Spiritual Guidance

This planet and life-forms in and upon it are under surveillance and guidance by beings no longer in the Earth classroom—other than for rendering service. This is the larger view—larger than most Earth inhabitants are currently aware of.

The students in this classroom (most all of us) find it necessary to be cared for and guided from birth. As children we accept guidance from parents and school teachers. But as adults we are usually satisfied that we are beyond the need for guidance. We feel that, being adults, we are now the guides.

Occasionally, however, as adults, we encounter circumstances of a troubling nature that we have difficulty changing to our liking. They seem beyond our understanding and our control. Sometimes we seek professional help for health, finances, interpersonal relations, religion, and daily dilemmas, and we achieve fairly satisfactory results. Sometimes, no satisfactory results are forthcoming for certain situations. Perhaps no “professionals” are to be found for those particular situations. What to do then?

There are two alternatives: 1. Give up the search for a solution, and learn to live with the condition, or 2. Continue to search for something that will produce improvement. Where can we search for such assistance? First, we’ll probably exhaust the knowledge and understanding of nearby resources (friends, relatives, books, magazines, lectures, etc.), then if no help develops, we may be stumped. And oftentimes that is where things stay—and we just muddle along as best we can.

Then sometimes—seemingly “accidentally”—we discover another source of information, a source “not of this world.” Then comes a bit of testing. Are we ready (evolved enough) for it? Can we accept the information, some of which usually flies in the face of what we already “know”? If not, we need to spend more time in that “grade” until we have grown sufficiently to be able to accept and absorb the next level of understanding.

As we progress, we come to realize that those “accidental” discoveries were not accidents at all. We learn that a whole group of entities that are “not of this world”—including our Basic Selves and High Selves—have been working with us to assist us in our growth. (This assistance sometimes has simply involved our being guided to sources of learning.) As we become aware of this, we may attempt to enhance the awareness we have of our “personal assistants”—our teachers and guides. If we do not achieve the level of success we desire in doing this, we may then go deeper, by turning to certain persons—sensitives, or channels—who have established “good connections” with those of the unseen world and make what use we can of their abilities and services. Involved in this choice is the same need for judgment as when we go to physical beings for assistance. We must ask, “Is this source apparently valid? Does it appear to have more knowledge and understanding than I, myself, do? Is the channel seemingly passing through the communications unmodified?” Making these evaluations is probably also part of our growing experiences.

A big problem in evaluating teachings can be encountering ideas that do not coincide with our own. Because our present understandings are often incorrect and are usually incomplete, if we are unable to accept teachings higher than those present levels, then we block ourselves from advancement.

The individuals who founded the Fellowship, listening to Divine guidance about starting the Fellowship and subsequently carrying it on, were challenged many times in regard to following the suggestions they were given. But in looking back over the years, it can now be recognized that to the extent they followed the guidance, they and the Fellowship grew. So, with this in mind, it can only be suggested to each of our members and friends that as they encounter information that is new to them, from whatever teaching source, they not quickly reject it or dismiss it, but that they hold it in reserve for further examination and evaluation. Then valid information can eventually be assimilated and contribute to their growth. Information rejected and disposed of—for whatever reason—is lost as a possible contribution to their growth.

In the beginning of the Fellowship, the founders made deep commitments to work with the inner-plane guides who had this project lined up for manifesting in this plane at that time. So far, the results have been gratifying. The Fellowship was set up to encompass the central working core—the Board of Governors/Directors—and all members. You are encouraged to consider what you would like for your place and your role to be as part of this Fellowship. The founding and current members can certainly attest to their gratification and satisfaction in participating. It would be expected that you too will be equally gratified in whatever way you choose to be associated with us.

Anonymous Channeling from Fellowship Archives