I begin by saying to you that within each of you is a Ray of the Enoch Consciousness. The story that is told about me is that I did not die, but I translated. That which is well-known with regard to my sojourn upon the Earth within the vibration of Enoch was that I indeed walked with God. And inasmuch as within each of you there is that Ray of this Consciousness, you too will walk with God.

What does this mean? It means perhaps that within the evolution of your beingness, and you are well aware of all that it encompasses, there comes a time when one must move beyond oneself and draw forth an understanding of a greater and greater objective. That objective being to set self aside and to work within the spiritual aspect of your beingness for the greater cause. It requires, at some level, at some point in time, a degree of submission and, if you will, surrender; surrender to that which is your divine mission and nothing more.

In surrendering to that which you have come forward to accomplish, to express within, you become, then, an active partner not only to the Teachers and your Higher Self but within your Super Consciousness as well, who at that point, can begin to blend your activity and endeavors with those of others of like vibrational frequency in order to set about accomplishing that which you have come into the Earth to accomplish.

Know this, my friends, that you are representatives of your Planetary Source. Most of you do not realize this, that you are here to live and to learn to express for the benefit, not only of your home planet, your Planetary Source, but of all those who hold you within Light and trust in your journey upon Earth as a human being to accomplish, to gather information that those that you have left behind can benefit from.

Most do not realize the significance and importance of life upon Earth and of the privilege that is always present to be embodied in a physical form, to take on a temple, if you will, of flesh and blood; a temple that can in all ways assist you in your on-going and provide that haven that is necessary for those who walk upon the Earth.

This is most important. Not only from your Source but it is important that those who have work to do have a vehicle and a temple to express through. There are multitudes of beings slightly out of synchronization that do not have physical temples to express through for one reason or another. For some it has been their choice to lay down the body and to move into a different expression, perhaps out of despair, despondency, an unknowingness of what would lie ahead. Those then seek temples that you have in order to express, and they wander the Earth and wander and wander, but nobody is available unless they usurp it against the free will of a living human being that has laid down the challenge for one reason or another.

Whatever the trials and tribulations that you have, it makes no difference the degree, everything is proportionate. If you have great trials and tribulations it is because your God and your High Self know that you have the ability to take on those trials and tribulations. If you have lesser tribulations then that is known also, and in no way can you or anyone else ever compare that which is your travail, your journey, with that of another human being.

What truly matters is how the activity is accomplished. If you would begin to think in terms of your life experiences as an adventure as though you were setting about to write a story or to write a book about your life and your adventure, you would readily see, then, that the Creator has seen fit to place in your path certain challenges that, in order to rise above them, test and teach to the depth of your beingness.

I always expressed my life as an adventure. All that occurred to me, that which was good and that which was not good was nevertheless an adventure for me to move through. And if you will experience a knowingness that the adventure is yours and yours alone to carry, whatever the challenge, it is that which has been deliberately and specifically planned for you to move through.

Always, then, there are those who are here to assist you, although most do not reach for the assistance that is present within their Spiritual Band. Those of you who have had the benefit of this knowledge, who know of the world of Spirit and know that there are many who assist each human being upon the planet know, then, that there are those from whom you can draw sustenance and experience as well as guidance. But it is necessary to evoke those energies, to bring them forward in your life in a conscious and dedicated manner.

When you take all that has been said in these few minutes, place it into an orderly fashion, attempt to relate to it, surrender to that which is your mission, you too will find that you are walking with God.

I bless you each one and I thank you for allowing me to enter and speak to you.

Channel: Dr. Wayne Guthrie

Los Angeles, CA