By your own choice you have chosen to be present upon the Earth at this very moment. It is a time in which many are finding it extremely difficult to remain within hope and anticipation, and to remain in the physical body. Many have within their contracts that which is an opening, enabling them to leave the planet, so we do not address our remarks to those individuals who have, are, or will, in spite of it all, take the opportunity to lay down the physical body and to return to the world of Spirit. But rather I speak to those who are sure within their own minds that they are present upon the Earth to do a special and unique work.

The Creator has placed each one of you upon the Earth for a specific purpose whether it be to carry out and fulfill your own karmic objectives in order to enhance that drive to become a perfected being, or whether one is simply present, not certain of direction or goals, and is constantly swayed back and forth in turmoil. This is a time in which this dispensation is rapidly coming to a close and thus many, being aware of that intensity, know how to utilize the spiritual law in order to protect and stabilize themselves so as to remain within the physical form for this time.

It is my feeling that each one, within the hearing of my voice, is aware of the intensity as it pertains to each one's individual karmic pattern and since you are by choice locked into the karmic pattern, not only your own, but the pattern of the Earth, then it is important to understand what is occurring.

Man does not always understand the relationship between the two polarities and finds himself between two objectives, two forces; those forces of Light whose goal and objective is to expand consciousness, to expand Light and ultimately bring about a better planet and the evolution of man upon it. The opposite polarity, of course, has the initial responsibility of challenge to catalyze, to bring about disruption within one's tranquility, if that is possible, in order to take a quantum leap into a new expression. And when one resists this and fails to understand how this law works, the force field becomes more and more intense and seeks to compromise; indeed, to destroy and cancel one out.

Most of you are finding that on a daily basis the challenges to your security, stability and well being make an impact on your auric fields. It is as if the forces of Light grant the forces of darkness the right to do this, for surely you must be aware that the forces of darkness are gaining much ground and are drawing more and more people into their force and consequently under their control, for it is a time of intense testing. But this only occurs to those who, within their own free will, allow it to occur.

For those who feel as if they understand all aspects of the outworking of this plan, yet allow themselves to be compromised, unbalanced, or to be thrown off center, the message is clear: there is a point beyond return, when it is too late, once power, unbalanced ego, and a drive to control takes hold.

Many of you are being attacked in ways that just one year ago you would not have thought possible. You would not have believed the intensity and the irrationality of such actions, and it is only the beginning. For those who have weak fabric fall easy prey to those renegades who lurk around their auric field, ready and willing, indeed challenged by the opportunity of entering and gaining a foothold within their beingness. There they lie dormant for awhile until such a time when one has once again become insecure and then bring into focus that which is truly disturbing. Ultimately, of course, they draw you as human beings into a state of compromise beyond which there is little hope for redemption or understanding of how this works. That which is evil and that which is darkness feeds upon itself and spreads like the plague, finding more and more recruits who become part of the action willingly, allowing themselves to be drawn and quartered.

For those of you who take your protection for granted (and many do) you are foolish, for if in one moment's experience in a time when there is a sudden outburst of anger or jealousy or greed or lust, and you have not fully protected yourselves, the hook is firmly placed within your psyche and then those dark forces go to work, systematically working around the clock to mold you into that which they hopefully expect will lead to the destruction of you and your planet.

When we choose you as an instrument of Light, we do so knowing full well that for everyone that emerges as a finished Being of Light, many are lost by the wayside, never again in this time and place to have the hope of redemption.

What then are we saying? We are saying that YOU ARE THE CREATORS. The law applies equally to each one of you to understand that the opportunity to emerge, having been strengthened and having become more wise as a result of these penetrations, is that which makes you of value to the spirit world of Light. And so it is, then, upon you that we build our hope for the revamping of the Earth planet. But we must work ever so hard to protect you, and when you are unwilling to cooperate it becomes ever so much more difficult.

So we urge that you learn this lesson, to remember if at all possible, to be very careful about letting your emotions move beyond that point where you loose control. Of course it is human to be angered at times for that which you feel is unjust, but the serious student of Light recognizes the need to replace that anger as quickly as possible with Universal Light and Love and understanding and to forgive without question that which is done to you that you feel is in error. Place that judgment into the hands of the Creator and go on about your Father's business and you will, if you retain this insight, be able to stave off all that which penetrates your security.

Your strength as a Light Worker is vastly more powerful than that of any adversary because as your Light and Love grows, that which is the opposition must abide by its plan and purpose and turn back upon itself, and must be allowed to do so.

So you now have what you need to handle yourselves within this time and place and know that there are many within Spirit who are always watching out for you and are willing to assist you providing they are asked to do so. Remember this lesson and learn it well.

I bless you and return to my source.

Channel: Dr. Wayne Guthrie

Los Angeles, CA