Do You Want to Be an Explorer of Consciousness?

Eternal Cosmos


As explorers of consciousness, we recognize that within the human being there are many levels of consciousness. You and I are present in the physical body to bring these levels of consciousness into proper balance. For us, our necessary lessons must be mastered while in our physical embodiment, although this may not be true for all realms of existence.

As part of the lesson form, each of us comes here for a given purpose always in keeping with our karmic plan that is part of the master plan, that plan being, in turn, part of another master plan, et cetera.

The High Self, the spiritual part of us, is that part which determines what our life’s work is going to be, also in keeping with the karmic plan. There is a master karmic plan in operation within the body of each and every one of us, and within that master karmic plan there are many sub-karmic patterns involving each one with whom we come in contact, regardless of what that relationship might be.

Although we have dealt from time to time with many of these different levels of consciousness, it was found necessary to simplify our work to three primary levels of consciousness – those being the higher consciousness, which we refer to as the High Self, the Consciousness or Conscious Self, and the Basic Consciousness or Basic Self, also referred to as the Subconscious.

We are also mindful that there are many higher levels of consciousness above the High Self. The Conscious Self is the same one that we are all functioning through at the present time and with which we are familiar. The Subconscious or Basic Self, too, has sub-levels.

Experience has taught us that the High Self, the spiritual part of us – not to be confused with the spirit or soul – is tied and linked to the soul entity. The High Self determines (upon proper negotiation with the Lords of Karma, in keeping with the entity’s karmic debt) what the specific pattern within a life cycle is going to be and draws it to itself in keeping with the karmic pattern.

There is a divided opinion as to just where we, as humans, come from. There are those who say we evolve up through the mineral, the plant, and the animal kingdom into the human form. There are those who say we do not, that we have never been part of a lower kingdom. They are both correct. The soul entity has not been part of the lower kingdoms, but the Subconscious is that part of us that evolves up through the three lower kingdoms. Therein lies the reason that the human is basically animalistic. The goal is to rise out of the animalistic form, reaching upward into the spiritual form.

Each one of us has a total karmic pattern. We must understand, of course, that karma is both good and bad. Too often we are inclined to feel that we are caught up in the earth struggle and are working out a karmic pattern that is mostly negative. This is not at all true. That which we reap is that which we have sown,— whether it is positive or negative. When the karmic cycle is completed, there is an absolute balancing of the scales.

The Subconscious has a memory pattern of its own — independent of the karmic pattern available to it or the High Self — of everything within the present life cycle back to and including most of the prenatal period after conception. From that time, the Subconscious is building its own memory pattern. Therein lies one of the reasons why psychiatric and psychological approaches have been effective only to a certain degree. 

Prior to birth, therefore, the Subconscious is fully aware of whether it is loved or whether it is not loved during the period of pregnancy. It knows for instance, whether it is wanted or rejected by one or both parents.

In addition to these awarenesses that the Subconscious has during that nine-month period prior to it coming into the physical field, it also has a memory pattern of prior lives, limited to that part which the High Self has seen fit to be filtered down, to be worked out at a given time during the lifetime.

Surprisingly enough, the Conscious Self also knows what the mission is for the life span. Obviously, the Conscious Self could not cope with the task of working out the entire pattern if it had to struggle with it on a day to day basis, while it knew what is to occur step by step all the way to the termination of the life span. So the memory pattern is wiped out from the Conscious Self at some time after birth. This interval could be six months, a year, two, three, four, or five years. Rarely would it go beyond that.

Many youngsters are very psychic. They come in with a full knowingness of those things that we have forgotten, as we have grown older, and are not aware of again until we start searching and come forward in spiritual Light. Some children often talk to the elves and fairies they see around them. Their elders, who cannot see these beings, usually think it is an abnormal action and that the children are just imagining these things. Because of the pressure of society, of parents in particular, the psychic awareness of the youngsters gradually diminish and, as they grow older, they lose the memory of it.

The Subconscious has several functions. First of all, it is the keeper of the physical body. If the Subconscious is blocked off for some reason or other, the condition of the physical body will deteriorate. It is absolutely important, if a physical person is going to evolve properly, for the Subconscious to cooperate fully.

The Subconscious also acts in our relationship with each person we meet and know. This is why we instantly respond to a new contact. We either like that person or dislike them in an instant, and it is because of the recognition of the Subconscious, imaged upstairs in consciousness. Of course, to the extent that we permit this to happen, we are not mastering our karmic lesson. The goal of the action of karma is to move us into a state of consciousness wherein we love everyone. It does not mean that we are compelled to like them, but that we do love them spontaneously. We recognize them as being part of the beloved total concept of which we too are a part, and God is expressing in and through each one.

Standing at the side for the purpose of assisting this process in us are our teachers, guides, instructors, and helpers. Many of them are with us from the time we are born until the time we expire. We all have master teachers, and we all have doctor teachers. We may have more than one of each, and oftentimes do, and they are not always the same ones. They change as we progress and come into new cycles. At such times, a new teacher is assigned to us to carry on our instruction and guide us from that point on.

As humanity’s battle between the duality of good and evil, light and darkness, becomes more and more intense, the vibration is being sharpened. This is being done deliberately by those who are responsible for such things, to force us as human beings to reach higher and higher so we climb out of the muck and mire in which we may find ourselves. This is why many people today are finding themselves in great emotional stress that is becoming more and more acute all the time. Those of us who work in this area can see the stress increasing — greater this month than it was last month, and so on. The stress is calling for more and more people to reach for the Light, to reach a higher degree of understanding.

There is that desire within to search for truth, for greater enlightenment and unfoldment. The function of each of us, as explorers of consciousness coming into embodiment, is to bring our three levels of consciousness together, to integrate them, to clear out the blocks, and to reach up to the High Self, and to the many levels of consciousness above the High Self, through to the Godhead, increasing our awareness and unfoldment.