We Are Sound, Color — Vibration!
Eternal Cosmos

In all things, humans are a vibratory rate flowing within color and sound according to their emanation of their auric field and their inner and outer expression within their emotional and physical contacts with others.

You are vibratory, filled with color and sound in each movement and each action that you perform. For example, you are walking upon a field of green grass scattered with flowers of many colors. There are white clouds above in the blue sky and the trees on the edge of the field are in bloom. You become a symbol of that which is walking in beauty. In doing so, your body sings and vibrates to the beauty around you. You become in harmony with your surroundings and emotionally emit color and become color, sound, and vibration.

Each movement that you make is a movement within sound, for it breaks and pushes against the atmosphere, moving through it in the same fashion that any form moves through water or air in movement, liquifying all parts of your body into the action of that movement. And because you then become a rainbow, you have become color and each color attracts to itself a color upon which you walk, through which you walk and into which you walk. In doing so, it adds to your auric field in all that your senses can partake, so that you breathe it, see it, sense it, smell it, and in every way activates into the vibratory field of your own body-consciousness exactly what is necessary to fulfill and complete this total action of vibration.

If in the midst of this beauty a sudden act of distortion enters — a loud noise, the sound of thunder or lightning in sudden bursts — which comes from some source unexpectedly, if there is within the air that which suddenly causes the color of the sky to change and become darker, if in this action the wind blows, your own happiness within the peaceful area becomes distorted. You become a different vibratory rate and neither action nor reaction of retreat can change the entire activity. You may not only become fearful, changing your body values, changing your rate within the flow of your circulatory system, and your glandular system to become part of a changing force, but you also have drawn a different shade, a different sound which immediately becomes lessened and distorted in color. So you see that which is surrounding you can change your personality within a moment’s notice.

If you understand that you draw to yourself as a human a color or a sound which causes you to vibrate to its high pitch, to its lowest pitch, to distortions of fear and anger or expressions of happiness and love, you can see quite clearly how important all three phases of vibration, color, and sound can become.

Suppose you are living in a city, awaking in the morning, finding yourself in a closed area which has little air and little oxygen for it has been closed off by the heat of artificial fans. You enter into the day’s activities, jumping from your bed without a moment’s stay of the fearful thought that you might be late to work. You fly through all the actions which should be carefully planned in order that your food will become useful to you, so that your method of cleaning and cleansing your body emotionally, physically, and within all areas, as well as spiritually, is not done within a pattern of peace and love. At work in which in spite of all that which is outside, you are held within a closed area except for the brief respite you call lunch when you attempt to force food into your body as quickly as possible to return back into your cage within the time limit allowed.

Now your vibration, sound, and color have changed. You have cut off color, cut off sound, only walking with that which is fear, for you have not accomplished what your own mind accepted as your plan. So, day by day, that which is your color, your sound, your vibration are held submerged and controlled. It is little wonder that humans have become ill and depleted, filled with fear and anxiety. But this is not all for working within areas in which sound has become a demonstration of pandemonium, working within that which is frightening to your inner emotions which hold you, which squeeze you dry, in which you do not fill your body properly with breath or with sound that is pleasing to your ear, and soon you become deafened by that which should open your soul, not close it. Also that which should be joyous in the beginning of your day becomes that which is enclosing and draws you deeper and deeper into defeat, into retreat from that which is the normalcy of your body, mind, soul, and spirit.

It is ever so within the decadence of nations, of cities, and if you will look about you, you will see that as the sound rises into pandemonium, humans become crazed with their own inability to shut it out, to place it aside, and soon become vibratory only within a pattern of excitement, not of exhilaration, within a pattern of defeat, not that which raises them into the level of joy. We can only say that humans defeat themselves in the purpose for which they have come.
Sound is that which each personality draws into themselves as they enter into life. It is part of what is within all people relating to their physical beingness, concern with living, breath, and rhythmic patterns.

It is sound and vibration in combination which brings about distress to the pattern of vibration within self. The body, mind spirit becomes inadequate and in time diseased from that which no longer can beat or move or flow in rhythm with the universe.

Color is the same, for every part of your body is connected with one of the colors of the Earth, the sky, the plants and that which is about you. If you come into the world within a color and sound related to Nature’s form, you vibrate to it and do not vibrate to others except as is needed to balance or place you into betterment.

If you would use vibration, sound, and color to cause and bring about healing when you become distorted in tissues, in gland and body, you would soon find the secret of rejuvenation, for all things are related to it in and on your planet. The animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, the vegetable kingdom, and the mineral kingdom know this. When they become distorted they wither and die if they are not completely balanced in their area. Within orchards and forests when that which is a distortion of atmosphere occurs, the color changes, or if the Sun cannot shine properly into an area because of contamination in the air, the trees and plants become withered and die. Water is rhythm and must be placed about them in many ways. This too, can become distorted and destructive in its own fashion. This pattern of wisdom is often unknown to humans for they have lost it long since, but we of spirit have gathered it for many eons of time and place it before you as you seek it.

Each of those who enter the Temples of Wisdom and Learning are ready for that which is presented to them and find themselves prepared whether their consciousness is ready or not. Each one who steps into the Hall of Learning becomes part of that which they in many lifetimes have gathered and brought once more into their own awareness.

Question: Within space, where is sound and color and what does it activate?

EC: Sound and color are vibratory actions. Color is pure vibration whether you understand it or not. It has a quality which enters not from the human’s mind but from a sensing which, though he sees and feels sound and color and hears it with his senses, it is beyond description. Shall we show you that someone who cannot see cannot describe color to you, not even if you attempt to show them in some way what it is like. Also, someone who cannot hear cannot describe sound to you in the same fashion. Outside of your galaxy are sounds and colors which are unknown to humans. In this area, it is useless to try to describe it to you. But in your solar system, that which upon your Earth manifests in a color and that which comes from the natural forces of nature in the sound of water, the sound of the wind, and the color and form of flowers and the trees, you have the fulfillment of the rainbow forces which are outside your Earth and encompass the solar system.

In space, color and sound become activated only through the movement of the human through matter. If one is unable to move outside, one cannot place themselves into the true hues or true sounds of that which is outside of your planet. But if you simply accept that all colors and all sounds that you see and hear and feel and sense upon your planet are part of a continuous activity of vibratory activity outside and inside your planet, you will understand that these are a universal projection which come within the area of form and are placed before you so that you may use your senses to find a useful place for them. Outside of your solar system, sound and color are vibration only, for color is simply not manifested in the same fashion except through vibration. This has only tapped the surface of that which we can display for you.