A God Source Speaking Through the Dalai Lama

My particular purpose and my presence as a leader is to bring about an alliance between the United States, a spiritual power, and that which I represent in all of the ancient Indian prophecies, so that eventually the East and the West can come together as one.

It has occurred only once or twice in times past, but in each instance, long before humans became part of the Earth pattern, a pact was made between the gods and the beings who lived on Earth. Those beings who lived on Earth were of great and vast proportions — giants — who had come down from beyond the Earth to settle and deliver the Earth into its highest degree of spiritual awareness. When the gods came to Earth, they found the giants there who were part of vast knowledge. Remember, this was before the creatures or the animals appeared upon the Earth, and long before the changes on the Earth that wiped out civilizations unknown to you or to your ancestors.

This pact, which was made with the gods and the giants upon the Earth at that time, was a demonstration of trust, for those of us that came from beyond knew that in its future the Earth would become changed and involved with many different kinds of energies, both good and evil. The gods and the giants signed a contract that when and if the time came when those from the other worlds were needed to bring about peace, orderliness, and balance upon the planet, they would once more enter. They would become part of the chosen ones, the Masters, the rays of the Great Ones from beyond, to bring about a balancing and a peaceful harmony amongst all of those living on the Earth and in it. At that time, the gods were also in contact with those giants within the planet who awaited the time to return and to once more rebuild the planet after it had been devastated.

The gods understand this and come forward now, as the god source within my human form does, remembering that I had been one who made that contract in times beyond your memory, and that in returning now, I must reach to the ancient ones who were then gods upon the planet to bring about and re-establish the contract of peace and harmony upon the Earth. If this comes about, it will be with the help of those who are now in human form — perhaps not giants, perhaps not great masters as they were in those times, but those with memories of ancient knowledge and the Great Spirit who brought them into full knowledge of who and what they are in their abilities to use these ancient methods. If then, I and the chief of the giants — who was then part of the tribal law of his time and place — come together, we will blend and bind the Earth and help it to recover from being almost completely ruined by war, pollution, and distortion that destroyed the beauty of the planet from its original source and form.

If this comes into fruition and becomes an evident pattern of good, then the Earth will suddenly take on a new shape, a new form, a new involvement with a higher Being — one who will enter as what you call a Christed one, who will be part of the Great White Spirit and be one of the Great Spirits that has been closely attached to the Creator. From the reverence that is necessary to accept this challenge, that which enters will bring peace and light and a promise of a good future, rather than the overwhelming pattern of the destruction of Earth with wrong and unholy methods.

I know all of these things from the past. I am indeed involved with spiritual knowledge that is beyond what most beings retain when they reach and enter into the human form. At this point, even though I remember it, it is difficult for me to fulfill it within the present generation, for few wish to have peace, few wish to be harmonized and balanced. There are too many who wish that the Earth become inactivated and run and supported by evil.

I do not speak for the man, for the Dalai Lama is indeed wise and has much knowledge. But I speak for the gods of the past who are returning to bring peace on Earth and balance and harmony to humanity, if humanity will listen.

Channel: Wayne Guthrie, D.D.
Los Angeles, California