The Importance of Dreams

For five centuries, a temple of Aesculapius, the Greek god of medicine, located at Epidaurus in the Peloponnesus, was a healing center that worked with sound, color, vibration, and dream therapy.

Dream therapy is important, for each of you in your dreams moves into areas and spaces that you are not consciously aware of—many of them places where you have been before or are going to be in the future—often providing a kind of prophetic action in which your dreams give you answers, whether you can translate them immediately or not.

Sometimes your dreams become so intense with so many different facets that you become threatened or overwhelmed by what you cannot accept or understand, but that does not mean your dreams don’t have truth and honesty in them, which you can recognize once you learn how to read the symbols of your dream patterns.

Perhaps you will understand that this is what many of you are here to learn. Dreams are part of many different memories of healing and helping in different lifetimes or periods in your life, and each of you, on the subconscious level, can use what you learn from them to teach others.

Some of you still are not totally aware of how very accurate dreams can be. We recommend that you begin to look into the various ways that dreams can bring you truth and sometimes important actions of the future which may prove to be prophetic.

We ask you to write down the major areas of your dreams when you awaken, if you remember them. If you do not remember, do not become concerned, because that means it is not yet time for you to bring those dreams to consciousness. If you sleep without dreaming, it is just as rightful as if you are dreaming.

Comment: During this past week some of us have experienced our dreams being interfered with, and we were not able to get a good night’s sleep.

E.C.: Immediately when you are awakened by something that stops you from dreaming or stops your sleeping pattern, say the Fellowship’s Mantra Prayer of Protection and send back to where it came from whatever you do not want, what is not yours, or what is attempting to stop you from learning through your dreams.

You must understand that any Maldekian negative evil energies that are interfering with your dreams are real. Maldek was the Dark Star of Lucifer that exploded and scattered its spores everywhere in the universe. The spores are present now on your planet, in every way trying their best to destroy your planet and the people on it.

Some of your dreams are from past memories of these events and you are receiving prophetic messages not only from your own Subconscious Mind and High Self, but also from other persons who have lived through the same kind of life events you are experiencing. These events will be repeating themselves in the future and you are receiving warnings through your dreams.

So any negative energies interrupting your dreams, waking you up, should immediately be placed into prayer and sent back to their source.

Comment: Native Americans try to capture their dreams with a "dream catcher." [Editor’s Note: Dream catchers were originally introduced by the Ojibwa Indians, who tied sinew strands in a web around a small round or tear-shaped frame of willow. Good dreams were said to pass through the center hole to the sleeping person. Bad dreams were trapped in the web, where they perished in the light of dawn.]

E.C.: Correct! And this is very important for the people who share this belief, who dream and do not wish to be drained by adverse energies.

Q: So I should get a dream catcher, then?

E.C.: If you can get a Native American dream catcher, you might find it a very interesting experience.

Comment: Some people have told me they are waking up and seeing white lights in their room, or beings are appearing to them.

E.C.: That’s right. And these things are not always acceptable to the average person because many people cannot accept they are not alone on the planet, that there are those from other dimensions who are also here all the time. And those from the other dimensions are with you. Many of them are your friends—human friends or spirit friends. Some of them are part of your life plan, telling you of things that occur to them that may be helpful to you, if you are interested.

Many people feel and sense a presence around them, not realizing that often these are brothers and sisters and family and friends from the past and from other dimensions. They are here to heal us, help us, teach us, and guard us. Many of you sense, feel, and know this, but do not truly respect your own abilities and gifts. You do not trust your own sensing. And remember that if you feel these beings and their messages are not good, your prayer should be to accept only that which comes with love and is for your highest good. Send back anything else to its Source.

Q: What is the significance of dreaming in color?

E.C.: The color adds reality, giving a much more impressive impact to what you are seeing. It becomes impinged upon your memory because what you remember is more real to you than a colorless symbol or image.

Comment: I recently had a dream that was very clear, in which I was visited by some people and given some gifts, and I would love to know what this dream means.

E.C.: The gifts are not physical gifts. One gift is the gift of inner sight, by which you will recognize and know things which you have thought about, but never truly recognized, and the other gift will be your talent to bring forth certain very wonderful ideas. These gifts will make you very happy because they are gifts from Spirit and not from the human world.

Dreams in general are from another space, another land, another country, and many times are from the past or the future—sometimes so far into the future that the human being finds it difficult to translate what that future is or what it represents.

Please, if you possibly can, do not interrupt your sleep to write down your dreams. Your sleep is important. And if you forget your dreams, then it means they are not meant to be written down. But when you wake in the morning do write down the highlights of dreams you remember. Do not try to remember something that you cannot or do not seem to be able to recall, because it will come later, in other dreams.

Q: Is there value in using reference books to help translate dreams?

E.C.: Yes, but you must also allow yourself time to reach a point at which your translation becomes apparent to you, because sometimes when you have a dream, you may not be able to understand it—until it falls into place within your inner sight or sensing.

Channel: Dr. Bella Karish
Three Selves Wisdom Class
Los Angeles, CA


Editor’s notes: (1) Two books on dreams that have been recommended by Eternal Cosmos in our counseling sessions are Watch Your Dreams by Ann Ree Colton and What Your Dreams Teach You by Alex Lukeman. (2) For additional information about Aesculapius, see "Aesculapius on Healing" and "Temple of Aesculapius" on the Wisdoms page of the Fellowship’s website ( in the Healing category.