Is Your Life Worth Living?

Eternal Cosmos

Much of the time you spend looking outside instead of inside yourself for answers. Each one of you can learn from this teaching how to be involved with self and what you have been, who you are presently, and what you will be. It is a major problem for each one, not just you, but especially for those involved with various forms of teaching and healing.

Many, at this point, are becoming aware that learning about karma and dharma will help them find out why they are on the planet and what they have come for. Yet, too many are not willing to look squarely into their lives, feeling that their purpose on the planet is to be served, to be given to, and to receive whatever they ask for ... no matter whether it is right or wrong for them. If they wish it, they think, it should be theirs. And it becomes a problem to each human who seeks the answers about their purpose. When they ask God to give them what they wish for, ask for, and put out the thought for, they learn they must work for it on Earth, not outside of it.

Too many begin to punish themselves saying, “God does not love me. God will not give me what I ask for,” nor will my parents, sisters and brothers, or my workplace. In every instance, they are asking and seeking for that which they believe is to come to them simply because they seek it and ask for it.

Too many of you on Earth are not aware that you are not truly here to fulfill what you think is your own particular purpose, but you are here for your Soul’s purpose to complete your many past lives, memories, and activities.

We place before you this teaching, but you are not truly aware of how important it is that you share it, that you live it, that you activate its purpose. Within your daily lives working with people, living with people, being a part of actions of love/hate, good/evil, do you find that those you are involved with believe as you do? Or do they laugh at you or call you strange names if you believe in something that you think will give you whatever you wish as you seek, ask for, or demand it? How many of you with your friends, your family, or those in the areas of your work patterns cannot talk about it, cannot resolve it in any way because it is a “no, no?” It is not to be talked about. It is not to be disclosed for you are sinning. You’re out of step. You’re totally within an action which puts you on the wrong side of the street ... the wrong side of the action. How many?

This is the problem that Spirit finds is not at all easy to resolve, for in no way is it possible for you to demand, command, or activate an action unless you have already visualized it, or know it is there and activate this purpose through your own Conscious Mind, which is very carefully prodded and processed by your Subconscious Mind, your memory bank.

Too many are not even aware that they have a Subconscious Mind, or they believe their Consciousness is the only part of them that can in any way demand or command actions to be processed or fulfilled. How many say to God, “Give me the Lottery,” “Give me millions,” “Give me, give me, give me,” without recognizing that unless it is rightful for them to receive what they ask for, it will not come to them until timing is correct, or the action is rightfully placed for them to receive. As ye give, so ye shall receive, is the problem. Physician heal thyself is the area of fulfillment.

Some of you are not aware that you are a threefold purpose: High Self, Conscious Self, and Subconscious Self is the true principle of every human who has any action to pursue, fulfill, or activate.

Not one of you has yet understood that when you go to seek an answer from a human being who has the gift of sight or sensitivity, the answers come to you, not from out of the sky, not from an area that seems to be something vague and vaporous, but from someone who can read the Book of Life ... who sees your Akashic Records. And yet many times they are not allowed to do this because it is, according to certain teachings, sinful to know the answers from any human who has sight or sensitivity. In ancient times, there were humans known as oracles who, over and over again, were able to bring truth and understanding, not from the human world, but from what they saw, heard, or believed was the truth from the seeker’s own records, teachers, and guides on the inner level.

We ask you to understand that this is the point where many of you come from because within certain areas of the teachings we have given answers that prove rightful, prove honest, prove that what you receive is known and understood by you on a different level entirely.

We ask you also to recognize that much of what you look for in the world that you live in is not what is part of past fears, harm, or hurt from your past lives or even from this lifetime, in which you may feel it is an error that you have been born because you do not wish to exist. You enter life for a purpose and a reason that has nothing to do with what you make of your life, or how you activate your life, or what you do with your life but what you have been given the right to do, act, and perform.

So many do not flow with their life plan. They become threatened and overwhelmed when they choose what they feel is the right way to go, and then their plans are changed, and what they have promoted or felt was honest and true suddenly proves to be a disaster.

Because of that some humans immediately become despondent and/or become involved with self-destruction when they feel they cannot fulfill themselves if what they believed they were involved with did not come to pass, even though on an inner level it was not rightful or fulfilling for them.

Some humans look back in time and blame their present life patterns on what they have encountered within family, in life, in actions ... with what seems to have been punishing them rather than loving and giving them life force. Too many come into life looking backward instead of forward, looking back and blaming everything on what is past and they can become involved with actions that become threatening to themselves and others.

We will also speak about what is called multiple personalities, that is humans who come in with many different energies of what they have been, with what they are, and what they want to be. In acting out as if on a stage, they complete lifetime after lifetime after lifetime and they are brought in to fulfill them one by one within their different personalities.

If you accept this without condemning or judging they are insane, or mad, or schizophrenic, if you can see it as their karmic working out of their own particular plan, you will see also how many of you, if you look back into your life, have gone through similar multiple actions. Some of your previous lives were fulfilling, but many of them were threatening or overwhelming. At times they become self-destructive to those who cannot accept that each action that one lives in and lives for has been a pattern of timing that has been brought forward for each one to re-encounter. Within these actions, if you live through them, you do not hang onto them or promote them to remain with you forever and overcome you. When you look at it, you can see it is done and is no longer useful. Then you put it away or you send it back so that you do not become involved with that which blocks your future and blocks you from becoming fulfilled or activated into your true purpose.

If humans would look at each of the days they have progressed through, the timing from birth until the present time, they will see many different lives, many different actions, many different purposes within those days, months, and years that they have lived, and if they are taught by them rather than threatened by them, they then can become freed of them.

If one clings to something that has caused them to become depressed or inactivated, threatened, or destroyed, they are destroyed by their own refusal to accept that each one of the actions of their lives has been something that they have brought in to fulfill, to move through, to finish, or to put on the shelf if they cannot finish it, so that they can move forward into the next day, the next month, and the next year.

One should remember that each of your choices and actions in each day is important to each day’s fulfillment. You are living each day for that purpose and that purpose only. Tomorrow will come, but then tomorrow becomes today, and when today comes you have to live it, move through it, activate any purpose that it represents to fulfill you, to complete you, and to move on to the next day, when tomorrow again becomes today.

Each one should live like this and not worry or get stressed about what is going to happen tomorrow or next year or that they will not be able to provide or not be able to exist. How many of you know people who save during their entire lives and suddenly everything is wiped away by an earthquake, by some kind of tragedy, by actions in which certain situations have occurred in which everything they have saved goes for something other than that which it was saved for?

Some who retire, who say they are going to enjoy life and travel and do all the things that they want to do because that’s what they saved their money for, they may find when they reach that point and they truly retire, they cannot motivate their desire into action. In turn, it becomes again money saved only to be involved with keeping the human alive and healed.

We do not say do not save to be fluid if the need arises, but to have faith that the past provides a blueprint for the present and the future.

You see that we ask you to remember that the past is not at all the present or the future. The past is finished and done. No one should go back and blame mother or father or anyone that has caused them pain in their childhood as a cause of their present ailments or activities of harm or hurt to themselves or others. Each one has asked for existence and accepted their plan on the subconscious level before birth. They can look into their past to learn from it but not to stay there.

We are asking you to look carefully at the Fellowship’s “Three Selves Work,” for each one of you can become a practitioner to preach it and to teach it. Each one can solve and resolve what in others becomes an act of proving that every lifetime that anyone has lived, in embodiment after embodiment in an incarnation, becomes part of a present lifetime in someway or another. If it is dharma, it comes in as something that gives back what you have given away. If it is karma, you pay what you have failed to pay for in the past and, if you pay your debts carefully and fully each time that these debts come up from the past, not from this lifetime alone but other lifetimes as well, you will find eventually that you are free of debt and you can move on into dharma rather than karma up ahead.

Channel: Bella Karish, D.D.
Glendale, California