cosmos

It takes the deepest and most profound strength and dedication to bring yourselves to the point where
you resolve that your lives will be in the service of that One who is greatest of all. Such service is
the work of Heroes and Heroines.

To be the God instrument, it is necessary that each man or woman give up the self, abandoning many
of the desires, satisfactions and fulfillments that are normal to humanity. As a person gives up these
satisfactions and begins to experience their absence, that person must suffer. There is no other way
that the bonds between the inner selves and these outer satisfactions can be broken. The stronger and
more powerful the bonds, the stronger and more powerful the feelings of suffering and pain.

It is with women that the greatest work can be done after they have chosen to be God instruments.
They do not have the satisfaction, as a rule, that the male Light Workers have in being able to
express themselves completely, but they can function as women have always functioned: as those
who control behind the scenes. Women set the matrix through which the active force of Spirit may
flow, so in some ways the women’s is the greater heroism, because they must hold the pattern and
wait while the work flows through them.

We thank you all, man and woman, because becoming an instrument for God is not easy, and yet
there will come a time when you have passed through these sufferings and your inner self has more
strength and has taken greater control over the mind, body, and emotions. There will come a time
when a peace will settle upon you and you will become as a vessel without any stirring, because you
will have controlled yourselves—brought yourselves under the pattern of serenity and broken the
bonds that hold you to the cause of action and reaction and, therefore, turmoil. After these bonds
have been broken there will be no more suffering. Only peace, happiness, and serenity will be left.
It is at that time that a great surprise awaits you, because you will not find boredom, nor will you
find quiet in its outward sense. You will then discover that a great force, a great Light, a great beauty
will descend into you, fill you, and flood out beyond you until you are greater than you have ever
dreamed of being. You will be able to perform works beyond your imagining, and you will have
more power, more strength, more delight, more happiness, more beauty, and more ecstasy than you
have ever known.

Never fear, this surprise awaits you all. If you will but continue and go strongly up the trail to meet
this time when all the bonds have been broken, and all of the desires of the flesh have been mastered,
and the slavery of those desires has been cast away, there you will find the meeting of the Divine
which flows into you, and you will know. You will know, as all before you down through eternity
have known when they met this moment, how great and wonderful life will be for you forever.

So go on, if it be your will. We do not seek to advise you or control you; we seek only to show that
which awaits you in this great and wondrous adventure. Do not fear that a time will come when all
you believe will be shown to be in vain, even if most of the world says it will. We assure you that
such a time will never come. There will come a time, however, when you cannot hear those voices
because you are so far beyond them in consciousness, and so far above them in vibration, that they
no longer matter to you—you scarcely even discern the words that are spoken because you are faced with the blazing Light, and your ears are filled with the glorious music, and it would be foolish to
take those words seriously.

And when that time does come, you will know that the negative voices were only fearful clamoring
and you were fortunate, indeed, that God has given you the privilege of entering His Divine

I bless you.

Channel: Bella Karish, D.D.
Los Angeles, CA