So You Want to Be a Channel?
Eternal Cosmos

Channels are those who allow Spirit to speak or write through themselves and enter life with great
desire to be instruments of Spirit. How many of you want to be a Channel? How many of you who
want to be a Channel have the commitment, the patience, the need that Spirit requires?
My Source is far beyond your planet Earth, part of a great, vast group of Spirit Teachers. We enter
the Earth, over and over again, to seek those humans who are able to become instruments in bringing
forth truth.

Many of the great books of the past, including the Bible and many scrolls that precede it, are
examples of heightened Spirit energies. These energies enter humans and give them the ability to
express this knowledge and bring it forward for all to experience. Some of you are aware of your
own abilities and have already made contact with Spirit, and this is good, but you haven’t yet
realized what you must give up, or put aside, to fully become a voice of Spirit. Many of the great
Channels—Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna among them—found that the world they lived in
was not ready to hear them, and feared them.

Fear impacts the Channels also: upon making the decision to become Channels, they are taken out
of a normal way of life and placed in an area that is, often, not acceptable to others. Many humans
involved with Spirit’s wisdom become fatigued and lose faith in themselves, in their teachers and
guides, and set aside their gifts. They realize, later, that those gifts have become weak and are
disappearing. Ridicule, abandonment, perhaps even crucifixion, are inevitable on this path. It takes
courage, stamina, and the acceptance that one has come into this world to be used by Spirit, to
endure as an effective Channel.

Question: Why do many people condemn Channels?

E.C.: The insights of a Channel are sometimes so startling as to be unacceptable—some people may
even think that these insights must be a product of something evil. At least, that is what many have
been taught through various religious beliefs. Long before the book of Genesis, the sun was a god,
the moon was a goddess, nature forms were powerful presences that were valid to the human of that
time. Just as, within your present time, your religion—whatever it may be—is valid to you. And just
as your many religions are striving for the same truth along different paths, Spirit Teachers have
many approaches to their knowledge. These approaches, these paths, are as singular as the karmic
memories and patterns that shape the way each Channel learns, advances, and expands. When the
Temple could no longer teach Jesus, He chose to move away and learn different approaches to
wisdom from His Father, the Creative Source. In His way, He advanced from the old into the new,
expanding it. When humans realize that within this lifetime they carry the memories and learning
from other lifetimes, they can use them rightfully and carefully to learn, advance, and expand.

Question: Should we channel to people who are hostile or unable to deal with new thoughts and
new ideals?

E.C.: Those who cannot believe in change or advancement will not be helped until they are ready
to change. You cannot force anyone to believe as you do—you can kill them for their beliefs, as has
been done for ages, and is being done still—or you can teach with love that overcomes any belief
or action outside of Spirit.

Channel: Bella Karish, D.D.
Los Angeles, California

Note: Discernment is necessary in becoming an instrument for Heightened Awareness and is applied
by challenging any source of knowledge or wisdom to stand in the Universal White Light of the
Creative Source after placing yourself in that same Light. The Fellowship’s Mantra Prayer and Light
Attunement are useful tools for spiritual protection and development and are available at