Human and Outer Spacial Love

Mentor: We are told that love is one of the most powerful forces on our planet and that many of the outer spacial forms come down to Earth to learn how to develop human love.  My question then is: Is love a part of our planet only, or is it a part of our solar system or galaxy? If it is part of our galaxy, is it part of other galaxies as well?

Eternal Cosmos: That is an interesting question, for, as it is stated: each human that enters within his own plan has a different approach to what you call, and believe is, love. Love is an emotion, an emotion that is not truly understood. We say to you that love is, in its own way, energy or light and, therefore, a force of expression which is different for each one who experiences it. Love can be passion for one person and often intensely expressed within the act of sexual cohabitation, or sexual involvement, and a form of love that often bears fruit, which also becomes love or the seed of love.

To some, love is involved with mothering, and sometimes smothering that which they love, to the point where it becomes a possessive pattern but still involved with love. To some, love is service. The energy of producing whatever someone wishes from them in a way becomes involved with another kind of energy. Love can be overwhelming in its expression emotionally, and then it becomes something which, in turn, overwhelms the human or the humans involved until it is spent or until it releases its energies.

Within certain countries upon your planet, foreign to your own people, there are tribal groupings that have a different approach to love than those who, for instance, consider it a part of bringing about the seeding of the children or the act of love which draws them forth. There is then, in the tribal law, that which impersonally uses humans to produce the children through love which is impersonal in nature.

Each person sees love or thinks of love from their own point of view, and this is also seen within the action of those who come from other realms, other dimensions. When we speak of those from outer space, love is a different form of life energy, a different kind of understanding to what human beings consider love. Those who come from the “source of the gods,” which you call outer space, come from the energies of different planetary systems or from that which was planted on Earth at another time by those from other systems, galaxies or dimensions. To them, seeding has always been one in which those from other dimensions plant the seed, or connection, within the Earth and begin to promote the act of service to it or from it.

In other words, the image promoted by Genesis is an act of love in which, according to the words written in the scrolls, man is created in the image of God or a god formed from the earth. Therefore, in some way or another, the “father god” has planted his seed into the “earth mother” to be held in her womb, to begin its life from the source of a loving father placed into a receptive mother.

Within ancient ideals, the mother image or the mother goddess was far more important because of its act of love, of holding, feeding, and breathing life into the human being within and, therefore, becomes the active participant within the situation of what is called love — mother love, invoked and activated by the thought of love. Within each of the Master forms that has entered over and over again and has been Christed by the Light and Love of the Creator, each has entered with the full intent of bringing Love and Light to humankind.

This has become an image also in which, impersonally or personally, love becomes the message or the mold in which the human exists. If you think about it, the seed which is placed into the mother’s womb, and even though the mother may not wish the child, the act of the mother carrying the child within her womb places it within the act of love, whether she knows it, activates it, believes it, or not. For every cell in the human body of the mother begins to cater to the life of the child within, no matter what the mother feels, thinks, or experiences. In spite of her possible rejection of the child within or its birth, the child receives exactly what is necessary to exist from “cell love,” even though it may be difficult for the child to learn to live within an inner world that rejects it, the parents, by choice, do so under karmic law.

The act of the birthing, the active participation of the human body, is totally within an act or polarity of love. The semen meets the ovum and together they blend, and in blending become an act of love even though the parents may not be aware, or even wish this to occur, and no matter what the circumstances, there are no errors. When the seed begins to promote life, each of the cells in all areas of the body begin to promote the flow, the loving flow that gives life and hope to the child.

Love can be something which is not even promoted by the mind or heart, it could be totally involved in something that is instinctual, that you find in the creature or the animal that in every way feeds, washes, cleanses, and carefully guards the form of life that comes from its body with intensity, until that form is ready to leave the nest. Then, impersonally, the mother pushes that form out to fend for itself. Love is life, and life is Light.

The body, in its supply from the energy flow to the child within, knows that it has a job to do, and that job is involved with the love and a promotion of love, life, and Light within the child.

Many humans do not seem to realize that no matter what the circumstances of birth are, after the child emerges from the womb within the body, there has been complete love support. If there is illness or ailments in the body, this is another story, and that could be as much the act of darkness, as you call it, for it could disturb or destroy the flow of love by cellular and organic reactions of ailments or disease. In that case, then, there is usually a karmic destiny involved and the child, in receiving the karmic contract, has accepted and approved that which interferes with the flow of love from the normal instinctual pattern of the mother’s body.

Without the two wires that are positive and negative you cannot have light. This is true of every form of action, and within the simple act of the male placing his seed into the female, there is a positive/negative flow within the seeding which, coming together, formulates the true principle of this particular polarity. Within that action, the child within the mother receives all from the body love, whether the mother consciously loves the child or not.

In other words, the mother’s mental mind can change the thinking process of the child, but not the flow of what it needs to exist. When the child emerges from the womb, it is fully clothed in its proper body in the sense of what it needs to exist. We are not speaking of the mind or its possible feelings of rejection, which come from its involvement with some outside interference,  but the flow within the body of the mother which then exerts both the positive and the negative influence, the polarity influence that brings about Light, life, and love.

Outside of the body, that which was in the mind or the emotions of the mother and father becomes evident. The child is born with either Light and love or the opposite, that which is hate in its approach to the new life. If there is a reason why the child does not wish to continue, after viewing the karmic pattern once more and decides to reject it, then the child can leave of its own free will. However, within its acceptance of life, it must then involve itself with the challenges which come up from the outside to the inside, not from the inside out.

The infant accepts many things. It tries in its own way to become accepting of its environment that is the pattern of the family and whatever is involved. If, however, over a period of time it becomes aware that there is hate, anger, and rejection instead of love and acceptance, then and only then does it begin to become part of the lack of love and the overwhelming patterns of anxieties caused by hate and rejection set in.
Inside the mother’s body, if the child is healthy, it receives personal/impersonal love from every part of the mother’s body. No matter what she eats or drinks, the child receives it in the way that is necessary, and in so doing, the child receives love which is then transmuted into breath and thus life in order to exist.

Let us explain what occurs in the passivity of a person who has a pattern of being unemotional. Love is an emotion of energy. The pattern of the human’s body, because there is a need to breathe love, one must breathe it, one must sense it, one must feel it, and if not, then one’s emotional body suffers. If you are in love then you know that within your body there is a quickening, a feeling of excitement, a feeling of joy and, if there is not love or there is a lack of emotional response from a love pattern, the human is without movement, and there is a lack of breath within the breathing. For the entire body there is a let down.

If a human being has unconditional love, one is involved with a passive approach which is neither heightening nor lessening one’s energy. That does not mean this is wrong or right, it simply means that the excitement of feeling or experiencing is simply without motion. No matter what you say, unconditional love means that you have no feeling in its intensity either for or against the human that you would be involved with. If you love someone unconditionally, you accept them whether they are good, bad, or indifferent, without challenge, and in that, perhaps there are many who need to love in this fashion, but there is neither excitement nor joy involved with such love.

It has its value only if a human being or beings involved feel they do not wish to be excited by love. For the outer spacial being has come into your planet and solar system, perhaps, to learn this excitement, for in the outer spacial areas they have no understanding of love as you know it in the human world. Love to them is an expression of acceptance, and you could say unconditional love, but with no excitement, no challenge, no way of experiencing except to look at the situation, analyze it, and accept or reject it. It becomes rather a matter of fact and does at times cause rifts between two people who cannot understand someone not having an excitement about an emotion such as love.

We bless you.

Channel: Dr. Bella Karish
Glendale, CA