The Continuity of Life: A Lesson on Living and Dying

Excerpt from Eternal Cosmos

The pattern of life upon Earth is quite intricate and concerned with many divisions, actions, and formats. Many humans cannot and do not need to understand this complexity. Even if they did, they would not learn all the inherent lessons in it. The pattern of learning must be carefully handled, for human being goes through different patterns to learn.

There are many schools of thought that have developed methods of explaining and exploring life on Earth and then transition from Earth, or as you call it, death. There is no death, as we have said over and over again, because there is movement out of one pattern or life into another. Human beings do not totally understand this, and yet, as time goes on and they approach that point of transition, they may find they are being motivated to become aware of the next dimension or to be involved with understanding that they have lived their life, explored all that was necessary, and then must move on into the next adventure.

Humans must expect change, and many times no one can understand why ten people die and ten others live in an experience such as an accident or an overwhelming cataclysm. Yet each one knows deep within them the time, the place, and the pattern of their leaving. Many of the ancient Adepts knew exactly when they were to leave and prepared for it.

Many humans prepare for their leaving, too. For example, they may prepare a will. They may prepare other actions within their timing, and they may prepare certain elements as a means of escape from the body into the new life. And even though humans may not feel this to be so, if they would accept the fact that their life on Earth is carefully planned, carefully handled, and totally fulfilled exactly as they have contracted for it within the Subconscious and the High Self Awareness, it would definitely make it easier for most of them as they live and experience life on Earth.

Today, although many of you are responding to this kind of teaching, you cannot and will not feel comfortable with it. It matters little, for the time when you leave is carefully planned, promoted, and processed. If you expect that and live your life to the fullest each day, making it the best day of your life — or that which you remember as being happy and joyful and filled with good rather than pain and suffering — it could become a better way to look forward to the new dimension.

You, as humans, do not realize that how you live and what you experience on the planet is in no way changed when you leave here — that is, no different from the planet you are living on and in, for your body is a planet as well. Many do not realize that work and activity and areas of expression are as alike in the opposite world, or the other dimension, as they are in this world you presently live on.

Jesus said, “In my Father’s house, there are many mansions.” Indeed, that is so, for in every experience that humans express, feel, or enter into, there are many different mansions, each one a pattern to live and to love and to fulfill. Humans cannot stop their life or leave it unless the timing is perfectly correct. And then, when it is, everything moves carefully, whether a human leaves in pain and suffering or immediately leaves and simply goes to sleep — or whatever the method. Life stops at the proper time in this world and then continues on to a new “life” in another.

Experience it and know it! Many, in dreams, live different kinds of experiences from their lives in their waking world, and when they wake up, they feel that they have been someplace else. Yes, indeed! For many of you already live in the other areas of your next dimension when you are in the dream state before you enter it after death. The life in your dream state you will find to be your new life on the other side of the “river of life.”


You as humans do not truly recognize that there is no end, only new beginnings. And, over and over again, no matter what you do on Earth, you repeat the pattern, and repeat it again from level to level, until you have reached the point when you have finished — or survived an action or reaction — and then you may return and start all over again.

The pattern of life is indeed complex, for it begins with areas that are unknown to the human. You reach a point in which you enter the planet and become totally aware that you have come in to be part of a plan of your own choice, even choosing the human parents who bring you in. The whole pattern is a pattern of survival and experience of, “As you sow, so shall you reap,” in the true sense of doing it again and again until you have reached the point when you enter into a new dimension. Then, you start again with a whole new pattern in the counterpart planet (heaven).

A counterpart planet is something which is seldom spoken about. It is heaven. It is the higher realm. It is sitting next to God or Christ or some honored force, not on the right or left hand but involved in activity that includes another type of life pattern that is similar yet different to the one you lived on Earth.

Now we ask you to understand that we speak of a complex pattern. It is not an easy pattern and many humans fear to move through the River of Life and through the womb of Earth to the new pattern because they recognize in the last days, in the last hours, that they are going to repeat their present Earth pattern, or they are going to be involved with a different kind of understanding of what is to become of them in the new realm.

One speaks of “Higher Consciousness.” What is “Higher Consciousness?” Does it mean that you leave behind that which is the plodding action that you have experienced on Earth? Or, do you reach another plateau in which you still plod …but in a new direction, a new dimension, to overcome the past in order to be part of the new realm?

Question: Eternal Cosmos (EC), if you say that heaven really represents a counterpart of Earth, would this be one of the reasons why, when an individual makes the transition, that person is not aware that he or she has made the transition but still thinks that they are on Earth?

EC: That is quite right because their new experience is similar to the one they experienced on Earth. There is nothing which actually changes except that when they transition, they move into a realm in which they do not enter as an infant, and that is the difference. On Earth, you come in as a baby. In the higher dimensions as you move through Earth’s womb, you reach a point of certain knowledge and understanding that gives you the chance to move into a form of adulthood. And from there, you move on into a different kind of understanding of purpose, not necessarily what you had on Earth.

On Earth, your purpose may be only to make money and be rich. In the other phase or dimension, you have already reached the point in which being rich or having money or being successful, whether it has happened or not, is not the major action of the new realm.

The new realm becomes involved with a certain kind of knowledge and wisdom that becomes a pattern of learning. In other words, you go to school — but not to the schoolhouse of learning of how to handle the human being but to the schoolhouse of how to handle the Spirit and its activity. This area in its turn is filled with memories, but you are not able to look for them for they have become part of the past.

It is true of humans who try to figure out why, in their past, they are filled with angers and stress and inactivity within areas of knowledge and wisdom. They do not recognize that they are growing through these efforts and challenges involved with what they did not learn on Earth so that they are able to reach the other side of the river. There, they begin to learn a whole new series of activities in the new Heightened Awareness which has nothing whatsoever to do with the material world they knew. It has only to do with the Spiritual and the realm of knowledge and wisdom that become the truth.

Channel: Bella Karish, D.D.
Los Angeles, California