It is our desire to bring this to you because the time is approaching when there will be an increased amount of fear of death on the part of those in their search for help and enlightenment.

It is a mystery to those of us on the spirit side of life why you on the Earth plane fear physical death. If it were possible for all mankind to view their life, as brief as it might be in each physical embodiment, as a character portrayal on the stage of life, and if you could understand that your home base is not on the Earth plane but is, in reality, in the spirit world, then you would realize that the spirit world is your real home, not the Earth plane.

The Earth plane is and must always be looked upon as a training school, for it is just that and no more. It is a center where each may come to act out a part in the overall master plan of progression, individually and collectively as nations.

Many of you know that it is not important in the final analysis what you accumulate in the way of material wealth. It is not important how much real estate, how many automobiles, or how much clothing or other material possessions you own. What is important is how you treat your character development, how well you learn your lessons, to what degree you understand the difference between right and wrong, and how and to what extent you help others. These are important, not material wealth. Do not misunderstand me. I do not frown upon material wealth in any sense of the word, because for many it is possible to have both spiritual and material success, but material success must be secondary to the other, and this is where the problem arises—through a false conception of true values.

We know that this sojourn on Earth is but a brief interlude, an opportunity, if you will, to learn and to build those things that are really important.

The spirit world is made up of many planes and many subdivisions within each plane—realms of lightness and realms of darkness. As one lives life in the physical world, one automatically, upon transition, gravitates to that reality which is commensurate with one’s level of understanding. This is an automatic attraction. You have a saying: “Birds of a feather flock together.” So it is when you make the transition that you automatically gravitate to that which you have earned, to that which is where you will function most perfectly.

An example is: Within your city you have slum districts and average areas and affluent areas. Now you are aware, of course, that within minutes you can be within the heart of the slum district and if, perchance, you find yourself there, you are cognizant of the fact that you may not belong there. It is like going into another world, isn’t it? And within your society, you know that these areas exist, even though you may try not to let them influence you or affect you. So it is on the spirit side. The spirit is attracted to that vibration in which it feels comfortable, which it can call home, where the joys and the pleasures can be shared with those of like interests.

Perhaps you have occasionally wondered what happens to human relationships in the spirit world. For instance, the relationship between husband and wife, as a prime example. If the relationship was good, harmonious, born out of true love, unselfish love, and mutual respect, then almost definitely those in that relationship would gravitate to the same place and come together again. What if one makes the transition before the other? If there is the proper level of consciousness at the time of transition, then the one who has gone on endeavors to help and to make things comfortable for the mate. The one who is left behind should know that evidently there is a little bit of work yet required in the life plan before he or she can also make the transition. This should not be an occasion for prolonged mourning. It is understandable that when one is taken from the family unit or a friendship, there is a certain amount of grief, but this should be short and temporary. If you learn this, you can teach others.

Another situation that may occur involves two who have been joined together and have lived a life together on Earth, but the relationship was tolerated out of respect rather than out of true love. It might be that the one who has passed on has no intention of picking up that relationship on the spirit side of life, even though the one left behind might feel strongly attracted. When the second transition is made, there would be a period of help and guidance from Spirit and the realization that the action of the past was completed.

The third situation might be of a man and wife with the male passing on first and the female being left behind with years to live, who joins forces with another mate. Then we have the eternal triangle on the other side of life. It is a triangle in the beginning, but as soon as consciousness is restored, the three become reconciled to the fact that they are each separate entities and may choose to work together for the good of all, or perhaps two of the three may join forces again in another lifetime on Earth.

One of the most shocking experiences that a new spirit will have upon coming over is that all beings are faced with every action that was part of their past physical embodiment. It is at this time that one comes face to face with each action and each thought from the past, and one is either joyous or sorrowful over the handling of each experience. If only, while in the human body, each of you could know that your every action becomes part of a permanent record. Much, of course, is needed for your growth, but as you look back you may see how horribly stupid many actions actually were and, in view of the overall journey, not at all important, particularly where strong hatreds for individuals or groups existed.

There is much preparation necessary on the part of those responsible for the indoctrination phase of life after a human being transitions to spirit. Generally speaking, each individual who makes this transition goes into a coma-like state for a certain period of time, to restore that soul to its original form and allow it to gravitate to the spiritual plane which has been earned on Earth. Each of these many phases has its own method for teaching and indoctrinating; however, in each case one of the first experiences that almost everyone has after transition is a return journey in the etheric form to those familiar surroundings on Earth that have just been left. For some, one trip is sufficient to look in and be sure that everything is all right with those who have been left behind.

Of course, where important relationships have existed, unfavorable relationships in particular, there may be a strong feeling of sorrow in the spirit of the one who has made the transition, a feeling in many cases of wanting to be forgiven and an attempt made to ask for that forgiveness. At this time, the deceased entity is permitted to search and study the Akashic Records, to see each chapter that has been added, including the most recent life. Often, considerable time is necessary for the deceased entity to analyze and study the Master Plan and to understand how much progress has been made, where mistakes have been made, and where lessons have been learned, to determine whether the entity should remain on the spirit side of life, for how long, and what the work will be for that period of time.

Would it surprise you to know that in most cases the spirit of the deceased wishes to return to the Earth plane to help, because a level of consciousness has been arrived at where that spirit realizes—if the motivating force is one of good and of Light—that the only thing which really counts is the love and service of individuals to each other? How much better the world would be if each could understand more fully what this means.

Channel: Wayne Guthrie
Los Angeles, CA