I Don't Believe in God

(A Discourse between Fellowship Co-Founder Dr. Wayne Guthrie and an Earthbound Spirit)



SD (Earthbound Spirit): I cannot find my way and I saw your light and came in. Please help me find my way.

Wayne Guthrie (WG): All right. Let me ask you this:  Have you just recently made the transition or don’t you know?

SD: I don’t know.

WG: Let me ask you this:  Do you believe in God?

SD: I went to church.

WG: Have you thought of calling upon God to help you find your way now?

SD: I never really found Him.

WG: Perhaps you can now. He is just as close as your call.

SD: But it is so dark here.

WG: But it won’t be dark once you have mentioned His name.

SD: I don’t want to believe in Him.

WG: Do you want to continue in darkness?

SD: No.

WG: God  is the opposite of darkness. You see, we can’t have both. We can have one or the other, we can’t have both. We either want darkness or we want God. Which is it you want?

SD: I don’t want to believe in Him.

WG: Why?

SD: Because He destroyed everything I loved. Everything was taken from me, and I won’t believe in Him. I won’t.

WG: What else is there to believe in? You are going to continue on for eons of time lost as you are right now until you do believe in Him. He wouldn’t take anything from you.

SD: I don’t want to. Why must He be so cruel?

WG: He isn’t cruel.

SD: He has been.

WG: No, He hasn’t. That which happened to you is what had been set in motion by you and others — not by God. He can’t interfere with your free will, and He won’t. Understand this: that the church is only an instrument through which man or the spirit is to find God.

SD: I did not find Him there.

WG: What church did you go to?

SD: It was called the ----------.

WG: Well, I want to show you something. I want to cause to be shown to you the circumstances leading up to what has been taken from you.

SD: It is so dark. I can’t see anything.

WG: I want you to look straight toward me. I ask that you be given sight. There are going to be certain things unfolded in front of you now, and I want you to look at them. Open your eyes and look at them. If you really want to find out what it is all about, if you want to find the truth, then you will open your eyes.

SD: I am afraid to.

WG: Now, for the next few moments just remain silent and watch what is being shown to you and you will understand.

SD: Why did they have to suffer? I didn’t do anything to make them suffer.

WG: Ask yourself that. You didn’t do anything not to help them, did you? Couldn’t you at the right time have prevented some of this?

SD: No.

WG: But your silence meant a condoning.

SD: No.

WG: So you see, it wasn’t God that did this, but yourself.

SD: No.

WG: Because of your silence. Isn’t that right?

SD: No.

WG: We must be honest with ourselves. We must take a long look at ourselves. This is our first step in our search for light.

SD: It is still dark. Will you help me?

WG: I can, if you sincerely want to be helped.

SD: I don’t want to be lost forever.

WG: Now, can you bring yourself to the point where you believe sincerely in the need for asking God to forgive you?

SD: Must I believe in God?

WG: You must believe in a supreme power of some kind.

SD: He is cruel.

WG: Then you are not ready to come out of the darkness with that attitude.

SD: Is there nothing else to believe in, nothing else?

WG: I know of nothing else. You can call it what you want. You can call it Light or the Creative Source.

SD: But He destroys. How can He be creative if He destroys everything I loved? That is why I destroyed myself. Everything was taken from me. I cannot and will not believe.

WG: Then, there is nothing we can do for you.

SD: Then, I will stay in darkness. I cannot believe in a destructive, creative force. There is no such thing.

WG: I want to ask that you be filled with light at this point, if only momentarily.

SD: That light is good.

WG: That comes from God.

SD: That is what you say. How can you prove it?

WG: I can’t prove it and I have no intention of proving it, but you can’t prove that it doesn’t.

SD: No.

WG: Then it is better than darkness, isn’t it?

SD: Yes.

WG: So I leave it up to you to make the decision, but I know this: I know that God is patient.

SD: I see my children’s faces. How can I reach them? They are on the other side of the river. I must reach them.

WG: There is only one way to reach them and that is to come out of the darkness. To do that, it is necessary for you to accept the fact that there is a creative force, a supreme being, a God, and that He is a good God, not an evil one. There are two Gods. There is an evil God, too.

SD: I only saw the evil God. How can I reach my children? How can I get across that river? I must, I must, I must.

WG: You can do so by asking forgiveness from the God of Light.

SD: I will do anything to reach my children.

WG: But you must believe it. You cannot do this just for the convenience of the moment. It must be a sincere belief.

SD: If I believe it, will I be taken across?

WG: You will.

SD: Then, I will believe in it, I must reach my children.

WG: Will you ask God to forgive you for any errors you might have committed against others? You must ask God to forgive you.

SD: For taking my life?

WG: For taking your life and for hurting others, as you have in the past, by your silence.

SD: I did not mean to hurt them.

WG: But by your silence you did. Now it is necessary for you to do this and momentarily He will forgive you.

SD: I want my children.

WG: That is not the point. The point is that you must ask God to forgive you for your sins and you must mean it.

SD: I ask for forgiveness. Now, what more must I do?

WG: Do you forgive yourself?

SD: Yes.

WG: And have you asked God to forgive you too?

SD: Yes.

WG: All right, now turn toward the river and tell me what you see.

SD: A bridge.

WG: Who is standing on the bridge?

SD: A beautiful being.

WG: Why don’t you walk over toward him?

SD: I will.

WG: We fill you with light and we release you. God bless you.

Channel: Wayne Guthrie
Los Angeles, CA