Visualizing to Transform Yourself


I wish to help you understand visualization so you can bring about what you need to manifest within your lives. It is right, for instance, to experience success. It is correct to desire a perfect body. It is correct to be stabilized within your emotional bodies, to be able to receive that which occurs to you and be able immediately to bring it into balance. Then you are within a state of balance, unless you yourself choose, for a purpose and for a given time, to be out of balance in order to learn the lesson or the teaching that can be yours. Your intuitive qualities are far greater than you have yet understood. You have the ability to reach to the heights spiritually if you but know you have that ability.

It is necessary that you learn and develop the art of visualization to bring about that which is for your highest good. The human being has capabilities far beyond those that are presently understood or used. You, whether you realize it or not, have been told time and time again that you have special qualities that have drawn you toward the Light. It is now time that you begin to utilize those qualities. It is right for you to image, visualize, affirm, expect, and give thanks for that which you receive.

Visualize that you are seated in a comfortable chair. Directly ahead of you is a screen you are watching. You only see the image of yourself on that screen. Visualize yourself sitting in that chair, and in front of you is a set of dials or instruments or control knobs that you, with both hands, have the ability to turn in order to tune in to that which you desire.

Now, visualize yourself on the screen, but visualize yourself as you are at this present time. If it be with a body affliction, for instance, see it that way—in its non-balanced state. If it is an emotional concern you need to have balanced, then see it and feel it. If it is something within your personal work patterns that is out of balance, then visualize it as it is, in all honesty and sincerity. If it is financial, whether your personal finances or a greater concern, image that which is required. In this first step, you must recognize the situation as it is. Honesty and objectivity are important at this stage. There are then several aspects to be taken into consideration. As you see the condition or the situation, ask to be shown how it came to be that way, the reasons. This, of course, helps you to understand and accept the purpose and lesson. Whatever is placed before you in thought, do not deny it, do not in any way push it aside, for to do so is to discriminate against that which is the lesson you are to learn. There is a reason for everything. If there is a body affliction, it came about as a result of situations, conditions, actions, and reactions created through thought patterns. Recognize, first of all, the lesson you needed to learn from that experience. Approach it objectively and do not attempt in any way to alter the condition or facts.

Now visualize that situation on the screen as you would like it to be. With your two hands on the knobs that are located upon the sides of the chair, you will first, before you begin to move those knobs, visualize and affirm what you wish the situation to be. As you do so, give thanks for the lesson that it has been your privilege to learn, to experience. Once you have done this and mean it in all sincerity, then begin to work with the knobs on the side of the chair. You will be quite surprised what happens as you begin intuitively to move the knobs. You will find that the form you wish to have come about will not appear until you have truly dealt with the situation as it is and has needed to be for teaching purposes. Once you are in rapport with that, understand it as the lesson it is intended to be, for it has been brought to you by your Subconscious awareness and High Self.

Once you have accepted this with sincerity, you will find, as you manipulate the knobs, that you are able to bring into clear focus what you desire, for as a creator you are now in the position of restructuring that which you have stated is out of balance, that which you do not wish to have persist any longer.

Continue to do this until you have visualized, imaged, affirmed, and given thanks to the Creator for that which has been made manifest to you, which is already an accomplished fact in your subconscious.

And now that you have accomplished that which you desire, hold the image, the thought, in your bosom. Do not for a moment allow yourself to hold doubt, anxiety, or fear, for those aspects work in opposition to what is constructive, creative, or positive. Remember how you are, remember the room. It can become a sanctuary that you return to in your mind’s eye to recharge and continue to create and recreate.

Remember that your teachers are ever-present, to bring you that which is for your highest good. That which is within your karmic pattern to experience, to express, and to work through is for your highest good. If you will remember this principle with unwavering faith, that which you have desired is already a reality. Now give thanks to the Creative Source for that which you have been given and bring it into manifestation in your world.

Then return your awareness back into your physical body, balanced and harmonized on all levels of your consciousness.

Channel: Dr. Wayne Guthrie
Los Angeles, CA