Transition from Life to Death

I enter as a priest, as a teacher, and as one who is active in the world beyond the conscious state—the spirit world. Those who work as I do assume the responsibility of guiding the ones who make the transition from life in human form to life in spirit form. I am sharing with you some details of what will ultimately occur to each of you at transition.

As one prepares to move into this experience, the conscious mind is frequently quite upset and fearful, understandably so, of what lies beyond the death of the physical body. There is not one of you who has not given some thought to this final experience of your present earthly sojourn.

But only a few in your world understand the death experience. For most of humanity, it is a subject to be avoided if possible, and certainly not discussed in polite company. How foolish this is, for death is truly the experience that transports human beings from the world they can see to the world they cannot see.

The day will come within your world when courses will be taught on how to prepare for this experience of experiences. And although it does not seem possible today, it will become common for clinics to be established for the purpose of assisting the human being to make the transition. Those in charge will have attunement of such a high degree that they will know whether or not a person will need to take advantage of the services they render.

The curious will be excluded from these clinics, and a proper atmosphere of tenderness, caring, and assistance will be created to make secure, on every level, the one who is to make the transition. One always moves out of the physical body in accordance with one’s own predetermined time. For most, as that time approaches, there is work that needs to be done to set the stage for such an experience. The living can benefit from watching and observing all that happens.

As one prepares to leave the physical body, there are always at least three spirit teachers in attendance and oftentimes many more. The spirit teacher which you refer to as the Master Teacher, the teacher who works with the person’s High Self bringing forth wisdom and knowledge to fulfill the spiritual purpose, is vitally important and instrumental in what takes place. There is also the Doctor Teacher, the teacher who has taken care of the physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies and assists in healing on the physical and spiritual levels. And then there is a spirit teacher like me, a guide whose function it is to assume control of the person’s spirit, their subconscious mind, and their finer bodies in the order of their density—leaving behind, of course, the densest body of all, the physical body.

In your dimensional world there are, of course, accidents that can cause the death of the physical body. But those such as myself are not taken by surprise; we are prepared to perform our function. We are given a warning that is emitted by a person’s etheric body, for it is the etheric body, among others, that continues to exist. We are summoned forth to assist at such a time.

In every way possible, we seek to bring a state of balance between the one who is to have the death experience and those who are to be left behind. But people react in different ways, and emotions often obscure the lesson of what is occurring.

As we prepare to extricate the finer bodies from the webbing, the shielding to which they have been attached, we do so with utmost caution, care, and consideration so as not to cause damage, in any way, to the etheric web or any other attachment.

During the experience, as the spirit moves forward, the etheric body is placed in a cocoon. It is a cocoon that would remind one of the protective coating around the child while being carried within the womb of the mother. Many humans do not realize there is much they do not understand about the process of being created and of being released.

As most humans transition, they are taken down a path and suddenly recall all that has transpired within their waking moments, no matter how many years they have lived in this lifetime. As events of their past life experiences roll before them, they are gradually and carefully being led through a misty river, feeling assured but not always understanding what is occurring.

Those who have severe illness are treated gently as they are transitioning and are led to the sanctuaries in which recuperation of the finer bodies takes place. Lying ahead for them is the experience of moving through the mist.

The experiences that all see when moving through the mist become quite compelling, and those who are transitioning instantly know how their lessons and the challenges were met. It is here that their subconscious minds perceive, thoroughly, their strengths and accomplishments and that which remains unfinished and unresolved.

Every person must move through this; the death process requires it. And as they move beyond this experience through the mist where all of the events are placed before them, it is like emerging from a cloud onto a distant shore after having been led through the water.

There is great enlightenment for those who have opened themselves to understanding the lives they have lived, because their lives pass before them from the moment they were conceived and carefully prepared and built before birth, through that which occurred as they inevitably grew up and assumed responsibility and control of the lives that had been.

Upon the shore stand those who are instantly recognized by the ones who are transitioning: they may be from the present life as well as from lifetimes that existed before. It is a joyful experience with emotion and oftentimes thanksgiving, for there, on that shore, all will see and know what each one has or has not accomplished. And this is most important, for that which remains to be mastered is separated and not brought back until a later time.

Some have committed heinous actions. Those who have had such experiences—and the motivation is always taken into consideration—are often met by their own kind and taken off to a place in which they more fully understand what they have caused to occur. They also find that they are not allowed to communicate with loved ones who are there waiting for them; there is a veil between them and their loved ones that cannot be penetrated. The reward in such an instance is not to be one of glory.

It is a high function to be considerate, to be kind, to be interested, and to assist in every way those who transition in a confused state, whether they be the elderly in need of assurance, or the young who are making the transition far in advance of their normally scheduled time.

Humans need to give some thought to this experience of transition, to know that it is all part of the endless process each human being must go through, and to prepare for it in joy and tranquillity, not in confusion.

The human beings who understand the advanced spiritual laws that begin at conception, and understand that all that occurs is serving a vast purpose, are those who become aware, illuminated, and wise.

Many of you will see, when your lifespan approaches the end, a change will take place like that which I have spoken about. Then you will have a far greater interest in this than I can adequately impart to you at this point.

I return to my source, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share this experience.

Channel: Dr. Wayne Guthrie
Los Angeles, California