Teamwork and the Law of Cooperation

There is much promise for all of you, and for that which you represent individually and together as a team. Teamwork is the essence of this message.

There is great opportunity and satisfaction for you. You, of course, are spirit and flesh anchored into the world of your Earth, learning how to be part of the Earth and its vibration—the Earth and all that occurs as it moves through its testing—and yet not to be of it. This is a lesson for spiritual beings: that they might be able to properly monitor that which occurs in the world of which they are part, indeed, and yet not allow themselves to become part of that which is out of phase—but to stand aside and lend their light and support.

To continue with your evolvement along the evolutionary path, do not, no matter what occurs, allow yourself to get caught up into the confusion, bewilderment, and consternation that many will find themselves embroiled within. It is for you to understand, then, that within the plan of life upon the Earth, there are those things that must be worked out. No one, save the Creator, can intervene and change that which is to come and to occur to many who will not understand, who will not open their eyes to see.

The key word for you as individuals and as a group, as well as for the army of Light, is teamwork. Without teamwork nothing can be accomplished. We of Spirit understand this law of working together and with one another to bring about the betterment and the fulfillment of the Creator’s plans within the domain that we work. So it is that you, as spirit embodied within flesh, must also understand the need for true teamwork. If you can master this law of cooperation and work together, you will find that, as has been truly written, you can move mountains.

There is nothing in your personal lives that cannot be accomplished if you remember this. There is nothing in your collective and communal action that cannot be accomplished if you remember to practice this art. It is that which will bring and bind many together, many individuals, many Light Forces, for the betterment of your world.. It is that which will be necessary for overcoming the confusion that will reign as conditions upon your Earth continue in many respects to grow worse.

As we monitor your prayers, we note your concern for those who are unfortunate, and less fortunate than many, and yourselves as well. We are concerned for their welfare. Many are totally without hope and direction, and prayers coming in from areas that are not connected in the remotest way are often the lifelines that are needed by those who plead. Even those that do not know how to plead for themselves for assistance benefit from your prayers.

Your work is a mighty work—and it is handled carefully, quietly, and subtly. It is then for you to understand what you are here to accomplish. You have but to place into motion that which is necessary for bringing about order and procedure and accomplishment within your lives. Then, as you seek to bring balance, to place aside that which divides you as individuals and might divide you from others—and a group as well—you will find that all things will be added unto you.

You have been told that many changes are in store for you individually, that there is reason for hope and reason to believe that that which has prevented you from full expression can be removed—and that you can eternally express as God has wished you to. Remember, my friends, that teamwork is the key—the reason for this being that you take yourself out of your actions and consider then, for a moment, the greater concern. Whether it be that which binds you together as a group or a municipality, or a greater level of expression, it will manifest as it is needed and is for the highest good of all.

Remember also, my beloved friends, that you are God’s stewards upon the Earth. Do not take lightly the responsibility that has been placed into your hands. Accept it as a responsibility and rejoice that it has been given to you, and in so doing, you will salvage not only yourselves but many others as well.

I bless you and I thank you.

Channel: Dr. Wayne Guthrie—Los Angeles, CA