I wish to express life, because life is a gift. Life in the physical body is a gift. Life does not need to terminate in sixty or seventy of your counting years but may be extended for hundreds of years, as mine was extended for 920 years.

I am the one known as Methuselah. The people who existed in my time were of much higher vibration, and my gift of life was earned through mental capabilities. Our atmosphere, our water, and our food were pure. We did not pollute them as is being done in this day and time on Earth. As those of you who are present know, there was what we shall call clean energy to power our earthly vehicles.

We, in my time, traveled by foot, but I would say that we also had vehicles that are mentioned nowhere in history. We utilized what is known as electro-magnetic force, which uses the power of attraction and repelling. There was the use of electricity and no poison was added to the atmosphere. This type of vehicle we used for great distances, but for the short distances, such as what you would term five or ten miles, we walked. This was done in order to give the body its needed exercise, for walking stimulates the entire being — physical, mental, and spiritual.

We did not poison our food, and we also did not have foodless food, which your people seem to thrive on at this time and place. A person’s body needs proper nourishment without pollutants to maintain a high vibration. Each proper food substance counterbalances the other so as not to form poisons within the body or clog the body. These proper foods will place within the body power, energy, and rebuilding substance.

You must walk and talk with the Lord at all times. Ask to be given the understanding of extended physical life — if you would choose to remain on your planet in a physical body — in order to project Light, so that we on the spirit plane may build a better world for you.

You must have a burning desire for love, compassion, and understanding of your fellow human beings. By a burning desire we mean an overwhelming feeling almost to the extent of rapture, for this feeling motivates the electric force field around you and adds power to you and to us on this plane.

It is rarely that we can communicate with people in your world, for many will not reach for the highest learning. Many are mostly concerned with personal, everyday problems. If you will but reach for a higher level of understanding, your everyday problems will slowly dissipate, and you will be living and thinking on a higher plane. Within this higher mental awareness the mundane will not penetrate. Those who are your guides and teachers will protect you and keep you from everyday problems that are common to human beings and their lower thinking processes. Rise above that which surrounds you and reach for knowledge and understanding, and then you may see the transformation in your life.

The universe is without limit. Thought and what can be created is without limit. All have a being within the Light of God and in God there is no limit. Humans, if they will, can overcome the limits that are set upon them on this planet, for there have been many who have reached beyond the limits and have been fulfilled: Joshua, Moses, John the Baptist, Isaiah, Jesus, all of the Disciples, and the disciples of the Disciples of Jesus. This also is not in your present day Bible but is truth that has been lost throughout history.

With God nothing is impossible, and we mean nothing. If you can conceive an idea, it may be brought into manifestation upon your planet. You must reach and understand. There is not one who could not cross this veil of death — as is done to you within your physical body when you die — and return back to this plane of existence at will. This has been done, but we find that when one reaches this plane one does not wish to return.

On this level, there is peace and harmony and a great many truths are learned, and it is very difficult for one to even think of the Earth and its problems. We too, in a way, become selfish, for the understanding and enlightenment upon this plane is so fulfilling that no one really wants to return to the Earth and bring forth the message and the understanding from this level. So, therefore, you have upon your planet those who become channels, in order that those of us on this higher level need to return but for a moment to pass on knowledge.

Knowledge is limitless, and I at present am attending what many of you would classify as a school of higher learning. To me, it is a physical building but higher than anything known upon your planet. It encompasses an area which would be comparable to one mile long and one mile wide. Within this building are more books and classrooms than you could imagine and hundreds of thousands of those you call spirit force who are learning. And after what we call graduation, spirit force is again re-embodied upon planets throughout the universe, and so the building process begins again and again. It is a never-ending process in order that all facets and aspects of life in every form that exists may be experienced. This experience is what you would term, “eternity.” This is life everlasting, and you also have life everlasting, whether you know it or not at this point.

I thank you for letting me enter. I bless you all.

Channel: Wayne Guthrie, D.D.
Glendale, California