Earning or Spurning Your Own Wisdom

Eternal Cosmos

The pattern of human nature is strange, for as a rule wisdom is usually acceptable when human beings are in balance and secure. If, within themselves there is turmoil and stress, they wish to know what and how to handle it and their own emotions, actions, and wisdom in ways that often cannot be answered except through Spirit action.

We who are within you have been involved with sensing that there are many who need answers rather than wisdom from the past or even from the present. Sometimes humans come into a group to find answers, and often those answers come when they are in need. Some of you, being taught by your teachers and guides, do not realize that you don’t need to be told, seeing that you have within your own selves the ways and means to fulfill your plans. True. However, most humans are still not able to accept that they are gods-in-the-making and that everyone has the answers necessary within them, given in the same way that they come to a Mentor and a Channel seeking those answers.

So, it has been over millenniums of time that Oracles, Prophetesses, and Prophets have come forward to give answers to humans in the humans’ need to verify and accept what they already know to be true for them. Sometimes, when these areas are questionable within them, verification coming from a voice that is not their own, gives them help and support in their own intuitive sensitivity.

Many of you are in that category, that you do get your answers. You hear them and know them, perhaps not in the same way as a “channel,”  but you hear or sense what is present — the answer comes and you accept within your mind and abilities that you know how to accomplish what you have come to do with your life.

We, in Spirit, are often amused at the various ways that humans catalyze situations for themselves. They watch, they check, and they look to make very sure that what they hear, see and experience becomes a valid action for them. Sometimes the omens are ignored, and in so doing, a human can change the plan, perhaps rightly, perhaps not. They can change it simply by ignoring their own intuition and their own equality of ability, something that can change them for life or perhaps for a moment, but always within a plan.

We, in this School of Thought, have given you the action of your Inner Selves so you can totally realize within you is a whole gamut of knowledge, not from your own particular lifetime now but from lifetimes far beyond your understanding or acceptance. Sometimes the experience seems so valid and validated that you look at it as it happens, and then again after it has happened and you can see how everything led to that experience. The experience can blend what you know and give you the opportunity to fulfill, in every sense of the word, certain actions and plans that at the time you start them seem totally out of context with what your life is.

Many of you here are changing in this manner into a whole new concept of who, what, and why you are on the planet — for the planet is moving, not just you, and within that action there are many different kinds of experiences that have already been noted in your Akashic Records, in your karmic plan, that will dominate your lifestyle.

Channel:  Bella Karish, D.D.
Glendale, CA