Words of Encouragement in Changing Times

Sithriel Ray of Metatron, Archangel

Just as there is a Divine plan for the growth and development in the microcosm of every seed in nature, so too is there a Divine pattern for the growth, development, and fulfillment of  every one of us. As we turn to God with prayer and devotion, we release and leave at the altar of worship every feeling of fear, dissatisfaction, discouragement, anger, resentment, and unforgiveness. We let go, too, of the tendency to react impatiently and judgmentally toward ourselves and others. We have faith in God’s stewardship, knowing that His power and grace are active in us bringing forth the potential good that lies concealed within.

Each time we make a concerted effort to do better by turning to God for inner strength and guidance, or go forth into the world with patience and an attitude of long-suffering, we place ourselves in harmony with God; we surrender to His will for us. Pray for discernment, knowing the Ego plays the trickster for its own glory.

All that is to be known of God is hidden openly within your heart. Turn off your head occasionally so that you can listen to your heart. It has within it the secrets of Eternity. Is not the activity of life seemingly a list of priorities? Where, then, is God on your list of priorities to become the focus of your attention?

Often we may feel that those around us are not living up to their potential. Yet, in the end, it is basically a matter of personal choice. God ordained free will; He does not break His own rules. By realizing that we do not consciously know the contents of God’s Divine plan for another, it makes it easier to be kind, patient, and to cease judging others from outer appearances. Know that a Divine plan is unfolding.

Know, too, that the other person, just as yourself, is doing the best they can under their circumstances. Know that they may have chosen not to do their best, or are prisoners of past psychological conditioning. This is also their right under the law. Know that it is the resistance to God’s Divine plan that often causes so much of the needless pain and suffering in many people’s lives. The act of spiritual surrender is an act of victory rather than defeat.

The Holy Spirit is that force of reality that finishes the work of perfection. However, the Holy Spirit cannot enter the world in any realistic way without the company of your spirit. The Law of Free Will stipulates that this relationship be entered into willingly with a pure spirit free of any coercion whatsoever. That which is born of impurity and deception is destined by its inherent corruption to fail or yield bad fruit. A good tree can yield naught but good fruit. Taste the fruit and you will know its source. Practice what you know or it will soon be forgotten.

Attempt to see the Christ within everyone who walks the difficult path of humanity. Look attentively with kind compassion behind the myriad masks of the human persona for the reality behind all appearances. Be your brother’s keeper when it is appropriate. Help whenever you can, but do not be a doormat. Do not sponsor co-dependent behavior, no matter how well intentioned. Do not place yourself in harm’s way intentionally. Save your pearls for those who may benefit from them. Empower rather than disable.

To God and self be true. You do not—for you cannot—answer for anyone’s actions save your own. To attempt to do so is misguided. It is a subtle form of agreement and enablement which obstructs rather than assists. Seek not, for ultimately the path finds the foot.

Fear not that you will one day physically die. Fear only that you have not yet spiritually begun to live when that fateful and inevitable moment comes suddenly upon you. May the Lord of Creation direct your hearts to the steadfastness of the image of Christ, who remains eternally unchanged and lovingly at peace within the eye of the hurricane.

Peace be with you.


Fellowship of Universal Guidance