Belief and Free Will


Each person has a different image or thought of god. The different connotations people place upon the Creative Source relate to their own karmic patterns. Not one person sees god the same as does another. The god you worship is the god of your planetary system—it is not the Creator of Universal Consciousness, for that is beyond your comprehension. But the god who rules your particular solar system is a creator also, and part of the Essence of the Universal, Ultimate, Infinite Source. Once you understand this you may choose any god you prefer from the vast numbers of Masters who have entered and been part of your planet. Acceptance is based on your faith, your belief, and what you know is right for you.

Too many human beings desire to teach others only their own beliefs, thoughts, and ideals; they force them upon their children and the people that surround them. The god you believe in is personal to you, yet it is also impersonal; that is, you cannot demand that another person believes as you do, thinks as you do, or feels as you do about a god. That is why you have so many religious concepts and structures upon your planet.

Some may believe in a being who has entered into a human and become part of the communication between god and human. It only matters what their particular foundation or their belief has been, and whether you believe as they do and accept what they have taught, or not. Some cannot believe in a Universal Spirit or Essence, for they cannot touch, feel, or see it, and so their way is to have faith and to pray to something that they understand they have in some way touched—whether in thought or spoken or written word—as the only Being that they can accept.

The Creative Source is in all things, and those people who relate to god in nature—the sun, the moon, the stars, the trees, the mountains—are just as valid in their faith as those who believe in certain humans who have come forward to become the faith of their choice. If humans would begin to understand that people have a right to have faith in their own beliefs and should not to be forced to join other beliefs unless they wish to, you would have a different planet, a different world to live in, for each person would have the true right of free will. In your world today, the main objective is to force people to believe as others believe, not to give them the right to their own free will. This has caused dissensions, angers, and wars, and if you will look into your history, know there have been more deaths and destruction based on different religious beliefs than you could possibly imagine.
Christians have destroyed those who did not believe as they believed. Buddhism has also become a crucible into which many were thrown if they did not believe as did those who accepted the Buddha. Even though the Buddha was a gentle soul, some of his followers have, at times, been cruel and sadistic. Mohammedanism—any religious form that you speak of—has in some way forced people to believe as they believe and to pray as they pray and has brought about destruction instead of the grace and beauty of the Creator. It is time that humans face the divisions that religions can create and realize that prayers are personal and that it does not help to force others to believe as you do unless they wish to. This is the free will given to you as a gift from the Creator.

If you join with others in your worship, it means that they believe what you believe, and then your worship can become beauty. We ask you to remember that your prayers must not insist that others accept what you accept, but that all be given the right to pray as they wish to that one they have chosen to be their Master, their god, or any form that is of their own making.

The Creator is One, the Infinite Creator of All, and from that Source many have descended into matter to become gods, to become human. Pray to those that you choose, accept them in faith, and you will have all things that you desire—but forcing others to believe as you do is an error.

Q: What is the name of the god that is in charge of our Earth?

EC: That is one which is Light: a Christed Being. Christ is not a man; Christ is Light and Love. It is the Light Being form that you adhere to—and the Christed Energy has entered many human beings, not just the man, Jesus. We have told you this before. There are those who believe in the man, Jesus, as the Christed One. It does not make him a god, but it makes him a Lord and Master in His time and place—and we can assure you that there will be others.

We ask that each one of you remembers that the right of free will is the greatest gift the Creator can give you. Bless you.

Channel: Dr. Wayne Guthrie

Los Angeles, CA