Is There Religion after Death?

Eternal Cosmos (E.C.)

Q: When a person has a certain religious belief and for some reason they convert to another religion, is there any kind of confusion about the religion they will follow after they make the transition?

E.C.: There is no religion in the upper realms, none at all.

Q: If they die as a Christian and they expect to experience Christian concepts after transition, is that what they will experience?

E.C.: They become totally and completely cleansed of any religious concept.

Q: If they die as a Christian and they firmly believe that Jesus will be there to greet them, isn’t that quite a disappointment?

E.C.: It is not a disappointment because Jesus is there in the Light to greet them—not as a religious image, but as a memory of that which is Light and Love and the beauty of the Jesus concept. There is no religion in the heightened awareness. There, you do not have any cults. You do not have any religions.

Comment (from a class member): One of the ways I was initiated into metaphysics was through the book Lord Kitchener Lives.* In that channeled book, I read that if a nun died and went to heaven, she would experience what she expected in a Light Being, and then, when her Spirit got to a certain point, she would move out of that expectation into the Light itself.

E.C.: That is what we have just been saying, is it not? For instance, when you say that a nun moves into the heightened awareness, you mean that the belief she held on Earth is still with her, in that she expects to meet whatever she has believed in, whether it is Jesus or others. When she moves through the tunnel of Light, there is a Light Being waiting for her and also all of her family, who are dressed in the clothing of the human world to give her a feeling of being safe, so she does not fear and does not become frightened in this new experience. Those who make the transition become involved with this Light, but that Light is not Jesus, and it is not the people they have lived with. It is simply the Light Energy that is there, in turn, to help them move from the old world into the new, without fear.

Comment: Because of that book, I was under the impression that when people die they take their concept of heaven with them.

E.C.: Actually, as they reach the other side they become aware that whatever they see is what they believed in on Earth. This is only temporary, until they recognize there is a Universal Pattern and all of the energies are of Light, Love, and Peace in the heightened awareness.

Many of those who have been involved with errors on Earth do find when they reach the other side that that which greets them is the energy of negative evil, a Satanic force, which, in turn, takes them to the opposite region, what you call hell. They do not stay in that realm unless they want to be involved with the power of the Satanic energy. Then they only stay there temporarily, until they choose to move into the Light, like taking off the old garment and putting on a new one.

Q: Is that what happens to people who, for whatever reason, have an actual expectation of going to hell—they will stay in it until they no longer want to be involved with the power of the Satanic energy and are ready to move into the Light?

E.C.: Exactly. When they reach the other side, that expectation is only temporary, for there is a totally different teaching of Light and knowledge in the heightened awareness.

Q: So what I remember from Lord Kitchener Lives is accurate, is that right?

E.C.: Correct. It was a very beautiful channeled book.

Channel: Bella Karish
Los Angeles, CA

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