Fulfilling Your Life Purpose


As embodied beings upon the planet, you as human beings find yourselves in a difficult role, always questioning whether what you are doing is in accordance with your plan and purpose for which you have entered life. We of Spirit monitor those within our charge constantly and are aware of what you do and don’t accomplish; we are aware of your errors and your successes.

Today, as the tempo of life increases, it is more and more difficult for you to properly interpret or process what is occurring in your lives. Each of you, I am sure, knows of someone who crossed a line and then continued along a path that was against their best interests. And then something occurred to jolt their reality—or their memory—strongly enough to bring an awareness that there needed to be a change.

All of you make choices against your best interests, but if your convictions and your strengths are strong enough, you are able to rebalance and center yourselves. Many of you, however, falter and find yourselves, innocently enough, moving in directions that will ultimately lead toward some type of compromise in your convictions. It is not easy for the human being to maintain balance or stability, and it was intended by the Creator that this be so. These tests, these rightful and continual challenges, are the purpose of life on your planet.

We in Spirit use the word “stability” in speaking of human well-being. Be mindful of balance in your lives. Center yourselves. These acts of stability will protect against a compromising nature trying to enter into your vibration.

It is the responsibility of you as light workers to be alert to your own progress. Progress, of course, includes dealing with your mistakes. Mistakes are errors in judgment. Owning up to mistakes makes it possible for you to chart a new course. It is folly for humans to feel that they have reached perfection in their evolution. Many enlightened beings throughout your history have found themselves in a position of being seduced by energies that attempted to cancel their effectiveness for Spirit. It is for you, then, as you evolve, to assume the responsibility for your own actions, to realize that none but yourselves can be held responsible for your welfare.

These are spiritual laws that have been placed before you over and over again, and if these laws and precepts are followed and understood, you can stand tall, and whatever occurs about you will not affect you. But if you give way to doubt, fear, anxiety, or any emotion that leads to imbalance, you will become, at that moment, vulnerable to being compromised, for your protection will have been forsaken.

This is the pattern that we place before you. Use it, my friends, for your betterment and for that of others.



You as human beings have great difficulty overcoming judgment—the act of judging, of being judged, and judging yourselves. Your feelings of insecurity, lack of success, or success itself, become so much a part of your human consciousness that discernment of another’s path, direction, or lessons, requires your Higher Selves and Teachers for guidance, direction, and supervision. You are constantly monitored by Spirit, not in order to punish you, but to take a measure of just where you are in accomplishing your lessons of life. Not one of you can possibly understand what is going on within the vibration of another human being. How could you? You do not know the conditions, circumstances, strengths, weaknesses, challenges, or opportunities that another individual has. Nor has anyone else the ability to relate to what you are accomplishing or failing to accomplish.

It is within the general human pattern to judge and condemn, and each of you does some degree of judging every day. But if you wish to test yourself and see how often you judge another, be very alert to your thoughts, your actions, and your deeds within a day and a night; then you will readily understand how difficult it is to keep from judging and, yes, condemning another.

Overcoming judgment is a valuable lesson for all and is a necessary step that each of you must go through in order to reach mastery over all that seeks to compromise you as human beings and hold you within limitation. It is an exercise worth considering. Take it into your consciousness and work with it. You will find that as you master judgment of self and others, you will feel lighter and freer than ever before.

I bless you and ask that the Christ Light be placed within and around each of you.

Channel: Dr. Wayne Guthrie
Los Angeles, CA